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Keep them talking! SWCOLT 2014 Snowbird, Utah Natalie Figueroa

Goal: Leave the session with several ideas that you can use in any unit, at any level, to increase student speech in your classroom on Monday At least two assessment tools that you can use to collect speech from your students for assessment

Obstacles to target language speech • Class size and logistics • Accountability/evaluation • Accuracy • Motivation

Standard 1.1 in Communication National Standards for Language Learning in the 21st Century (National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project, 2006)

“Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.” • 2-way communication • Requires listening, negotiation of meaning, turn-taking, expanding of talk • May also refer to writing such as e-mail, pen pal and key pal exchanges

Class size and logistics Option A: Two sides of the room face each other. Advantages: -Teacher access to students down the middle aisle - proximity! - Option B: Four desks facing each other - Scaffolded practice for interpersonal communication in THREE cycles

Debate set up– pair, triplet, 2 team

Logistics of tracking speech -I



Group set up





Types of activities Information gap Retelling Interviews Surveys “Find someone who….” * Scaffolded speech*

Describe dรณnde estรกn 8 objetos en clase. Ejemplo: El libro estรก a lado de la manzana

Re-telling Using as many of these words as possible, re-tell the story we read in class yesterday:

Student B: Finish the story sing any words our partner didn’t use.

Grupos de 3 In your group of 3, decide who is green, red, y blue. MODELO ¿What are you going to eat for breakfast tomorrow? - I’m going to eat cereal. - I’m going to eat cereal. My favorite is Cocoa Pebbles.

¿What are you going to eat for lunch today? ¿What are you going to drink at lunch? ¿What are you going to do after school? ¿What are you going to do after supper? After the student speaks for 20 seconds to the other two students in his/her group, the teacher gives another task, i.e. “Blue student, summarize what green just said. Then red, add any details that blue forgot.”

Find someone who‌. 1. __________wakes up before six on school days 2. __________ wakes up after six on school days 3. __________ exercises or practices a sport before school 4. __________ wakes up at the same time I do 5. __________ wakes up later than I do 6. __________ gets up quickly 7. __________ doesn’t wear make up 8. __________ wears make up every day 9. __________ usually takes a bath (does not shower) 10. __________ showers at night 11. __________ showers in the morning 12. __________ ??

Strategies to negotiate meaning Cuando tu amigo no responde….

When your partner doesn’t respond…

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. Repeat the question 2. Give choices 3. Act it out 4. Give an example: “I …..And you?”

Repite Da opciones Actuar Da un modelo: “Yo…. ¿y tú?”

Scaffolding and pre-loading Large task : Do people really change? Steps -vocabulary -used to do, used to be -are and do now - Did last week (“For example, last week…”)



A: Did you play with dolls a lot when you were a child? B: Yes. Yes, I played with dolls a lot. Yes, I played with dolls a lot. My favorite doll was named Baby. A: I played with dolls, too! (I didn’t play with dolls but I played with Legos.)

With whom did you play? nunca

de vez en cuando/poco

a veces

mucho/muchas veces

todos los dĂ­as/siempre



A: ¿…abas mucho cuando eras niño(a)? B:

A: Yo también…. (Yo no … pero ... ¿Dónde…?)


de vez en cuando/poco

mucho/muchas veces

todos los días/siempre




0% nunca

de vez en cuando/poco

mucho/muchas veces

todos los dĂ­as/siempre

A Tell

B. Compare and get detail

I ran last Saturday. I ran last Saturday for 30 minutes. ¡It was fun!

In the park. In the park with my dad.

¿Where? ¿Where did you run? I didn’t run because I don’t like it. ¿Where did you run?

Accuracy -comprehensible, -appropriate to level

not perfect

Feedback/assessment Teacher can… - Wait - Repeat with correct structure - Ask a follow up question - Ask whole class to repeat a structure Name: ______________ - quick evaluation forms Fluency Accuracy Detail

Classmates can… -listen to a recording and provide suggestions -listen live and take notes


✔ ✔ ✔

+ + +

Collection of speech samples Use your tech options -answering machine , cell phones -computer labs with headphones -Microsoft microphone (mp3) -google voice -hand held voice recorders -

Conclusion -Room layout -Activities: Question Game,“Find someone who…”, Information Gap, Debate, Triple Colors -SCAFFOLDING and PRE-LOADING -Collecting speech samples -Providing feedback

Keep them talking!  

Presentation at SWCOLT 2014 by Natalie Figueroa

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