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Motivational Speaking A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a person (speaker) who gives or makes speeches to motivate the audience. Many big businesses or companies hire a motivational speaker to inspire and boost the morale of their employees. This helps their employees to create a positive environment at work and also create a fun workplace. This is a kind of talk which intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic. This is known as Pep Talk.

Example: The business entity's employ the motivational keynote speaker to communicate with their employees. The speaker goes through, the company strategy and understand the need with clarity, the helps their employees work positively for their future and inspire them to work together with fun.

Characteristics: A motivational speech should have the following characteristics. • It should combine with real life experience and memorable stories • There should be a variety of persuasive speech. • The speech should be practical. • It should leave an impact on listeners. • The speaker must follow an imperative mood through the speech. • Try to be humorous through the speech. • The speech should be energetic and interesting.

Steps To Follow: • Stage One – Attention: try to grab the attention of your audience. • Stage Two – Need: state the need for change • Stage Three – Satisfaction: satisfy their need by your speech. • Stage Four – Visualization: Present the idea of benefits from this. • Stage Five – Action! Show them the plan and strategy to follow

Conclusion: A motivational speech is a formal address or communication written to convince the audience to take action to improve their personality and intellectual level. It helps people to identify their problems and also provide potential benefits in booting self confidence, intensity and persistency, This makes a person pro-active and he will get success in person and professional domain.

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Motivational Speaking  

Know about the characteristics and importance of motivational speaking.