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Tom the Cow Dog and the Falling Trees

Written and Illustrated by: Jodon Montgomery 1st Grade Age 7 2008

Book 2

“Hi! I am Tom and this is my assistant Jack” “Oh hey!” “Jack, we don’t have time to be fooling around.” “Okay, but . . . “ “No buts! We don’t have time to be fooling around! All of the raccoons are knocking down all of the trees and the trees are where we dogs hide. So when they are hot, or when they are hurt, or when they are sad, or when they are listening to a story, dogs will not have a home.”

“Oh, hi Tom.” “Jack I hope that is not you saying hi.” “No it’s me,” said Joe. Joe is the only raccoon that is nice. “Joe, can you tell the other raccoons to STOP knocking down the trees?” “It just might work. I will try.” “Um, Tom?” “What Jack?”

“Can I help?” “No you can’t!” “Why can’t I help?” “Because me, I mean Joe and I, um . . . um . . . we already did it.” “Okay, now we got Jack away,” said Tom. “So can you do it Joe?” “I tried, they said no.” “Do some raccoons look like each other?” asked Tom. “Yes but I do not look like them,” said Joe. “Can you dress up and talk to the other raccoons and tell them to stop knocking down the trees?”

”I will try to stop them.” “AHH!” “There’s a witch over there!” “But is it real?” asked Tom. “I will go and see. Phwew, it isn’t a real witch. But it is the baddest raccoon in all the world. His name is Why. Come on Joe, dress up like them.” “Okay, but what if I can’t?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” “But I can’t get out. Go get Jack.” “Why Jack? He can’t do it!” “Yes he can,” said Joe. “He’s gray.” “Okay, I’ll go get him. Jack, I need you!” called Tom. “Only if I can help you,” said Jack. “You can help me. Here put this on.” “Okay, I will,” said Jack. “But what am I going to do?”

“You have to save Joe, okay Jack? Now put this on,” said Tom. “Now since you have the clothes on, go tell the raccoons to stop.” “Okay,” said Jack and he left.

“They said yes they

would stop!” said Jack. Tom said, “I hope it’s yes, I hope it’s yes, I hope it’s yes.” “It’s yes, Tom! By the way, what time is it?” asked Jack.

“It is 8:13.” “Is that our bedtime?” asked Jack. “Yes,” said Tom. “Then why are we not home?” asked Jack. “I don’t know.” “Can we go home?” asked Jack. “Yes,” said Tom.

Tom the Cow Dog and the Falling Tree  

Stories by Jodon 7 years old (1st grade)

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