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Crescent Roadhouse Bar & Grill As of December 1st, you’ll see new faces behind the bar at what was Full Throttle. Donnie and Cheryl Way and Jim and Bev Fischer, all of Council Bluffs, will be bringing a new twist to the recently renamed “Crescent Roadhouse”. “It will still be a bar/restaurant, but with more of a push towards food,” says Donnie. They plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast from 7am-11am Monday through Saturday and 9am-11am Sunday’s. Donnie says he’ll cook breakfast anytime of day, though. They also plan to serve homemade cinnamon rolls on Saturday’s. As for lunch and dinner the menu will include some creative specialty burgers such as the Roadie, a burger topped with sauteed onion, Provolone cheese and mancini peppers on a pretzel roll; and the Farm Burger, topped with a fried egg, ham and cheese. There’s also the fried bologna sandwich with cheddar just to mention a few. Evening specials will be just as delicious with Steak Night every Tuesday, Ribs on Thursday’s, Fish on Friday’s and Mexican all day Sunday. The specials continue on with the drinks. They plan to have an expanded Happy Hour from 2-6pm and a Reverse Happy Hour from 9-midnight daily. Along with specialty drinks such as the Hog Trough which comes in a trough and serves four people. “You’ll see more improvements this Spring”, says Bev. With Donnie being in the concrete business for years, he plans to utilize his talents to improve the parking starting with a 12x50 stretch in front specifically for motorcycles. Some of the south side parking will be paved as well as the beer garden areas where they plan to host more music events. As for the inside, Bev says the brand new bar stools have patrons the most excited. There will also eventually be carpet in the front dining area which will help with noise reduction and be easier to keep clean. They look forward to getting acquainted with the people in the area so stop in and give them a warm, Crescent welcome!


Saturday, December 7th, 2-4 p.m. at the Crescent Fire Department Join us at the Fire Station to see Santa & Mrs. Clause FREE! We will have goodie bags, a coloring contest, cookie decorating and we will also have someone there that will take your picture and email it to you that day! For those that don’t have email we have you covered too! So bring your wish lists and be able to tell them to Santa!

A Giant Bear Hug for Our Crescent Optimists! Dale Dilts, Don Dilts, Daryl Roch (the artist), Duane Rief, and Ed Wendt joined together to ­assemble “a little bit of farm art for our country town” as Dale puts it. AND WE LOVE IT! In This Issue... Page 2..................City Council Minutes Page 3................................ Time Out Mayor’s Corner Page 4 .................... Community Assets Community Foundations Page 5......From the 1885 Pott Co Plat Book Calling All Babysitters Page 6 & 7.Mormon Settlements of SW Iowa Pages 7-9 .........................Advertisers

Welcome New Advertiser...McCue Horseshoeing & Trimming! See page 9.

Page 10...................Useless Knowledge



Contact Numbers Mayor Brian Shea 712-545-3652 (

Councilman Bob Anderson 712-545-3373 (

Councilman Daryl Clark 402-658-0657 (

Councilman Elvis Jacobsen 712-545-3215 (

Councilman Patrick Morgan 712-227-0083 (

Councilwoman Kris Spratt 712-545-9995 (

City Clerk Mary Martin 712-545-3981 (

Park Board Kris Smith 712-545-3118 (

Message Board Ron Olson 712-545-3267 (

Crescent Fire Dept. Non-Emergency 712-545-3730 (

Crescent Elementary 712-545-3566 2

Submitted by Mary Martin, City Clerk.      

City Council The City of Crescent is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


met in regular session in the Crescent Community Hall at 7:00pm pursuant to the law. Mayor Brian Shea called the meeting to order. The following Council members were present: Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Clark to accept consent agenda. Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. BRIAN CHAFFIN/OLSSON & ASSOC. presented contract for design & bid phase of lagoon repair. Jason Craig will be the lead representative for the project. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Morgan to approve contract. Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. URBAN RENEWAL REPORT submitted for approval. This will now be an annual report required by the Dept. of Management. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Morgan to approve report. Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT submitted for approval. MOTION BY SPRATT, seconded by Clark to approve report. This will be sent cert. mail. Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. PINK POODLE LIQUOR LICENSE submitted for approval. MOTION BY CLARK, seconded by Jacobsen to approve license. Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, Morgan, all ayes. Motion carried. PARK/NO REPORT GALEN BARRETT/FIRE CHIEF reported the fire prevention open house went well. There are 3 new members and 2 applicants waiting for interviews. This will bring membership to 28. There have been 244 calls for the year. RON OLSON/PLANNING COMMISSION reported Casey’s General Store lot split was approved and there was a variance for BCS Homes Lot 168 to build on a 60’ lot vs. a 75’ lot. A separate variance to allow 8’ vs. 10’ variance for a 40’ wide home for this lot was also considered and approved. BOB ANDERSON/MAINTENANCE reported vehicles are ready for winter. Will call for salt when necessary. ADD-IT-UP TAX SERVICE will be moving back to Crescent area. Their office in Council Bluffs will be closed as of Dec. 1st. It was discussed that now that the highway is done to have a possible load limit of 80,000 lbs. through town. This will be researched further. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to adjourn the meeting. MEETING adjourned at 7:40pm CITY COUNCIL


CRESCENT CITY COUNCIL met in special session in the Crescent Community Hall at 6:00pm pursuant to the law. Mayor Brian Shea called the meeting to order. The following Council members were present: Anderson, Morgan, Spratt and Jacobsen.

Mayor Shea addressed council regarding new liquor license for Crescent Roadhouse Bar and Grill. James &

Beverly Fischer will now be operating what was Kief’s Full Throttle. Their date of opening will be Dec. 2, 2013.

MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to approve the liquor license for Crescent

Roadhouse Bar & Grill. Morgan, Spratt, Anderson, Jacobsen, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 6:10pm.


20270 Old Lincoln Hwy.

Happy Hour 3-6pm $2 domestic bottles Reverse Happy Hour 9-11pm $1.50 domestic draws Free Popcorn, Pool plus $1.50 16oz cans of PBR’s All Day Every Day! Open Volleyball Courts Tues & Thur Evenings

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A Worthy Cause!

If you’re interested in helping a family in need this holiday season, think about a donation to the Crescent Optimists. They help provide meals and gifts for locals who are less fortunate. To do so, Contact Kris Smith at 712-545-3118 or Dale Dilts at 402-306-1288



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AREA MEETINGS • City Council: First Monday of every month unless holiday—January 6th • Planning Committee: The Monday following the city council meeting. • Crescent Optimist Club: First Thurs. at 7pm at Community of Christ.


3rd Sunday of Every Month­­. 8am-12pm No Breakfast in December & January Next Breakfast: February 16th Adults: $6, Kids under 12: $3 Proceeds benefit CVFD

Mayor’s Corner

It‘s December and everyone is in full holiday mode. Here’s to you and your families, wishing you all the best of the season and a great 2014. My next subject is one that seems to upset people on both sides of the issue. JUNK CARS! You may believe that one day you will fix that car, truck or golf cart up and realize a huge profit, but you need to think of the rest of the people in town. We don’t care to look at your junk. City ordinances were passed by past councils to alleviate this problem. BUT, no one has enforced them or it was very selective. Letters have gone out to let people know it is time to move them inside, move them to a local storage yard, or get rid of them. I have tried to ask individuals if they would take care of said vehicles but to no avail. If a neighbor loses value on their property because someone wants to keep said junk on their property, then it becomes a city concern when people start to complain. They ask the council to do something about a neighbor or business. The ordinance states one month. So if you get a letter, then it’s time to take care of it. Let’s try and change the image from a dumpy little town to one of a charming little town that people want to come to and have dinner, get some wine, have a pizza, burger or prime-rib. With the 1% sales tax the city gets on sales, the coffers will increase and the city can work on walkway/bike trails, curbs and drainage, further enhancing our surroundings. If we all pull together we can make this happen. Let me know what you think. ­—Brian Shea


Join Us Every Saturday 8-11am Serving farm-fresh breakfast plates, Grandma’s sticky rolls, fresh baked muffins, authentic french toast with weekly fruit sauces straight out of the garden and more! Now Serving Beer & Wine! Stop in & try our local Iowa selections! “Like” Our Facebook Page to hear about our new Daily Specials! Call for more info: 712-227-0027

DENNY’S PLACE Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve: Open 2pm to 12am Kitchen till 10pm (No Taco’s) Closed Christmas Day New Year’s Eve: Open 2pm to 2am Kitchen till 1am Party Favors & Hors d’oeuvres at Midnight Free Juke Box (No Taco’s) New Year’s Day: Open 2pm till 2am Kitchen till 11pm

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want your number! Just call, text or email your info to the Crescent Connection at the number/address on the front page. We’ll list your contact info through the winter months. Plowing Service • Darrell Stegeman: 402-505-2549

The Connection Facebook page is a great place to sell an item, place a help wanted, or rental home ad, suggest a good book, movie or restaurant, send a birthday wish, make a suggestion or post an event!

What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day. ­—Phyllis Diller


Community Assets

Submitted by Linda Brewer

Think of almost any volunteer committee or elected office in Crescent, and Ron Olson has been on it. He has been mayor, city council member, on the Planning Commission, a member of the fire department and Auxiliary, on the Veterans’ Park committee, helped with the Fall Festival, and founded the Crescent Civic Club. “You probably haven’t heard of the Civic Club,” Ron said, “because it’s pretty much down to just me. But for a few years we were very active. We planted flowers, remodeled the kitchen in the fire barn, installed the marquee and Crescent signs and put up the Christmas decorations. Sadly, now no one puts up the lights. We also put up the flags on the poles through town. Jim Beck does most of that work, but I do what I can, still.” And what he can do is a lot. Ron moved to Crescent in 1978. “I found a house I liked and the taxes were about half what we’d paid in Council Bluffs,” he explained. He met Sandy at a high school reunion, and they married in 1984. She is also involved in Crescent, serving on the Park Board and the Fire Auxiliary. He now has two grandsons who live in west Omaha. “But they love to come to Crescent.” Ron worked for 35 years for AT&T, first installing telephone equipment and then in quality control. He is now retired. He got involved in Crescent activities in 1992. “Dick Madigan, who was the mayor at the time and a friend, convinced me to be on the Planning Commission. Then I ran for council in the mid 90’s. When Dick moved to Montana, I was appointed acting mayor in 1998. I was mayor until 2002. At that time, I had some heart problems, and my doctor said I had to either learn to handle stress or get away from the stress. So I chose to get away from the stress and resign.” The stress was mostly over the sewer system. “The state said we had to put in a city sewer system. And boy did that turn into an involved deal! We took the low bid and had lots of problems with that company. The state kept putting obstacles in our path. It turned into practically a full time job overseeing the job,” Ron said. So he retired as mayor in 2002. “I don’t have much to do with it anymore, but there are sewer problems again. The flood washed away the ground under the collection lagoon, and that has to be repaired. It’s going to cost more to repair than it did to install. We hope FEMA will pay for much of the repair, but who knows?” he said. Ron does maintenance on the Veterans’ Park and helped build it. “When we began the project, we understood all we had to do was apply for a grant. But there was no grant money, so we had to do the work ourselves. A great group of volunteers, headed by Brian and Jodie Shea, did all the work. It turned out great. We’re now working to install an area behind the gazebo we’re calling a community gathering place. It will be like a mini amphitheater, with benches and a cement ‘plaza’. By spring the bathroom will be useable and there will be a drinking fountain. We’ll continue to update as funds allow. We hope many more people will use it.” Back on the Planning Commission, the projects that group has under consideration are possibly annexing the land all the way west to the interstate and Casey’s plan. “Casey’s General Store has submitted a proposal to the Commission to tear down the current store and build one similar to the one they have on 23rd and the South Express Way in Council Bluffs. They have purchased property just south of their building and want to expand. They need our recommendation to the council,” he explained. The project Ron works on that may be most noticed by those who live in or drive through Crescent is the message board, which was destroyed by a car several months ago. “The man who drove into it had no insurance so it’s up to the city to replace it. The council is negotiating with our insurance company. They say it is not covered by the city’s policy. The council says it is. It will cost about $7500 to replace, so it may be awhile. But when it’s up, I will continue to maintain it. I’ve had so many people contact me with messages to put up, and, obviously, I’ve had to say sorry I can’t.” As to the fire department, Ron’s been on it for 21 years. “I’ve recently quit going on calls,” he said. “But I serve on the personnel committee, and on the Auxiliary. I want to make a plea for the Auxiliary. We are down to four members. We need more members! We don’t have regular meetings but about seven times a year, we put on the pancake breakfast to raise money for the department. We usually average about 300 people for the breakfasts, and last year we donated about $14,000 for equipment. So it’s a worthy cause. If you would be willing to help, PLEASE contact me or someone on the fire department. We need help with those breakfasts!” Ron’s goals for Crescent in the coming years are to see a new community room/fire barn on the property the city acquired on the Mormon Bridge Road, sidewalks and drainage along the Old Lincoln Hwy. and all the projects Vision Crescent is looking at. It’s guaranteed that Ron will be involved in all of them.


Recognizing the Impact of

Community Foundations

Pottawattamie County Community Foundation Participates in National Effort to Highlight Local Impact of Philanthropy Pottawattamie County Community Foundation recently celebrated their 5th anniversary on November 14th serving the communities of Pottawattamie County during the annual Community Foundations Week. The event was held at the Council Bluffs Country Club and informed those in attendance the importance of a Community Foundation and speakers shared stories of how their lives have changed and how communities have been transformed through philanthropy. “Pottawattamie County Community Foundation works every day to help address the most pressing issues facing our community. As we all saw with the recent government shutdown, philanthropy provides a critical safeguard against uncertainty,” said Dawn Hovey, CEO & President. “Place-based philanthropy, engages community leaders to improve lives through direct action, and is not subject to political whims or partisan bickering.” Community Foundations are independent, public entities that steward philanthropic resources from institutional and individual donors to local nonprofits that are the heart of strong, vibrant communities. Here in Iowa, our legislature supports the work of local community foundations through the Endow Iowa tax credit. Through this tax credit, Iowa taxpayers are eligible for up to a 25% credit on their state taxes for a qualified donation to a community foundation. For more information about Pottawattamie County Community Foundation, visit

From the 1885 Pott. Co. Plat Book

Above is the H.A. Terry farm that was located where Crescent Elementary now sits. “Father” Terry, as he came to be known in horticultural circles, pioneered in fruit tree and plant culture years before plant breeding was a recognized profession. He was the grandfather of Crescent resident, Sharyl Osborn and owned many acres in and around Crescent which were planted for his nursery.

Calling All Babysitters!

If you’re looking for babysitting work we’d like to list your name, number and a brief profile in the newsletter. All ages are welcome, whether your just starting or a seasoned professional. Call, text or email the Connection at the number/ address on the front page. • Jackie Sindelar will turn 12 years old in December. Jackie has attended the babysitting class sponsored by Jennie Ed. Hospital. Jackie attends the 6th grade at St. Albert and lives in the Honey Creek area. Willing to babysit in Honey Creek or Crescent areas. 712-545-3040.

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Mormon Settlements Allred’s Camp

Some of the settlement’s early residents were: Samuel, Mary, William, Maria, Sarah, Caroline, and Mary Wood; John, Primrose, Sarah, and Andrew Shields; Lucious Rebecca, Augustus, Perry, Emaline, and Lucy Bingham; William Sr., Maria, Joseph, Henry, and Hyrum Watkins; William Jr., Mary, Susan, and Maria Watkins; Richard, Mary, Martha, Richard, John, Rachel, and Jacob Spencer; James Sr., Sarah, Martha, James Jr., and William Brackin; David, Cyntha, Mary, Elizabeth, David, Margaret, Rebecca, Jane, and Cyntha Osborn; David, Martha, John, Ancel, Delazou, Chloa, Ransen, and Albeou Young; William M., Orissa, William, Mary, Byron, and Marrin Allred, and Mary Corbage. “We stayed in Winter Quarters one winter, then we moved back to the east side of the River, to where my Father lived. On the 29th of May 1847 our second son, Byron Harvey was born. I had to go off to Missouri to work and one time when I started Byron was such a sickly puny little thing, but when I came back he was so large and fat I did not know him, and it was a long time before he looked natural. In 1847 the Pioneers went to Salt Lake Valley and back in Dec 19 my Br. Reddick got back from the Battalion. He had a very hard time of it. He had to eat raw hide and mule meat and mules brains. “(1848) In this year my Father and the most of his family got ready, and in the spring of 1849 they all crossed the plains but Redden and I. Father sold his place to me. While I lived at this place Oliver Cowdery came back to the Church, and I was present when he spoke to the Conference, but he went back to Missouri and died before he had the opportunity to come to Salt Lake . “(1850) I think it was in this year that Orson Pratt came from England on a visit, as part of his family were here and part in England, (as he was there on a Mission). He was here at the April Conference, and it was so very dry the people began to have great fears about their crops. When he was called upon to open the Conference with prayer, he prayed for rain, and it was as clear as it could be, not a cloud to be seen, and just as the Conference was dismissed, it commenced to sprinkle rain, (the meeting was in a grove), and he and I started to walk to my house (8 miles) and when we got home we were as wet as though we had been in a River. “Marvin Adelbirt, was born at this place on the 13th of August 1849. While living at this place I worked with Samuel Wood at wagon work and after I left the shop, I made the first wagon I ever owned from bottom to top (excepting the iron work) and painted it. I made my yokes and bows. I raised a yoke of steers and broke them to be quite handy, then I got a yoke of oxen of Orson Pratt, and then I had two cows yoked up, and that completed my team.” Josiah Hammond married Elizabeth Osborn at Allred’s Camp on 31 August 1851. “In the spring as soon as the feed was good enough we 6

of SW Iowa

continued our journey to Council Bluffs arriving there early in July and located on a branch of Little Pigion, known as Allred’s Camp. Here we found my brother-in-law Joseph Hammond, and his family and his wife’s parents and relatives all preparing to leave for the West. We occupied their cabins and went into basket making and a little farming, in order to obtain an outfit for future traveling. The Saints had gathered here quite rapidly and Kanesville was the principal location with apostle Orson Hyde presiding. We were very prosperous in the disposal of all the baskets we could make while located here, making frequent trips into Missouri with them and exchanging them for such things as we needed. We employed Brother Lucious Bingham to take several loads and sell on commission. My father having been taken sick while at Garden Grove, when the place was discontinued, was taken down to Marysville in Missouri, a number of the Saints going to the same place. It was thought by some that my father was dead, but Bishop Evans said not so and through the exercise of faith and prayer he finally recovered. “My father-in-law, his daughter Sarah and myself in 1848 went into Missouri and camped on the Nodoway River for a short time making baskets. It being twenty miles from the place where my parents were, I concluded to go out and see them. In those days twenty miles seemed a long distance. After walking about six miles I came to where there was a grocery store and a few scattered houses,

Winter Quarters Map of Settlements


also a saloon. There was a man there with a team. He had been to the Nodoway Hills and was going within four or five miles of Marysville. He said he would be glad of my company and I certainly was glad of a chance to ride. The man, however, hung around the store and occasionally drinking with friends, he got very drunk and did not know what he was doing. They got him into the wagon and gave me directions as to where he lived and I drove the team to his home. His folks were glad he got home safely, and I remained with them over night. The next morning after breakfast I started to go to Marysville. Had gone about a couple of miles when whom should I meet but my parents and brothers on their way moving to St. Joseph Missouri. It did not take much persuading to have them go to our camp on the Nodoway River. They remained with us till we got ready to return home, then we all went to our home on the Little Pigeon. My parents settled in another grove but a short distance from us and fenced in a piece of timber and built a log cabin. “On August 30, 1848, my daughter Susan Elizabeth was born. This was a very favorable place for the Saints to prepare for their journey. Travelers to California coming along made a fine market for all the corn we could raise and bringing a good price. A great many began to make good improvements and much business was done at Kanesville. We were getting along comfortably considering the circumstances and the people were generally quite satisfied with the location. I engaged an outfit and started for the west in the spring of 1850. Daughter Maria Lovisa was born Au-


gust 10, 1850. In 1851, the missionaries were sent by President Young urging the saints to hasten on to Salt Lake. Apostle Benson was laboring in our vicinity, it being decided to vacate Council Bluffs completely and all were required to unite and leave. The next spring I had on my claim a nice lot of timber suitable for wagon building, also for ox bows, and wagon bows, and I worked on the same to good advantage from this seasoned wood and by changing work succeeded in building my own wagon which brought me across the plains, in company with my father and mother and three brothers.” Alexander Neibaur says in his diary that he and his party “Reached Father James Allred’s camp” sometime around July 20, 1847. They only stayed until 28 July. William M. Allred was the settlement’s Frontier Guardian representative. “We have the names of some forty or fifty other settlements in southwestern Iowa. Little of these remains, however, but their name and memory and a half-rotted squared log occasionally plowed up. Strictly, they were not villages or even hamlets, merely the collection within easy distance of a handful of farm houses in a grove on a creek, with a school or church, and perhaps a mill or trader’s stock. They resembled rather the ideal farm communities or settlements of some modern sociologists.” The footnote at this point lists Allred’s Camp as one of those locations described in this paragraph. Hazel Dell Church was near the site of Allred’s Camp


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Knowledge Stuff you didn’t think you needed to know...and probably don’t. In 2003, there were eighty-six days of below freezing weather in Hell, Michigan. “Hellions” determine whether Hell has “frozen over” by whether a certain dam stops flowing. This has only happened once so far, on January 24, 2004.

The winter holidays rank third, behind Halloween and Easter, in terms of U.S. candy sales, and National Confectioners Association reports that approximately 150 million chocolate Santa’s will be made for the season.

The magnetic North Pole changes position by about twenty feet a day.

The song, Auld Lang Syne, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world to bring in the new year.

The largest gingerbread house in the U.S. was fittingly constructed inside the largest mall in the U.S. when a 67-foot-tall gingerbread abode was built inside Minnesota’s Mall of America in 2006. The country’s largest gingerbread man, also made in 2006, stood over 20 feet high and weighed over 1,308 pounds. The U.S. produces an estimated 1 million tons of additional waste per week between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This includes 38,000 miles of decorative ribbon, enough to tie a bow around the entire globe.

The tallest snowman was 113 feet 7 inches tall. Named Angus and made in Bethel Maine in 1999. Nine years later in 2008 this same town created the world’s tallest snow woman. The snow woman stood 122 feet 1 inch tall. Celebrated in 227 locations in 32 countries, SantaCon was founded in San Francisco in the ‘90s and continues to be the largest public gathering of people dressed in festive gear and engaged in holiday-related revelry.

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