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Jody Dyerfox: Senior Account Executive Jody Dyerfox is currently a Senior Account Executive for Quintiq, a leader in the development of supply chain planning and optimization solutions. As a Senior Account Executive, Jody Dyerfox is in charge of managing the company’s oil and gas practice in North America as well as Canada. Jody Dyerfox is dedicated to her work, providing Quintiq and its clients with superior service and an unmatched work ethic.

Experience, Expertise And Strong Work Ethic

Jody Dyerfox: Philanthropist Jody Dyerfox is passionate about providing support to the local community. An ardent supporter of the American Red Cross, the Alzheimer’s Association, Battered Women’s Support Services and the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, Jody Dyerfox continually exhibits an unwavering commitment to help people who need it the most. Jody Dyerfox is a dedicated philanthropist who genuinely cares about providing help to less fortunate populations.

Jody Dyerfox: Business Professional Jody Dyerfox is valued for her experience, expertise and strong work ethic. She currently serves Quintiq as a Senior Account Executive, providing oil and gas companies with supply chain planning and optimization solutions. Jody Dyerfox provides Quintiq with years of global experience in sales and leadership, and is regarded as an innovative and solutions-oriented professional. Jody Dyerfox has also worked for IBM, Allegro Development, Utopia Inc and Sabre.

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