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The cow that endeavoured to look for her spots Directed by Tristan Francia 4’30 minutes long Format : HD 1920/1080 1st Prize: Claude Nougaro award 2009/2010 Short movie scenario category

S I S P O S YN “V” is a cow with black and white spots, and who like every other cow, watches trains go by all day long. She quite happily eats the green grass in her field in front of the railway tracks. One day, a train goes by. Her spots fly away. She’s all white and stark naked. She starts eating again only to find that her skin changes to the pattern of whatever she eats, drinks or touches. After trying as hard as she can to retrieve her spots and to get her natural personality back; she is at last comforted by a small, cheeky bird. However, yet another train is on its way.


“La vache qui tachait de chercher ses tâches » is a comic vision of everyday cow life. This movie is for everybody, if you are able; of course, to put up with a naked and unspotted cow. It is in this natural and realistic environment that the cow loses her spots. This unsophisticated background and environment helps us, as a viewer, to imagine the cow’s life. The music (accordion, percussions and tuba) is full of rhythm and inspired by the cow’s own personality. It enhances and complements the movie.

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches


For every drawing and every movement, the cow is entirely redrawn. This adds to the impression of movement and adds life to the movie. The drawings are scanned, cut, coloured and come to life on the computer.

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches

M A E T TH E TRISTAN FRANCIA Director, Scenarist

Animated short fims : «La vache qui tâchait de chercher ses taches», 2011 1st ¨Prize Claude Nougaro Award 2009/2010 Categorie: Short film scenario First film «Vert bleu vert », 2004 Selected and presented at the ACMI (Australian Center for the Moving Image) Student film

Estelle Charrié


«Gindou Cinéma» Selected for the scenario contest 2007 Agnes Jaoui as chairman of the jury «Paintings along the streets» 1st prize of painting 2007

Léo Francia

Compositing, Graphic design


Bachelor of arts- Toulouse

«Un tramway nommé Cyril Hatt», 2010 « Month of Documentary movies » 11th edition Broadcast on TLT

Bachelor of Webdesigner

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches

La Vache Qui Tachait De Chercher Ses Taches

Director’s contact details: Tristan Francia Producer’s contact details: Philippe Aussel

Press Kit  

Dossier de presse du film "La vache qui tâchait de chercher ses tâches." en français.

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