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The Annual Crescent Neighborhood Garage Sale Friday & Saturday May 16th & 17th 8am - 4pm

If you’re a garage-saler, then Crescent is the place to be this 16th & 17th! Come out, meet neighbors and take home some good bargains. If you’ve been thinking of having one, now’s the time. For $5.00 your address will be listed on a flyer of participants along with additional advertising. To participate, please call Jenny Dizona for details at 712-227-0020 or email:

Doe’s & Diva’s Big Debut! Be one of the first to see Iowa’s first and only sheep and goat dairy cheese plant! Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 10th at 2:00 p.m. for a very special grand opening ribbon cutting celebration for Southwest Iowa’s latest local foods producer – the newly constructed certified artisan cheese processing plant at Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy, Inc in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa. Owners Janna and Tom Feldman have been milking sheep and goats, producing goat milk soaps available at area farmers markets and specialty stores

in the Omaha/ Council Bluffs metro area. While also sampling their cheeses at markets, customers have been eagerly awaiting their sales debut. Meet the ladies of the herd, discover the true meaning of a sheep diva, get a peek at the cheese cave and tour the state-of-theart energy efficient processing facility. Does and Divas Dairy is located at 31140 185th Street, Honey Creek, Iowa. Click here for directions Please RSVP by May 20, 2014 at or (712) 5453049. Follow us on Facebook!

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A new message board has been ordered and should be installed within two months. It’ll be nice to have it back! You don’t realize how much you depend on it until it’s gone.

Why is it I can remember the lyrics to my favorite song in high school 30 years later, but I can’t remember why I came into the kitchen? 1

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Submitted by Mary Martin, City Clerk.      

City Council The City of Crescent is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR CITY OF CRESCENT COUNCIL MEETING April 6th, 2014...THE CRESCENT CITY COUNCIL met in regular session in the Crescent Community Hall at 7:00pm pursuant to the law. Mayor Brian Shea called the meeting to order. The following Council members were present: Morgan, Hildreth, Jacobsen, and Anderson. Clark, absent. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Morgan to accept consent agenda. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. City council has been looking the last 2 months into re-financing the sewer loan that we have with USDA-RD. City Atty. Joe Thornton was in attendance and explained to council the summary from DA Davidson & Co. (finance bankers). Four (4) options were shown to council. Council opted to apply for the option of sewer revenue and general obligation bonds. This would save approx. $360,400.00 over the length of the loan in interest. MOTION BY HILDRETH, seconded by Morgan to retain D.A.Davidson & Co. and apply for the re-financing. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Anderson to retain Dorsey & Whitney LLP (bond atty). Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. RESOLUTION 5-14: FIX A DATE FOR A PUBLIC HEARING ON SEWER REVENUE IMPROVEMENT AND REFUNDING LOAN AGREEMENT IN A PRINCIPAL AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $1,400,000.00. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Anderson to approve April 23, 2014 @ 7:00PM as a public hearing meeting. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. RESOLUTION 6-14: ADOPTING AND APPROVING TAX COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES RELATING TO TAX-EXEMPT BONDS. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Morgan to adopt compliance procedures. Any comments will be at April 23, 2014 mtg. ORDINANCE 3-14/HWY SIDEWALKS submitted for 3 reading. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Hildreth to approve 3rd reading. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. ORDINANCE 4-14/PEDDLERS 2ND reading. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Anderson to approve 2nd reading. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. DISCUSSION ON MESSAGE BOARD ensued. Sign will be placed on the edge of right-of-way instead of at the top of the hill. Clerk instructed to order sign and contact Ron Olson for placement. Clerk instructed to contact DOT to see if there is any problems with placement. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Jacobsen to move ahead with ordering the sign. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. KRISTA SMITH/PARK BOARD reported there will be adult softball & volleyball leagues. There is also a pitch machine team and 2 other child teams. There will be a fundraiser at the park/maintenance bldg. for the pool on April 12, 2014 from noon – 3:00PM. Tree cutting at the park is done. The retaining walls at OLHVM are nearing completion. City Clean-up day will be Saturday, April 19th with a picnic at OLHVM at NOON. Materials and food was all provided by a grant from Pott. Cty. Comm. Foundation. CRAIG PETERSON/FIRE DEPT. reported 28 calls for March. 22 of these were fires, hence the burn ban. HAZEL DELL fire and rescue contract submitted for approval. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Anderson to approve Hazel Dell contract. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. LAKE TOWNSHIP fire and rescue contract submitted for approval. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Jacobsen to approve contract. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. CITY OF CRESCENT fire and rescue contract submitted for approval. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Jacobsen to approve contract. Anderson, Jacobsen, Hildreth, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. PLANNING COMMISSION NO REPORT CRAIG PETERSON/MAINT. Reported he had taken a CPO class and is now a certified pool operator. Most of the potholes have been repaired. Residents, if you notice any more, contact City Clerk. Johnson St. had emergency work done on it. The frost came out of the ground and caused damage to the road. Maintenance is now busy pumping lagoons getting ready for the repair work anticipated. Pitching machine needs some work before the end of April. BOB ANDERSON gave a summary of work to be done at the lagoons. Bids are going out in April, there will be a pre-bid mtg. on April 14th @ 10:00AM , bid opening will be on April 21st @ 1:00PM, bid awarding will be April 23 @ 7:00PM. Construction mtg will be April 28th. Work will commence May 5th. Work to be done consists 3 damaged places. Cell 1 needs to be emptied and liner cut back 50’ and a temporary berm will be put in, cells 2 & 3 will then be emptied into cell 1 and then repairs on those 2 cells will be done. Then everything will go back into cells 2 & 3 for final repairs on cell 1. All berms will be rebuilt as the erosion is making them unstable. MOTION BY Anderson, seconded by Jacobsen to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:02PM.

Save these Dates!

Doe’s & Diva’s Goat/Sheep Farm Ribbon Cutting June 10th • 2:00pm •

8th Annual BBQ & “Show Us Your Wheels”



This is a free service and a great way to get the word out. If you have an upcoming event you’d like to advertise, please email us at

Open Mother’s Day!

month unless holiday—May 5th

• Planning Committee: The Monday follow-

Vacation Bible School: June 16-20, 9-11:30am Classes Nursery-Completed 6th grade Theme: Son-Treasure Island Everyone welcome & invite a friend. More info to come.

Looking for Babysitter

I am looking for a summer sitter. I would prefer someone that drives and could come to our house. College or High School Student someone that can do activities with the kids. I have an 8 and 10 year old, and live on Coldwater in Honey Creek. Hours would be 7:30 to 4:00pm. Mon-Fri. Call Amy or Mike Freeman 712-545-9408 or Amy Cell 402-212-9660

Looking for a quick and easy meal?

• City Council: First Monday of every

Lincoln Highway Buy Way Yard Sale!

Hazel Dell United Methodist


• Crescent Optimist Club: First Fri. at 7pm at

CActivities hurch

Come Try Our New Zesty Fajita Chicken Pizza!

Stock up on our Large Take & Bake Pizza’s! •

Sunday, July 13th •

August 7th, 8th & 9th


Community of Christ.—May 2nd ing the city council meeting.—May 12th • Park Board: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM during the inclement weather at the Fire Barn and during good weather down at the park.—May 21st


3rd Sunday of Every Month­­. 8am-12pm Next Breakfast: May 19th Adults: $6, Kids under 12: $3 Proceeds benefit CVFD

Most of my best memories came from some old dirt road.

Noon to 10pm Kitchen open till 10pm Bring Mom in for a free flower! • Thank you for your service, Annett & Derek! Good luck in your new adventures! • Now Hiring! For weekend pizza & appetizer cook • Save the Date! Sunday, July 13th 8th Annual BBQ & “Show Us Your Wheels”

The Connection Facebook page is a great place to sell an item, place a help wanted, or rental home ad, suggest a good book, movie or restaurant, send a birthday wish, make a suggestion or post an event!

The Crescent Post Office has two positions open for a Part Time RCA (rural carrier associate) in Crescent and Underwood. Contact Mark Thompson at 712-545-3571. 3

Crescent Cemetery

To help keep our cemetery looking nice, the members of the cemetery board would appreciate your cooperation with the following regulations: Memorial Day Memorial Day decorations, both real and artificial may be placed Thursday evening before the holiday and may be left five days after the holiday. Any decorations not removed will be removed by the cemetery maintenance staff and discarded. Summer Regulations From March 15th to November 15th artificial flowers, wreaths and placards are permitted only on special weekends such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They may be placed on the Friday evening prior to the Sunday observance and may be left through Monday. They must be in regulation vases. Any of these decorations not removed will be removed by the cemetery staff and discarded. Additional Regulations • We will allow artificial flowers from November 15th until March 15th. When flowers have lost their attractiveness, they will be removed by cemetery staff. • Christmas grave blankets and wreaths are allowed during the winter months from November 15th through March 15th • New graves may be decorated with floral sprays and arrangements immediately following the internment. These decorations will be removed by cemetery staff within five days of internment. • The cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations from any space when it is necessary to perform a burial service in a adjacent space. These decorations will be put back when the service is over. The cemetery is not responsible for the condition of the decorations removed for this purpose. • The planting of shrubs, flowers, trees, etc are not permitted by persons other than the maintenance staff. • The cemetery reserves the right to prevent the removal of any flowers, floral designs, trees, shrubs, plants of any kind without its consent. • The use of wooden crosses, iron crosses shepherd hooks, picture frames, baskets, pots, etc. are prohibited. If placed, they will be removed. All other decorations must be attached to stone. No items will be permitted on the concrete base around the stone. Any items not in accordance with this will be removed. • Glass, rocks, iron materials, etc. shall not be allowed as these items are dangerous to the workers in the cemetery.


Crescent  City Council Submitted by Mary Martin, City Clerk.      

The City of Crescent is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL CITY OF CRESCENT COUNCIL MEETING April 23, 2014...THE CRESCENT CITY COUNCIL met in special session in the Crescent Community Hall at 7:00pm pursuant to the law. Mayor Brian Shea called the meeting to order. The following Council members were present: Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan. Clark, absent. LAGOON REPAIR BID was submitted. Only bid received was from JJ Westhoff Co. Bid came in at $1,974,304.00 All of council were concerned because there was only one bid, and with the bid being so high. There was much discussion on various options and why the bid was so high. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Morgan to approve bid contingent on FEMA acceptance and their (FEMA) 75% share of project. Morgan, Hildreth, Anderson, ayes. Jacobsen, nay. Motion carried. NATHAN SUMMERS/D.A.DAVIDSON CO. submitted perspective of the refunding of the sewer loan. UNDERWRITING ENGAGEMENT LETTER was submitted for approval. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Jacobsen to approve engagement letter. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to open public hearing on sewer improvement general obligation bonds. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. NO written nor oral comments have been received. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to close public hearing on sewer improvement general obligation bonds. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. RESOLUTION 042314-1 Taking additional action with respect to a general obligation sewer improvement and refunding loan agreement and approve preliminary official statement for the sale of bonds in the amount of $410,000.00 submitted for approval. MOTION BY MORGAN, seconded by Hildreth to approve Res. # 042314-1. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Morgan to open public hearing on sewer revenue refunding agreement. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. NO written nor oral comments have been received. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to close public hearing on sewer revenue refunding agreement. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. RESOLUTION 042314 Taking additional action with respect to a sewer revenue refunding loan agreement and approving a preliminary official statement for the sale of bonds in the amount of $830,000. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Hildreth to approve Resolution 042314. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY HILDRETH, seconded by Anderson to adjourn the meeting. Hildreth, Jacobsen, Anderson, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:53PM.

Sewer & Lagoon Update

City council has been looking the last two months into re-financing the sewer loan that City has with USDA-RD. The city was locked into this loan for 10 years at 4.25% for the original sewer project. The original loan with USDA-RD would not mature until 2044. City now is eligible to re-finance and find a better interest rate. City Atty. Joe Thornton was in attendance at the April 6, 2014 council meeting and explained to council the summary from DA Davidson & Co. (finance bankers). Four (4) options were shown to council. Out of these 4 options, 3 included raising sewer rates, which council did NOT want to do. The option chosen requires a higher debt payment on the City’s part but will NOT raise sewer rates. Even with this, the best option was a 20 year loan and would be paid partly by sewer revenue and partly by general obligation bonds. Along with re-financing the loan, because of the damage to the lagoons from the flood, the City will need to pay 15% of the total repair costs. FEMA will pay 75% and the State will pay 10%. But the City is estimating that 15% will be around $200,000.00. Once lagoons are repaired, the City is looking into expanding the lagoons for future growth. Expansion (aeration) cannot be done at the time of repairs as FEMA states that the damage has to be repaired to predisaster conditions, nothing more. The city has included these extra costs into the re-financing of the loan now as it is more financially advantageous. So with this being said, the annual loan payment will be slightly higher than the City is paying now, but in the long run, the City would be saving approx. $360,400.00 in interest, be able to pay the debt off 10 years earlier and be able to cover 15% of lagoon repairs and start expansion once repairs are done. ­—City Clerk

Community Assets

Submitted by Linda Brewer

Denny’s Place

Denny’s is another of Crescent’s small, locally-owned businesses. It is a restaurant and bar located on “main street”. It is not, as pointed out by manager Kella Sales, the national chain. They get the occasional call expecting to be talking to THAT Denny’s. It is, instead, a bar that serves food, or the other way around. It does appear to be widely known in southwest Iowa, however. “We get people from all over the area, usually for Taco Tuesday or to pick up pizza on their way home,” she explained. Denny’s Place is owned by Denny Taylo. He bought the business from Glen Ferris in 1988 and changed the name to Denny’s. “The building was built in 1959 and has been run as a bar by a lot of different people,” he said. “It was called The Rustic for most of that time. I farmed out by Desoto Bend, and after I gave that up, I worked for Glen for several years. When he wanted to sell this business, I decided to buy it.” He ran it as a bar only until 1995, when he decided to add food. Originally he thought about focusing on chicken. “But the Miller Beer guy pointed out that you could get chicken in several places in Crescent. He suggested I sell pizza because you couldn’t get pizza here,” Denny said. It turned out to be a good suggestion. Denny’s pizza is by far his best seller and seems to be known throughout the area. On their business cards, it says “Greatest Pizza for Miles Around”. They even have a web site: Taylo lives next door to his business in a building that used to be a small store. He’d been living in the back of the bar so when the store closed and the owners wanted to sell the building, he jumped at the chance to buy it. He has two daughters, who like most kids of small business owners, worked for their dad off and on. “Now Bridget lives in California and has two kids of her own. And Brandie lives in Council Bluffs and has one daughter,” he said. Kella Sales has been manager of Denny’s since 1996. She and husband Topper live in Council Bluffs but lived in Crescent for seven years previously. “My first job was in a tax office,” she said. “I did taxes and accounting. Then I worked part-time at the Little Corner Store. Now my full-time job is being manager here. The business has changed over the years. Since Denny added food, it has become more family-oriented. We still have our regulars who come in for a drink and to socialize. But we have a lot of families, with kids, who come in for supper. We even put in some arcade games to keep the kids busy while waiting to be served.” An interesting example of the “trickle- down effect” from the fate of larger area companies is that since Vickers closed Denny’s late night business has slowed down considerably. “We used to get a group of guys that worked the late shift who would stop in on their way home and have a brew,” Denny said. “Bar business has slowed down all over the country. It may be stronger enforcement of DUI laws

or just that people have more entertainment options to spend time at home. Anyway, we’re lucky to have the food service to depend on.” Denny’s does have a couple of special promotion events that help business. In October, they sponsor a chili cook-off. They also have a NASCAR club that meets there. “You pay an entry fee, and there are 36 weeks of competition,” Kella explained. “It’s kind of like fantasy football. You pick your cars and then watch the races on T.V. We even have an awards banquet at the end of the season.” In conjunction with the club, they have a “Show Us Your Wheels” car show every summer. This year it will be held on July 13. “Anyone can bring a car to display in our parking lot,” Denny said. “For this year, Todd Meyer said we could use his lot across the street because we’ve run out of room. We have five classes and give prizes. We have a D.J. and BBQ. It’s become very popular. People love to look at fancied-up cars, or maybe the ones they drove when they were kids.” As a commitment to being “community-oriented” Denny’s sponsors several kids’ sports teams and always contributes to Crescent projects. “In a small town, you have to support the residents so they will support you,” Denny said. “During the flood our out-of-town business just stopped. It was the locals that kept us going. We appreciated that.” “And we help Crescent by being a local employer,” Kella pointed out. “At the moment, we have 12 employees, three full-time. We have had great crews over the years. Obviously Denny’s wouldn’t work without them. We so appreciate them as well as our customers.” And the customers, apparently, appreciate the tacos and pizza.

Mayor’s Corner

The city-wide clean up day was a success! There was about 30

volunteers that met at the community room and spread out from there. We picked up garbage that people throw out car windows and trash that blows in the wind. We filled a large dumpster with the debris.

At noon a picnic was held at the veterans park, it was for anyone

in our community and we had a nice turnout of people. Hamburgers and hotdogs were donated, and many brought a dish.

The new community gathering area was dedicated as well. That

is the sitting retaining walls and paver patio on the north side of the gazebo. All told it was a very successful day and if anyone notices our little town is cleaner, even if for a short while! —Brian Shea


In Loving Memory of Gary Submitted by Sue Frost

Gary C. Frost, long time resident of Crescent Township, passed away April 4th, 2014 at home. He was 79. He grew up in Crescent in the home behind pink poodle. His father built the home and raised three children there. Gary was born on Sept. 16, 1934 and attended grade school in Crescent. His father, Finley, ran a fuel oil route in the area. One favorite story Gary often told was how he liked to climb up on the tanker truck as it was being filled, to sniff the fumes. That is, until the day his dad found him passed out on the ground! A quick stop was made of that. He had many friends and believed they were quite the pranksters. One story was told of the Halloween they put a buggy on someones home in Crescent! When he was twelve he talked his dad into buying some farm ground and developed his passion for farming. He was convinced he was the boss of the farmhands and always stated he learned an important lesson during that time..if there is a job with a seat, take it! During those early years they cleared the river bottom of trees and turned 150 acres into 300, which turned into his home farm. He graduated from AL in 1953 and a year later he got a glimpse of his future wife, Marge Brandon. All the young adults from Crescent hung out in Lane’s Café in CB. One day in she walked to get a coke. Gary asked his buddy,” who is that? She is pretty enough to marry!” His buddy replied, “That’s Marge, she works at Johnny’s.” Gary replied “Then what are we doing here!” They were married on June 4th,1955. His life after that was family & farming. In the space of four years they had three daughters. During this time they lived in Crescent, in a little white house where the storage facility is located now, while Gary and his Uncle Harry built the family home on the riverbottom farm. His uncle once owned the grocery store in Crescent. Along with farming he served on the Crescent school board & they enjoyed square dancing in a barn just south of Crescent. He farmed for 60 years before he retired and rented out his farm ground. The 2011 flood forced them out of their home and they bought a house in CB where he passed away peacefully.

Left to right: Doug Struyk, Council for the Iowa Drainage District Association; Mona Bond, Lobbyist for Iowa Drainage District Association; Matt Windschitil, our member of the Iowa House from this district, sponsor of the bill; Dan Kelley, House of Rep. member from Newton, co-sponsor of the bill; John Torbert, Executive Director of Iowa Drainage District Association; Mary Ann Hanusa House of Rep. member from Co. Bluffs, Iowa; Governor Terry Branstad; Dave Maxwell House of Rep. member and Floor Sponsor of the bill; Bunny Buss, wife of Larry Buss, co-author of the bill, John R. Erixon, co-author of the bill; Larry Buss, co-author of the bill; Harlan Hansen’s wife; Harlan Hansen, President of Iowa Drainage District Association from Humboldt, Iowa. 6

Erixon Co-Authors Bill The re-writing of the largest drainage law update in many years was the reason for a signing ceremony held at the Governor’s office recently. This came as a reaction to the 2011 flooding that destroyed crops, land, homes, buildings, and infrastructure. A group of farmers and other interested people identified some short comings in the Iowa drainage code, and decided some changes were in order. Larry Buss and Crescent resident, John Erixon took the challenge to rewrite the code to address what the group saw as language needed to help with levee and drainage district issues being confronted now and in the future. John says, “This has been a two-year process that paid off with the passage of House File 2344. This bill allows the joining together of both private, public, Board of Supervisor as trustees, and landowners elected as trustees, to join together to form a continuous line of defense against flood waters with one board in control. The bill also gives landowner trustees the same liability protection in regard to errors and omissions that the Board of Supervisors enjoy. It also indexed up the amount trustees can spend on minor repairs for ditches and levees without sending out letters and holding hearings for minor repairs.” Under the current system those limits for the most part were set on construction costs from 1910-1940 which are obviously outdated. Trustees are required by law to keep ditches and levees in repair and to send out notices and hold hearings with an engineer present. This usually exceeded the amount of money you could spend and you still hadn’t solved the problem. Instead it increased the cost of the repair and in some cases even doubled the cost to landowners. That is counterproductive and a waste of money. Larry Buss and John Erixon were very happy to see the legislation pass the House 97-1 and in the Senate 47-0. John says that they were both honored to have been a part of this bill signing ceremony. He adds, “It certainly feels good to see your volunteer services pay off for your fellow man in a positive way.”

In Loving Memory of PeeWee Pott. County Submitted by Ashley West

First, I would like to thank the communities of Honey Creek and Crescent, Iowa. The out pouring of love that our family has felt from the peoples of these communities since the passing of my Father, Pee Wee, has been remarkable. I would especially like to thank all of the Farmers who helped us get our corn crop on the bottoms planted this year, I have no words to express our gratitude. The West Family has been living in the Crescent/Honey Creek area for seven generations. My Great Grandpa’s dad was a farmer, my Great Grandpa was a farmer, and my Grandpa is a farmer, so when Pee Wee was born to George and Kathy West in June, 1962, farming was in his blood. And when he grew up, that’s what he did, my Dad was a farmer. If any of you are familiar with Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” then you know, that poem describes my Dad perfectly. He was the first grandchild born to George and Wanda West. He was followed by a sister, Barb in 1965, and then later, he was followed by many, MANY, cousins. To those of you familiar with the West Family, you know, there are a lot of us. And we loved my Dad. My Dad lived, he really lived. Dad worked hard every day. I remember many Christmases as soon as dinner was over and presents were unwrapped when my Dad and Grandpa headed outside to work on equipment. Things had to get done. But he sure had fun too. Growing up Dad was always telling my siblings and I to be careful, he couldn’t stand the idea of one us really getting hurt. This is ironic, because it sounds as though my Dad didn’t really worry too much about his own safety growing up. Mark Hohneke and Mike Green remember lots of trips down Spencer’s Mountain at break neck speed. Mark Hohneke recalls a specific time when he was following Dad and Mike Green down the mountain, Mike and Dad were riding on a go cart without a motor. Unbeknownst to Mike, Mark, and Dad, the brakes of the go cart were not working. So as Mark rounded a corner going down the mountain he saw, in Mark’s words, “absolute carnage!” The go cart had rolled and Mike and Dad were laid out in the road. My Dad broke his nose that time. Dad liked to tell another story about he and Allen Green riding a motorcycle down at my Grandparents when Dad hit a hole and went over the handlebars; broke

his arm that time. Another one of my Dad’s favorites, “I’ve only had three black eyes in my lifetime… two from women.” For my Grandma’s sake I’ll keep the rest of the story to myself. My Aunt Barb and Aunt Teresa on the other hand are fair game. My Aunt Teresa, who is only about five years older than dad, remembers a time when she and Dad and Allen Green went to town and Allen and Dad spent the day calling after her, “Mom! Mom! Buy this for me Mom!” She was horribly embarrassed. Or when Aunt Barb insisted on learning to ride a go cart, and Dad showed her how to go, but not how to stop. He said he really got in trouble for that one. And Dad was a good time for us kids, too. My Dad would spend the whole winter morning blading the hill outside our house with the tractor so that my brothers, sister, me, and an assortment of cousins and friends would have a good trail to sleigh ride on. One year after we broke our wooden toboggan, he got his hands on some hard plastic and built us our own toboggans and sleds. These sleds are impressive, the only way I can think to describe them is, have you ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? You know the scene where Chevy Chase zooms down the hill on the saucer sled? It was kind of like that. As I am writing my Mom and my Dad’s friend Cliffy Gallentyne are talking about how much fun they all had way back when and you know, they did. My Dad was a good time. Anyone who ever spent an evening in the bar with my Dad will tell you that. More than being “just a Farmer” my Dad could build a house (he built my parents), fix a tractor, weld a trailer, build furniture, and fix a car. People who knew him said he could do anything. I have NEVER in my entire life had to call a repair man for anything. But at the end of the day, no matter how hard he worked, or how long he worked, you could almost always be sure to find him having an ice cold Busch Light at one of our local establishments. (Do you know that we ran two bars in Missouri Valley out of Busch Light at his funeral luncheon?) And you could be sure if you came in to visit and have a beer he would buy you a round. So please, tonight when five o’clock rolls around and you crack a cold one raise a toast to my Dad. Thank you!—Fonda West, Ashley (West) & Rick Joons, Katie West, Adam West, Michael West, and the Whole West FamDamily.

Sheriff’s Report

Submitted by Chief Deputy, John Reynold

3/1 at 4:14 AM Deputies Norman and Harvey were dispatched to the 100 block of Mormon Bridge Road in reference Suspicious Activity. 3/3 at 8:31 PM Deputy Shea was dispatched to the 1100 block of Old Lincoln Highway in reference a Harassment Complaint. 3/15 at 7:22 AM Deputies Kealy and Leick were dispatched to the 800 block of Old Lincoln Highway in reference an Alarm. 3/16 at 1:59 PM Deputies Amdor and Arkfeld were dispatched to the 500 block of Powells Addition in reference a Disturbance. 3/17 at 11:54 PM Deputies Stewart and Freeman were dispatched to the area of Old Lincoln Highway and Mormon Bridge Rd. in reference suspicious activity. 3/18 at 8:15 PM Deputy Volkens was dispatched to the 400 block of Tremont St. in reference a Fraud report. 3/28 at 11:52 PM Deputy Norman was to the 100 block of Mormon dispatched Memorial Day Regulations: Memorial DaySuspicious decorations, both Bridge Road in reference Activity. artificial may PM be placed real and 3/29 at 7:00 Deputy Thursday Temeyer evening before the holiday and may left was dispatched to the 700 block ofbeOld 5 daysHighway after thein reference holiday. Parking Decorations left Lincoln Problems. after 5 days will removed by the cemetery 3/29 at 9:58 PM Deputy Temeyer was and discarded. dispatched to the 100 block of W Florence St. in reference to a Complaint report. Crescent Citations (3) Speeding (1) No Drivers License (1) Seat Belt Violation (1) Driving While Under Suspension or Revocation (1) Operation While Under the Influence Crescent Township Citations (5) Speeding (1) Registration Violation (1) No Drivers License (1) Operation While Under the Influence (1) No Insurance (1) Seat Belt

Crescent Cemetery


Mormon Settlements Big Spring

The name suggests proximity to more than one large natural spring, but there is nothing to prove that such is the case. Records speak only of Mormon pioneers living in this community. The Latter-day Saints petitioned for a United States post office to be installed at Kanesville in January 1848, and six men from Big Springs branch signed the petition. A remarkable story of faith and sacrifice is found in the autobiographical statement of Elizabeth “Speedy” Ellsworth Johnson. She wrote, “We (her husband, German Ellsworth, and their children, and herself) went to Winter Quarters where we remained until the spring of 1849, when we started for Utah . We arrived in Salt Lake City the 23rd of the following September. On the 9th of the next November my husband died, leaving me with seven children.” “Speedy” gave birth to her youngest child on 29 September 1849, less than a week after their arrival in Salt Lake City , and her husband died just ten days after the child was born. Four of the five families for which information was found left after 1850. They were still in Iowa when the 1850 United States census was taken. By that time, however, only two families from the community still lived near each other. Chauncey Carter was the bishop in January 1848 and German Ellsworth was the branch clerk at the same time. Chauncey Carter also served as “clerk and checker of the Kanesville gathering place near Council Bluffs , Iowa .”

Cooley’s Camp

Considering the name, “Cooley’s Mill,” the site probably did border on or include a creek or some sort of running water in order to provide waterpower for the mill. The Frontier Guardian mentions Cooley’s Mill as early as 13 June 1849, so it had been established by then, at least. Since John Cooley is listed on the United State Federal Census of 1850 as a miller by occupation, the settlement was obviously named after his establishment, though no record was found of the mill itself. John William Cooley captained a pioneer company that went to the Salt Lake Valley in 1853. How many of this company had lived in Cooley’s Mill is open to further research, but certainly Brother Cooley and William Clinger, who lived with Brother Cooley and his family went to Utah in this company. J. W. Cooley was the Frontier Guardian representative from October 1850 through June 1852, and perhaps longer, since he did not leave for the Salt Lake Valley until 1853. 8

of SW Iowa Written in the 1800’s.

Davis Camp

Located on the hillside near Davis Camp cemetery The August 22, 1849 issue of the Frontier Guardian listed the death of Robert Murray, son of John and Sarah Murray, on August 6, 1849 at Davis Camp of dropsy on the brain. He was “7 years minus 4 days.” On October 2, 1850, John Murray was listed as the Frontier Guardian agent for Davis Camp. The Guardian said the following about the agents: “In the two last numbers of the paper, we published a special request for the different branches of the Church in this county to appoint a man in each branch, to receive and distribute the Guardian to the respective subscribers, within their sphere.” The agent listed for Davis Camp in the July 11, 1851 issue of the Frontier Guardian was Daniel Jackson. He was also listed as the agent in the January 23, 1852 issue of the newspaper, as well as the June 18, 1852 issue. Something curious about an advertisement that Henry Terry put in The Frontier Guardian himself in 1851 is that he says his house is at “Farmersville, on Little Pigeon, 8 miles North of Kanesville.” The only other reference to Farmersville the author of this article found is in Maurine Carr Ward and Fred E. Woods’s article, “The ‘Tabernacle Post Office’ Petition for the Saints of Kanesville, Iowa,” in the quarterly journal, Mormon Historical Studies . Their article listed just one man and two boys from Farmersville: Horace Burgess, who was the bishop there, according to Ward and Woods, and his two sons, ages nine and eleven. (One can safely presume that they also lived in Farmersville with their father, though the article does not explicitly say so.) Henry Terry bought “the old stand of HORACE BURGESS” in 1849, and ran a store there. Furthermore, in 1852-53, when J. E. Johnson was selling “the Terry place.” Johnson had printed in the advertisement that the place was “convenient for a store and public housestand.” Johnson probably made this assertion based on experience. By the evidence given above, Farmersville was almost certainly another name for Little Pigeon. The town got its name from the creek that runs through the area (which was once known as Little Pigeon Creek). Orson Hyde’s The Frontier Guardian of 27 June 1849 refers to Little Pigeon as a settlement site implicitly for the first time. How long before this date people had been living there is uncertain. A handful of Little Pigeon saints signed the Kanesville Tabernacle Post Office Petition. Their names were William Pulsipher, Parley P. Sirrine, Theodore Sirrine, John Smith, William Smith, Alexander L. Tuttle, Azariah Tuttle, and Hascall Waterbury. “James Clemons and Miss Sarah Wilson , both of Pottawattamie county, Iowa , [were married] 8 January 1852, at Little Pigeon Branch, by Thomas C. D. Howell. ( Frontier Guardian , 23 January 1852)” “John Barnes and Miss Elner Wilson, both of Pottawattamie county, Iowa , [were married] 18 March 1852, at Little Pigeon Branch, by Thomas C. D. Howell. ( Frontier Guardian , 25 March 1852)” A new road was proposed that would run “from the prairie south of Carterville, through the latter place, passing through or near Kanesville and extending up the Tabernacle hollow to Little and Big Pigeon.” A committee of men from each location through which the road was to pass was formed to oversee the project. “This [was] destined to be one of the great thoroughfares threw this county.” A man known as H. A. Terry was a prominent citizen of Little Pigeon. In the 2 October 1850 number of The Frontier Guardian , the publishers thanked him for giving them “home-made wine.” He also contributed the following letter to The Frontier Guardian:

On 27 June of the same year, the publishers of The Frontier Guardian acknowledged Mr. Terry’s gift of “Pure Lemon Syrup . . . the best [they] have ever tasted . . . [it made] a good, cool, and wholesome summer drink, when diluted with good clear cold water.” Elder Benson scheduled a visit to the community of Little Pigeon at three o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, 7 December 1851. The announcement in The Frontier Guardian that divulged this information did not tell the purpose of the visit. Interestingly, Henry A. Terry put his house on the market, advertising its sale for a month, from 21 February to 21 March 1851. He indicated that he “intends emigrating to the Salt Lake in the Spring, . . . [and] will sell his place very low.” He must have sold it, or entrusted it to J. E. Johnson, because HCrescent later, from 1 December 1852 to sometime between 14 September and 21 December 1853, J. E. Johnson listed, “For Sale. The farm, claim and improvements, on Little Pigeon, known as the Terry place.” Oddly, though, the author of this study found no record of Terry crossing the plains, nor does the brief history of Henry Terry’s life in the Pottawattamie County Historical Society’s quarterly, The Frontier Chronicle , mention him traveling west. To the contrary, the history says he traveled east to Connecticut for a time before returning to Kanesville, and in 1857 moving to Crescent City . The article further states that Terry stayed in Pottawattamie County for the rest of his life and became a famous “horticulturist.” Further research may produce the cause of Terry’s change of heart about moving to Utah. The vast majority of the citizens of Little Pigeon left for Utah in a single wagon train: the Thomas C. D. Howell Company of 1852. The representatives for The Frontier Guardian in town were Henry A. Terry—who also was “appointed . . . as our [ The Frontier Guardian ‘s] travelling agent for the paper in this county [Pottawattamie]”—and I. J. Clark. (26) “The Subscriber having purchased the old stand of HORACE BURGESS, situated on Little Pigeon, is now prepared to sell goods in his line: such as dry goods, groceries, &c., a little cheaper than they are sold at any other place in the upper country. Of course, he claims a share of the patronage of a liberal public. When Your Money Stays in Your Community Your Local Tax Dollars Henry Terry also ran an advertisement in The Frontier Guardian from 28 November to 26 Support: Schools & Neighborhoods, Roads & Infrastructure, Police & Fire December 1849 asking for “any quantity of Otter, Departments and Helps Our Local Businesses Thrive! Beaver, Wolf, Wildcat, Raccoon, Mink, and Deer Skins, for which the highest price will be paid. Also dry hides taken in exchange for goods.” Judging by portions of The Frontier Guard105 Grove St. • Crescent, IA ian , and the history of Henry Algernon Terry, the YR. ADVERTISER! YR. community of Little Pigeon was the forerunner of ADVERTISER! Crescent City . Terry “moved to Crescent” shortly Tax and after his marriage in 1848, lived there for some Bookkeeping Services time, spent a brief interlude in Connecticut, and then returned to Crescent by 1857 [“The ‘TERCrescent: Bus: 227-0067 • Fax: 227-0071 RY’S’ of Crescent,” The Frontier Chronicle 4, 7.] The time he spent in “Crescent” correlates with the time he served as The Frontier Guardian ‘s “agent” A. RAYMOND PLUMBING, INC. in Little Pigeon, as well as the time he wrote a letAndy Raymond - Owner ter published in The Frontier Guardian , the text Reliable, Efficient, Local of which is included later in this article [Orson 109 E. Welch St. Crescent, IA 51526 Call Us for All Your Plumbing Needs Hyde, ed., The Frontier Guardian (Kanesville, now 712-545-3763 YR. Council Bluffs, Iowa), 2 October 1850, 11 July Ofc: (712) 545-9941 ADVERTISER! Mon-Fri: 7:30am to 3:00pm 1851, 31 October 1851, 23 January 1852, Web: Also shown by appointment YR. 18 June 1852, quoted in Myrtle Stevens Hyde, ADVERTISER! Specializing in late model Email: Lease cars and repossessions. Kanesville Conditions.]

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