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an architectural portfolio jody luk

jody tanya luk 444 Niu Street . #2603B Honolulu . Hawaii . 96815 phone . 808 691 0801 email .

resumÊ education candidate . bachelor of architectural studies . university of waterloo { 2007 - present } recipient . uw president’s scholarship { 2007 } relative work experience Êquipe voor architectuur en urbanisme . amsterdam { sept - dec 2009 } 3D and physical modelling concept design site studies presentation drawings atelier pacific ltd . hong kong { january - april 2009 } construction drawings and schedules concept and schematic design 3D modelling presentation drawings physical modelling material sample and sourcing site visits leigh & orange architects ltd . hong kong { june 2007 } client and design meetings presentation preparation drawing verifications

digital based skills autocad adobe creative suite google sketch up rhinoceros form-z archicad microsoft office mac and pc operating systems other skills hand drafting model crafting laser cutting languages english cantonese

qualities responsible positive team player

contents public square subway entrance winery a taxidermist’s house cantilevering pavilion the fringe club mass housing

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public square

openbaar interieur case study: erasmus mc ĂŠquipe voor architectuur en urbanisme, 2009 Based on a case study for the current Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, the project aims to create a new public realm. A sunken square provides an oasis from the street level traffic while simultaneously providing connections to the surrounding program: a hospital, school, park and subway.

Doorsnede A-A

site section

level renders: subway. lower square. ground level. buildings

subway entrance . h2metrO

rendered section


Collaboratively designed for the thinkToronto competition, the facetted roof of the subway entrance uses materiality and varying degrees of transparency to create a variety of dynamic experiences during different weather conditions.

top elevation


site plan

sectional model

experiential vignette

The winery is situated on a scenic 40 acre plot overlooking Lake Ontario in Niagara-On-The-Lake. The building extends into the pond to negotiate intimacy within the larger context of the vineyard and lake while framing views to visually connect the two bodies of water.

longitudinal section

cross section

model photos

a taxidermist’s house

interior vignette

exterior vignette This home for a Snake Taxidermist integrates home, work and exhibiton space all into a 5x15m lot. Both the envelope and tectonics of the building reflect the collector’s craft. The complete exhibit of his work is experienced throughout the progression of the day as the occupant circulates through the house. circulation-view diagram

cantilevering pavilion

steel structure Design in collaboration for the SSEF competition, the cantilever viewing pavillion, located on Toronto Island Park, allows for panoramic views of the city as the visitor ascends onto each unique platform. The form of the structure was developed through exploring the qualities and characteristics of steel.


floor panel assembly

arts and cultural centre . the fringe club

the fringe club atelier pacific, 2009 The Fringe Club is a non-profit organization, which promotes the arts and provides performance space for emerging artists. The home of the Fringe Club, a historically protected building, was renewed and restored using environmental conscious strategies.

mass housing

In rethinking the modern family home, this unit explores moments of interaction throughout daily family life. Configurable screens of varying transparencies and perforations conceal and reveal, open and divide space.

light-energy map The 35-hectare site is located in the neighbourhood of Parkdale, Toronto. Based on light mapping conditions of the existing site, the new 4000 unit mass housing plan bridges the existing neighbourhood to the water, which is currently separated by an expressway and brings excitement and revitalizes the site.

ground plan

site section

sectional perspective

jody luk university of waterloo school of architecture


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