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Like A Well-Oiled Machine!

Front row (left to right): Chris Westcott, Ray Mehaffay, Barb Boner, Kyle Gill, Eric Hallagan. Back row (left to right): Katie Wiges, Craig Peterson, Glen Ord, John Coffelt, Galen Barrett, Brianna Boner, Lennie Skaanning.

You can’t help but fill with pride when you watch our CVFD in action. These dedicated volunteers put on an impressive performance at the Open House October 10th. After cookies, beverages and freebies for the kids, a packed crowd watched as a Jaws-of-Life rescue ensued. It started with a fire engine pulling out of the station, sirens blowing. It continued with the truck coming around the block and onto the scene of a mock accident. A crane of lights lit up the

site as the crew went into overdrive cutting away the top of a wrecked vehicle to rescue the injured. In a matter of minutes they were loading the ambulance. And just when you thought the show was over, the Life Flight helicopter arrived, hovering over the tree line, landing beside the bank. Once grounded, the crowd was encouraged to get an up-close look at the chopper. Thanks to everyone who participated in this top-notch demonstration. It’s quite comforting to know we’re in such good hands.

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A Good Cause!

If you’re interested in helping a family in need this holiday season, think about a donation to the Crescent Optimists. They help provide meals and gifts for locals who are less fortunate. To do so, Contact Kris Smith at 712-545-3118 or Dale Dilts at 402-306-1288

Hey, Snow Plowers!

Crescent residents and businesses want your number! Just call, text or email your info to the Crescent Connection at the number/address on the front page. We’ll list your contact info through the winter months.

The Connection Facebook page is a great place to sell an item, place a help wanted, or rental home ad, suggest a good book, movie or restaurant, send a birthday wish, make a suggestion or post an event! 1

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Submitted by Mary Martin, City Clerk.      

City Council The City of Crescent is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR CITY OF CRESCENT COUNCIL MEETING October 7th, 2013...THE CRESCENT CITY COUNCIL met in regular session in the Crescent Community Hall at 7:00pm pursuant to the law. Mayor Brian Shea called the meeting to order. The following Council members were present: Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to accept consent agenda. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. DAWN HOVEY/PCCF addressed the Council and explained the difference between endowment and pass thru fund accounts. They would be the fiscal agents for these types of donations. City would need to have an affiliate fund, and then if there were donations the City would be able to receive the money. There is a $5000.00 requirement to start the affiliate fund. It was stated that quite a few grant donors are requiring municipalities to have an affiliate fund before they will grant to you. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Clark to begin paperwork for an affiliate fund providing no money would come out of general fund, preferring an investor to begin the fund. Clark, Anderson, Jacobsen, ayes. Spratt, Morgan, nay. Motion carried. DENNY’S LIQUOR LICENSE submitted for approval. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Clark to approve license. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. COX COMMUNICATION FRANCHISE submitted for approval. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Anderson to approve franchise agreement. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. ORDINANCE # 1007 REVACATING ALLEY (Rowe)submitted for approval. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Clark to approve 1st reading Ord. # 1007. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Clark to waive 2nd reading of Ord. # 1007. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. MOTION BY CLARK, seconded by Anderson to waive 3rd reading of Ord. #1007. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. CB LIBRARY 2013/2014 CONTRACT submitted. Council had requested at Sept. meeting; new contracts with the 2012 evaluation as contracts were not received in time for budget. New contracts are now being submitted. MOTION BY JACOBSEN, seconded by Spratt to approve new contract at 2012 fee. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. CASEY’S GENERAL STORE plans were before the council. There was some discussion, and council would like to see sidewalks and an aesthetically pleasing recycle area. MOTION BY CLARK, seconded by Spratt to forward on to Planning/Zoning. Morgan, Jacobsen, Anderson, Spratt, Clark, all ayes. Motion carried. DISCUSSION ON MESSAGE BOARD. Insurance is denying claim stating it was not individually named under miscellaneous category. This is under further investigation. KRISTA SMITH/PARK BOARD reported that the Fall Festival did well with concessions. Vicki Overly and Jeri Hatcher did a great job with the volleyball. Anderson stated that there was no advertisement in the Nonpareil about the event. Smith stated ‘that all costs money’. Restroom at the OLHVM is nearing completion. Volunteers are working on the grant plans for the gathering place at OLHVM. GALEN BARRETT/FIRE CHIEF reported Fire Prevention OPEN HOUSE will be 10-10-13 from 6-8PM. An Extrication demo will be done so audience can see how a car is cut apart to remove patients. PLAN. COMMISSION/no report. BOB ANDERSON/Maintenance reported bathrooms at park are being winterized. Approx. $800. was spent on repairs for the tractor as the pump went out. MORGAN reported that Mike Kennedy had passed away. Mike loved volunteering at the pool. He will be missed. MOTION BY ANDERSON, seconded by Jacobsen to adjourn the meeting.

Mayor’s Corner Well, hopefully by the time this paper comes out our paving will be done. The plant broke down and there have been problems with a paver. So it all adds up to the whole project being several weeks behind schedule. What is finished is deluxe. Now we need to turn our attention to sidewalks. Our town would be so much nicer if we could walk through it without getting mowed over by traffic. Plus it would start to clean up main street, which we need. I would like to ask for help with that. If you feel you can help in any way, please step forward or call me. I have been thinking of some way to get more people or civic groups involved with the city and the direction we need to go. We have a group going called “Vision Crescent”. I think it is time to start a “Crescent Chamber of Commerce”. If we have input and action from our local businesses, there is nothing we couldn’t do. Whether or not you live in town, if you do business here, we should join together to get more business to our area. Our city is growing whether we like it or not, and if we help to control growth, more pride in our community will result. I would like to see all our businesses thrive. Let me know what you think. —Brian Shea


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Happy Hour 3-6pm $2 domestic bottles Reverse Happy Hour 9-11pm $1.50 domestic draws Free Popcorn, Pool plus $1.50 16oz cans of PBR’s All Day Every Day! Open Volleyball Courts Tues & Thur Evenings

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Free gifts just for stopping! Many cash and carry items or order from catalog or sale flyer for yourself or for delivery as gifts! Friday, Nov. 22nd, 3-7pm Turpen’s Home 21679 Old Lincoln Highway • Crescent 712-328-2665 Marie Turpen­—Your Tupperware Consultant!



This is a free service and a great way to get the word out. If you have an upcoming event you’d like to advertise, please email us at

AREA MEETINGS • City Council: First Monday of every month unless holiday—November 4th • Planning Committee: The Monday following the city council meeting. • Crescent Optimist Club: First Thurs. at 7pm at Community of Christ.


3rd Sunday of Every Month­­. 8am-12pm November 17th Adults: $6, Kids under 12: $3 Proceeds benefit CVFD


Join Us Every Saturday 8-11am Serving farm-fresh breakfast plates, Grandma’s sticky rolls, fresh baked muffins, authentic french toast with weekly fruit sauces straight out of the garden and more! Now Serving Beer & Wine! Stop in & try our local Iowa selections! “Like” Our Facebook Page to hear about our new Daily Specials! Call for more info: 712-227-0027

DENNY’S PLACE Happy 25th Anniversary , Denny’s Place ! 14th Annual Chili Cook-Off Winners! 1st Dan Smith - Co Bluffs 2nd Mary Perkins - Crescent 3rd Erica Whitley - Co Bluffs Honorable Mention: Angie Richardson - Crescent Thanks to all who entered & to our Judges: Dave & Bonnie Sorensen & Brandi Craft • We will be closed Thanksgiving.

Can anyone tell us about this photo of Honey Creek? We know it’s from the 1940’s and the gas station on the right is where the Aeroplane Inn now stands. If you know more we’d love to hear from you at 402-968-5484 or


Community Assets

Submitted by Linda Brewer

This is the first of a series of write-ups featuring our communities greatest’s people. Now that she is fully retired, Linda Brewer has agreed to interview and write the articles which we greatly appreciate and look forward to reading...

By the end of the year, three important volunteer positions in Crescent will need to be filled - all because one woman is moving out of Crescent. Kris Smith is city park director, a member of the planning commission, and secretary and Fall Festival chair of the local Optimists group. She will be moving, “hopefully by the end of the year,” to Fostoria, Ohio so she and her mother can be closer to her son and his family. Kris and her family moved to rural Crescent 24 years ago because they wanted an acreage. “We had a family and horses,” she explained, “And we needed more room.” Fifteen years ago she and her mother, who has lived with her for 20 years and Kris describes as “my best friend,” moved into Crescent and live in the Powell Addition. Since then, she has been involved in Crescent activities. “I love this town,” she said. “I’m so proud of the improvements we have made over the years. My son visited recently and commented on all the positive changes in his hometown.” Kris has been on the Planning Commission for four years. “Our job is to make sure the rules are being followed as far as building is concerned and to advise the city council. There is conflict, sometimes, to work out for citizens who have requests, but we try to be as fair as possible. It’s been very interesting, and you get to have input behind the scenes. I’ve met lots of people I would never have met otherwise.” She’s been park director since last spring when the former director moved away, and she’s very proud of the improvements in the park. She oversaw the new tennis/basketball floor put in recently. “We studied the best way to do it. Breaking up the cement and replacing it was very expensive. We went to several small towns that have used this plastic cover and decided it was the best choice,” Kris said. “There is also a new scoreboard and fencing. Almost all the work was done by volunteers so Crescent citizens got a lot for their tax dollars.” The job she speaks most enthusiastically about is being a member of the Optimists. “We took over the Fall Festival three years ago and decided not to make it a fund raiser. We work all year to make money to spend on it. Our eventual goal is to have enough activities that families will spend all day in Crescent.” The Optimists also do a lot to support the kids at Crescent School. They have contests to bring in food that is distributed to families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They give each student a book at the end of the school year. They invite Santa to visit Crescent and help with the Easter egg hunt every year. They gave the Boy Scouts seed money to start the Avenue of Flags project. In her promotion of the Optimists she said, “We’d love to have more members! We meet the third Thursday of the month at the Community of Christ Church. We’d welcome anyone interested in helping with these great causes. So come to a meeting or contact me or Dale Dilts for more information.” Many of you would recognize Kris and her mother Helen because they have served on the election board since they moved to Crescent. “I have been on election boards since I was 19 years old,” she said. “It’s a long day, but you get to see everyone you may not have seen since the last time they voted. I raised my children that if they didn’t vote they couldn’t, later, complain about the government.” Kris is a utilization review nurse at Alegent Creighton Medical Center where she has worked for 15 years. “I’m the one who looks at your chart to make sure all of your care meets government and hospital guidelines,” Kris said. Before that, she was financial manager for Harrah’s Casino, overseeing $8.5 million a day. She has fascinating stories about both jobs. When she moves to Ohio, she hopes to find in-home work for an insurance company. That may be because she has already gutted the house she bought in Fostoria and plans to fix it up herself. But first, she’s working on her home here to fix it up to sell. “I’m pretty handy,” she explained. “I put siding on my house, put in tile, made the drapes, and did the wood work. I enjoy it.” And will she get involved in volunteer activities in Fostoria? “Well it’s bigger than Crescent, but I’ve already promised my granddaughter I’d be her Brownie Scout leader.” So the answer is probably “yes”. Crescent’s loss is, apparently, Fostoria’s gain.


Lincoln Highway’s Face Lift

It’s been many years since the highway had this much attention. And it’s well over-due. Damage caused by the heavy truck traffic during the 2011 flood has made it necessary to repair the highway. The resurfacing project has been in the works since August and will be complete by the first half of November barring any complications. Kudo’s to a job well done despite a few glitch’s. And our compliments to the flag people who have endured all kinds of weather and temperaments with a smile.

Crescent Elementary Now Has a Message Board

After the closing of Gunn Elementary and a few calls to the school district, Crescent was given the ok to acquire the message board. This month a crew of workers took some time to set the sign in concrete in front of the school. All that’s left now is replacing the name and it’ll be put to good use.

Calling All Babysitters!

If you’re looking for babysitting work we’d like to list your name, number and a brief profile in the newsletter. All ages are welcome, whether your just starting or a seasoned professional. Call, text or email the Connection at the number/address on the front page.

Help with Ancestry Search I was wondering if you could help me in my search for a local family member. There is a tombstone with the name Martin Pruett on it in the McIntoch Cemetery near Honey Creek I would like for any descendant of this man to please contact me. I have a genealogy tree of the Pruitt/Pruett family going all the way back to 1616 in Whiltshire England, but I am missing just one piece to the puzzle. Please help if you can. I can be reached at 712-5459359 or e-mail me at Thank You!

In Memory of Mike Kennedy Written by his kids

Anyone that knew him knew he was passionate about four things in his life...Mom, Family (blood or acquired), Ironworkers Local 21, and Husker Football! Mom and Dad are a great example of loving one person for your whole life...sticking it out through the good times and the bad. A great example of never giving up and loving with your whole heart. He gave “hard working man” a new meaning, he loved being on the iron 60 feet in the air! He had a fierce loyalty to his Union brothers! Family...anyone who had the privilege of being in his life was in his life forever. He loved his kids and grandkids with the ferocity of a lion. He protected us, prayed for us, and hurt for us on a daily basis. He loved holidays...4th of July and St. Patrick’s Day in particular...he tended to over dress for these occasions even landing on the news a few times due to his attire. His favorite part of the holiday’s was spending time with family and friends. A great example of the impact of our Dad in other’s lives came the Tuesday after he passed. A little boy that lives across the street came to the house and asked to see Mike, when we told him that he had gone to heaven to be with Jesus he said, “but why did he have to go there? He was my best friend.” He made connections everywhere he went and left a legacy that will be carried on through all of us. Our dad was not a perfect man; he would be laughing hysterically if anyone said that...but he owned his mistakes, made amends and moved on. We owe so much to this man. We were so blessed to have had him in our lives. One of Dad’s favorite quotes, “It is more important how you live your life not how long”. Mike was also a well-loved man in Crescent. He livened up several council meetings and was a truly dedicated volunteer at the pool over the summer. They said he was there everyday to help out. He always had a kind word to say. Behind the gruff exterior was a heart of gold and a sense of humor to match. He will be greatly missed!

Pott. County Sheriff’s Report

Submitted by Chief Deputy, John Reynold

9/1 @ 9:38 AM Deputies Hempel and Ferguson were dispatched to the 600 block of Old Lincoln Highway in reference an alarm. 9/3 @ 10:09 AM Deputy Pattee was dispatched to the 600 block of Old Lincoln Highway in reference an alarm. 9/8 @ 10:23 AM Deputy Kealy was dispatched to the 600 Block of Johnson St. to assist Fire/EMS. 9/16 @ 05:01 AM Deputies Wilson and Harvey were dispatched to the 1400 block of Old Lincoln Highway in reference a Stolen Vehicle Report. Crescent Citations (4) Speeding (3) Seat Belt (1) Stop Sign (1) Driving While Under Suspension Crescent Township Citations (2) Failure to Maintain Control (4) Speeding (1) Failure to Dim Head Lights (1) Driving While Suspended (1) Careless Driving (1) Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway (2) Operation While Under the Influence (2) Stop Sign (1) Eluding or Attempting to Elude Law Enforcement

10/1 @ 6:10 AM Deputies Frain and Soucie were dispatched to the 600 block of Johnson Street to assist Fire/EMS. 10/9 @ 7:43 PM Deputy Temeyer was dispatched to the 100 block of Powells Addition for an Animal Complaint. 10/11 @ 7:51 AM Deputy Arkfeld was dispatched to the 600 block of Welch Street for an Animal Complaint. 10/12 @ 9:44 AM Deputy Leick was dispatched to the 100 block of Tremont Street to assist Fire/EMS. 10/12 @ 8:29 PM Deputy Maguire was dispatched to Timber Circle for an Animal Complaint. 10/15 @ 7:06 AM Deputy Arkfeld was dispatched to the 100 block of West Florence Street for an Animal Complaint. 10/23 @ 3:28 AM Deputies were dispatched to the 100 block of East Welch Street in reference suspicious activity. 10/26 @ 10:18 PM Deputies Barnes and Soucie were dispatched to the 600 block of Old Lincoln Highway to assist Fire/EMS. 10/29 @ 9:52 AM Deputies were dispatched to the 100 block of Mormon Bridge Road in reference a stolen vehicle being stripped. 10/30 @ 3:38 PM Deputy Doty was dispatched to the 1000 block of Silver Lane in reference a Theft. Crescent Township Citations (2) Failure to Maintain Control (2) Driving While Suspended

What this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds. —Will Rogers


Mormon Settlements Big Pigeon

In 1848, the citizens of Pottawattamie County petitioned for a post office in Kanesville, and several members of the Church who lived in Big Pigeon at some point signed the petition, namely: Jerome M. Benson, Jacob G. Bigler, Robert Campbell, Pleasant Ewell, William F. Ewell, and John Loveless. “The Big Pigeon settlement was broken up in 1852, when most of the saints in Pottawattamie County went west to the Rocky Mountains.” Jeremiah Bingham was the Frontier Guardian representative. Big Pigeon may have become the village of Crescent. The pioneers salvaged some of the logs from the Kanesville Tabernacle, which they then used to build the Pigeon Creek Tabernacle. “[A] log tabernacle was erected in the Big Pigeon settlement on Pigeon Creek, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in the spring of 1849. This temporary building, 53 x 32 feet in size, was constructed of oak logs hewn on the inside, with a puncheon floor and a roof of oak lap shingles. In the center of the building on each side was an extension of about 16 x 14 feet, the ground plan thus taking the form of a Greek cross.” “Two miles north, one mile east of Crescent atop a ridge north of gravel road in vicinity of 1846-1853 LDS communities of Hazel Grove and Big Pigeon. A diligent search has not turned up any indication of where exactly the tabernacle stood. A pioneer newspaper account tells us Pigeon Creek Tabernacle was built in the form of a Greek cross, and had greater seating capacity than the Kanesville Tabernacle. A diligent survey of the neighborhood failed to turn up anyone who would admit to the existence of such a building in the neighborhood. One early report said the Kanesville Tabernacle was too small for the crowd attending the Dec 24-27, 1847 Church conference at which Brigham Young was sustained President and Prophet of the Church. Therefore, the account said, Brigham Young first was sustained President in the Pigeon Creek Tabernacle. Church Historian at the time the question came up, Leonard J. Arrington, said: One such report cannot negate many Kanesville Tabernacle reports.” Residents: Jeremiah Bingham (born in Vermont ca. 1806, Blacksmith (1850 census), married Sarah Keel. Their children included Lucinda (b. ca. 1837), Margaret (b. ca. 1840), Jeremiah (b. ca. 1847), Abigail (b. ca. 1848), and Sarah (b. ca. April 1850). Others listed with Jeremiah on the census are Alonzo (b. ca. 1832), Lears (b. ca. 1835), Adeline (b. ca. 1837), and Amos (b. ca. 1840). Other pioneers who lived in Big Pigeon at this time (1850) were John Duncan (ca. 1785), Ann Duncan (ca. 1813), Absha Pyre (ca. 1789), and Delia Pyre (ca. 1786). Solomon McIntosh (ca. 1810), Sally McIntosh (ca. 1836), Malinda McIntosh (ca. 1843), Mary Huff (ca. 1818), Caroline Huff (ca. 1839), Jeremiah (ca. 1841), Susannah (ca. 1843), Lavina (ca. 1845), Martha (ca. 1847), and Enjene (ca. February 1850) also lived here. James Boara or Boaru (ca. 1816) and Nancy (ca. 10) were Big Pigeon residents. James McIntosh (ca. 1836), Israel Boaru (ca. 1842), Margaret (ca. 1846), and Nancy (ca. 1849) lived in Big Pigeon as well. Elizabeth Stump (ca. 1819), Joseph (ca. 1833), Jacob (ca. 1837), John (ca. 1842), and Margaret (ca. 1844) were pioneers who lived in this settlement. Polly Ewell (ca. 1817), Francis (ca. 1835), John (ca. 1838), Sarah (ca. 1841), Barbara (ca. 1844), William (ca.


of SW Iowa

1846), and Mary (ca. 1849) also lived in Big Pigeon. (9) Aaron Johnson, Jr., in his autobiography written in 1926, says that he was born 22 May 1850 “at Council Bluffs, Iowa.” He may have been born at Big Pigeon, since Council Bluffs seems to have been used as a blanket term used to refer to anywhere in the Kanesville area.

Bybee’s Camp

According to an 1885 atlas, the area in which Bybee’s Camp was situated was mostly open land, but was on the border of a large grove of trees. A stream or small creek also flowed through the vicinity, doubtless a tributary to the larger Pigeon Creek, which ran south and east of Bybee’s Camp. It is located “in Section 31” of Boomer Township near Pigeon Creek. “The earliest note there exists of settlement in...[Boomer] township is that of Lee Bybee, who came in 1847, and the spot where he made his home was known far and wide as ‘Bybee’s Camp’...and, during the winter following his arrival, about fifteen houses were erected in the same vicinity, on the north of Pigeon Creek...William McKeown is the only resident of Boomer Township who came there and settled in the original Bybee’s Camp, when it was simply a camp, and is doubtless the oldest settler in the township for that reason.” It was also known as North Pigeon. A notice in the Frontier Guardian sheds a bit of light on the camp. Joseph Nicholas ran an ad from the twelfth to the twenty-sixth of December, 1851, offering a “[reward]...and...gratitude” for helping him recover a “yoke of three year old steers.” They had been missing since “the early part of October

Winter Quarters Map of Settlements


last.” This same man, Joseph Nicholas, participated in the Zion’s Camp march. “Reverent Kirkland Card was born Sept. 16, 1826, at Deerfield, Portage County, Ohio. He was married to Polly Calvin, born September 10, 1826, at Palmyra Center, in the same county. They moved from this county to Kanesville in 1850, and wintered in a cabin at ‘Bybee’s Camp’, in Pottawattamie County. In the spring of 1851 they moved to Six Mile Grove, Sec. 20. In 1859, he was appointed circuit rider on Harlan Mission, living at Stickley Mills.” Josiah L. Deforest, who was teaching school in Bybee’s Camp at the time, signed the petition for the Kanesville Tabernacle Post Office. “The first birth, death and marriage in the township occurred in this camp. It is impossible now to give the names of the parties in the first birth and the first death, but the first marriage was a double one, and took place in the spring of 1848. The parties in the one instance were William McKeown and Miss Eliza Jane Hall; in the other, Ezekiel Cheeny and Miss Lucy Hardy.” “Ezekiel Wells Cheney, his wife, Lucy, and their infant daughter, Elliza, embarked for Utah in 1849 with the George A. Smith/Dan Jones Company.” The first school opened was in Bybee’s Camp, in the winter of 1847-48, and the teacher, J. L. Deforest, who afterward died in Harrison County .” William McKeown “married Eliza Jane Hall, May 9, 1848, who was the daughter of Joseph and Johanna (Chillis) Hall, natives of New York State and the parents of eleven children...Mrs. Eliza (Hall) McKeown... the age of twenty-two- years...William erected a log cabin 14x14, and worked his land breaking it with oxen he had reared.” “The first year or two, but little prairie was broken, because they did not have the teams, but would go where the timber was light and cut


it off, then one yoke of cattle could break it. The cultivating was done with a single shovel mostly, some working a horse, others an ox. Their milling first was at the old Indian mill on the Mosquito, but, in 1849, a mill was built on Pigeon Creek in Hazel Dell Township , and then they went to it. Some stores having been opened up, their supplies soon came from Council Bluffs, but the first season they crossed the river to a settlement on the Nebraska side, where there was a store.” “In two or three years [after 1847], all of these settlers sold out their claims and went onto Utah Territory with the general Mormon emigration, and finally remained there. What was once known as ‘Bybee’s Camp’ is now included in the farms owned and occupied by William McKeown, L. S. Axtell and George Drake.” The Frontier Guardian representative was Joshua C. Hall. His service in such a capacity was first noted in the 2 October 1850 issue of the Frontier Guardian, and he continued is this office through 18 June 1852 at least. Cemeteries: “Grange Cemetery is located in Section 28, SW corner of NW ¼ in Boomer Township . It is a large, well kept active cemetery.” “The Boomer Grange Society was organized May 31, 1873. Sixteen acres of ground was purchased by John Page for the cemetery. It is recorded in the Pottawattamie County Register, Book 31, page 550.” John Page, who bought the land for the cemetery, was a member of the RLDS branch of North Pigeon. He was baptized in the church in 1872, just the year before he helped create the cemetery. Whether or not the original settlers had been burying their dead for some decades in the plot he bought is open to research.


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Boarding Available for All Size Dogs & Cats!





735 Old Lincoln Hwy. • Crescent

HOURS: Mon-Sat: 2pm - 2am Sunday: Noon til Midnight Kitchen Open Mon-Thur til 11pm, Fri-Sat til 1am, Sun til 10pm FREE Pool All Day Sunday’s!


Licensed & Insured • Free Estimates






Now Serving Beer & Wine! Stop in & try our local Iowa selections!

Hours: Tuesday - Friday...11am to 4pm Saturday...8am to 4pm

Fresh wholesome meals and gourmet desserts, utilizing local produce, cheeses, wine!



Nothin’ Finer! Chicken • Steaks • Seafood Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

712-545-3600 The

Junction Cafe Petro Mart Travel Plaza 1961 Hwy 30 • Missouri Valley

Breakfast Buffet Daily 7-2pm Wednesday is “Fried Chicken Day” Specials! 11-Close 10% Senior Discount! Thursday is Double Discount Day! Children under 5 Eat Free! w/adult meal Awesome Soup & Salad Bar! Free Private Party Room Call to Reserve Restaurant & C-Store Open Daily at 7am.

Dave & Cyndi Schlorff 712-642-3641

Honey Creek Creamery, Inc. 25593 Old Lincoln Hwy •Honey Creek Artisan Goat Cheese Made in the Loess Hills Living Loess Member Open House Every Third Saturday Other Tours by Appointment

Meyer  Automotive


816 Old Lincoln Hwy. • Crescent



Sharon Oamek • 402-690-9252


Complete Auto Repair Ask for Todd 712-545-3228

Brian Shea • 402-968-7432





20270 Old Lincoln Highway

Seamless Guttering Introducing

Gutter Dome...


• Leaf & Debris System • Lifetime Guarantee to Remain Debris Free! Offered Exclusively Through




Seamless Guttering

712-542-7045 • Crescent Free Estimates • Insured



New Mexican Monday’s! Now Open Sunday’s 12pm to 10pm Cocktail Hour: Mon-Fri: 11am to 6pm Crescent • (712) 227-0101

Commercial • Residential • Installation & Repair All Makes • Maintenance Contracts

Happy Hour 3-6pm $2 domestic bottles Reverse Happy Hour 9-11pm $1.50 domestic draws Free Popcorn, Pool plus $1.50 16oz cans of PBR’s All Day Every Day! Open Volleyball Courts Tues & Thur Evenings Reception Hall Available for Rent Graduation • Wedding Anniversary • Birthday Party!

Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured • Snow Removal

JIM THOMPSEN • 545-3252 • 680-2318

Thumbprint Pendant Kits Capture that new bundle of joy, the bond of sisterhood, the love of your life, a furry friend, a special someone who’s just past or each one of grandma’s pride and joy in a unique, free-form fingerprint pendant charm made from their fingerprints. Price: $65

Call (402) 968-5484

712-322-2027 •

Unleashed Performance Mobile Agricultural Equipment Repair Performance Engine Building & Tuning




Air Conditioning • Electrical • Cooling Systems Hydraulic Hoses • Transmission • Engine Repair Fabrication & Design


We Build the Best & Fix the Rest! Call Dennis Hough at (402) 305-7295


Loess Hills



Vineyard & Winery 1120 Old Lincoln Hwy. • Crescent Wednesday thru Sunday YR. ADVERTISER! Call or Check our Website for Hours.


Closed Mon. & Tues.



(712) 545-3054

Additional Hours by Appointment

Shawn Shea 545-4455 545-3684 1919 Old Lincoln Hwy. Crescent

Retaining Walls Patio Pavers

Specializing in...

Dr. Tonweya Langille

Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. 21032 Old Lincoln Hwy Crescent, IA 51526

300 W. Broadway, Suite 712 • Co Bluffs IA 51503 Located Downtown in the Omni Business Park

(712) 256-2561 Chiropractic • Massage • Yoga


23229 Old Lincoln Hwy Crescent, IA 51526 Boat Repair: All Makes, All Models Trailer Repair: Metal, Welding, Painting Hauling: Rock, Sand, Dirt, Skidsteer, Grading RAY MEHAFFY 402-981-1146 • 712-545-9252



Ofc: 712-325-0613 Since 1986



YARD ENTERPRISES 17111 Lime Kiln Rd. • Crescent



CALL BOB YARD AT 712-352-3840


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U seless

Knowledge Stuff you didn’t think you needed to know...and probably don’t. Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman numerals. Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers. Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn’t smoke unless it’s heated above 450°F. The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day. The screwdriver was invented before the screw. It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times! More than 8,100 U.S. troops are still listed as missing in action from the Korean War.

The banana cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man.

Farmers in Japan have developed square watermelons because they stack better.

In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted.

Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation.

Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines. The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

McDonald’s is the single largest purchaser of beef, pork, potatoes, and apples in the United States. Until the 1960’s, the crosshairs on gun sights were made from spiderweb filaments.

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The Crescent Connection 1901 Old Lincoln Hwy. Crescent, IA 51526

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October 2013

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