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ARCHITECTURE INSIDE The Theories, ideas and styles that make this car

Joe Ginniff

About 80% of this car is directly inspired by architecture, without making it a literal ‘house on wheels’. Listed in this book are the parts of the car created from architecture and where they are derived from. Or at least the bits I could remember..

“The Float Real Estate Agency” by Kris Lin The Interior side panels inspiration

The ‘Brick Tower’ houses the bathroom and services in Philip Johnson’s “Glass House”. In my vehicle it houses the luggage space and electric motor. All 500 litres of luggage space.

“..with it’s 4000 staves that protrude from the central cube acting as 4000 windows.” “Thomas Heatherwick: Making” by T. Heatherwick and M. Rowe

ETFE Foil Roof + Vastly Lighter Than Glass, Steel or Au + 25+ Years Life Span + Rainproof + Excellent UV Resistance + Non-combustible + Excellent Self Cleaning + Excellent Recyclability + Can be Printed on/ Transparent or white + Up to 96% Light Translucency And many more design clichĂŠs...

Thanks Frei Otto and your Membrane Structure contemporaries!

The vehicle is split into 3 sections. Chassis/ Mechanicals/ Interior. So what to join the chassis layer and the interior layer?


“Lets let the light in and see the view� Why not make the windows massive?

The various Fogo Island art studios. Sat there, on the edge, looking out over the unknown.

“A 6 story building was erected next to the tower, (...) houses the boilers, (...) eliminating the need for unsightly flues.” “30 St Mary Axe: A Tower for London” by K, Powell

The Cubes on the chassis house the various bits and pieces of mechanical gubbins, instead of them cluttering the interior. They also represent a small settlement.

All houses have gate posts. Right? Also help with crumple zones, suspension mounts, form etc etc...

”...The table , which has been lowered to enhance conversation and reduce confrontation” (Here representing the front seats)

“De Stijl and Dutch modernism” by M, White

The tyres are a ‘flexible’ material, so lets make them match the Membrane roof. Albeit not all that functional

“The children have an option of pushing the partitions in during the day for an open play space and closing them at night for private bedrooms” “AD Classics: Reitveld Schoder House/ Gerrit Reitveld” by

Pull out curtain between the rear seats!!

“Renault Distribution Centre” and the “HSBC Headquarters” by Foster and Partners A simple structure that holds it all.

Another use for the Heatherwick Staves. Creates a very minimal dashboard, which works in conjunction with the De Stijl principles. Also allows for the various HVAC displays and their friends to be inserted into the ends. Allows the user to slot things between them and hang stuff too.

“The second typical feature of contemporary interiors , the hearth , also lost it’s focal emphasis” (Here representing the cars main


“De Stijl and Dutch modernism” by M. White

Glass Pane = Transparent Dashboard!!

“Renault Distribution Centre� by Foster and Partners


The Node brand and its cars..




+2 Seater Get Away Car +Expandable roof for sleeping in +A deck for sitting and carrying

+5/6 Seater Family Car +Large open interior room +A rear tower for carrying

+2 Seater City Car +Brutalist C Segment +4 Seater GT

2014. FMP

Architecture inside - Joe Ginniff FMP Book  

Detailing the theories, ideas and styles that make up my Automotive Design FMP project.

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