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Tom the Cow Dog and Missing Jack Written by: Jodon Montgomery 1st Grade Age 7 2008 Illustrated by: Leo Montgomery

Book 1

Hi, I am Tom the dog. And I’m a ranch security dog. And my assistant’s name is Jack. “Jack, where are you, Jack?” Ok, now Jack is gone. So anyone under 40 can’t read these words. Jack has gone to bed. And he went to bed in a sticker bush. And to dogs, sticker bushes are like the baddest thing because raccoons hide in sticker bushes. So Jack will be gone, ok? Ok. Now did anyone who is under 40 read these words? Ok, if you did read these words, you’ll have to not read these words. We have to save Jack but to save him we have to go into the sticker bushes. But I don’t want to go into the sticker bushes. But I want to save my friend. So I will save my friend Jack. “Jack, why are you petting a raccoon?” “Because he is soft.”

“Well, Jack you stop petting the raccoon.” “Ok, Tom. Ok, Tom.” “Ok.” Now, did I tell you my assistant’s name is Jack? Look on page 1 to find out. Now, where was I . . . yes, I remember. The sky is yellowish orangish. Uhh, no. YES! I know now and did we save Jack. Well, we must have because Jack is staring at the sky. “Ok, now Jack, you must stop. Ok, Jack?” “Ok, Tom. Uh, Tom.” “What, Jack?” “Um, there’s a raccoon.”

“Ok, will you bark?” “Yes, I will bark – Woof, Woof!” “Louder.” “WOOF! WOOF!” “Ahh, you scared him off.” “I did? Oh, I did.” “Yes, you did.” “I scared him off and you didn’t help me. Um, does that mean I am better than you, Tom?” “No, that doesn’t mean you are better than me.” “But, I scared him off.” “Yes, you did scare him off, but I told you to. So Jack, can we forget about it?” “Ok, but what will we talk about?” “I know what we should talk about. Whatever you want to talk about.”

“Ok then, how about we talk about what we are talking about.” “Ok, then we will talk about St. Patrick’s Day.” “Ok, St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th.” “Ok, you are right, Jack. But today isn’t St. Patrick’s Day. Ok, then how about we talk about me . . . I mean you and I, Ok? I am black and you are a Chihuahua.” “But what color am I?” “You are a gray Chihuahua.” “Um, Tom? What time is it?” “It’s 8:30.” “Is that our bedtime?” “Yes!” “Then why are we not home?”

Tom the Cow Dog and the Missing Jack  

Stories by Jodon Montgomery age 7 (1st grade)

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