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A strong sense of home and my immediate surroundings are apparent within the images created for this brief, and this was the starting point of ‘Home’. The photographs in this publication are some of my strongest, and this is due to the fact that I manipluated my objects and surroundings to make powerful, aesthetically pleasing images. In contrast to the images I took outside of my house, these appear to convey my personal depiction of each word or statement in a much more personal, unusal way. One of the films I used was expired, which adds a different effect to the images without editing them. I decided this was a good idea as I could expect the unexpected and embrace the unknown. This publication serves as a visual walk-through of my house, detailing the location of where the images were shot and why I chose to take them there.

50 photographs.

1. An object of wonder 2. Fray 3. Scrap 4. Long-winded 5. Exactly alike 6. Inflexible 7. Easily deceived 8. Without a sound 9. Make-believe 10. Away from the land 11. Cut apart 12. Keep in one’s grasp 13. Onerous 14. Most profound 15. Dwindle away to nothing 16. Drawing instrument 17. Parallel 18. Crossings 19. Easily understood 20. Stretchy 21. Line up 22. The wrong way round 23. Green 24. Calm and Peaceful 25. Needle work

26. Superficial 27. Gap 28. Put back 29. Dowdy 30. Hitchcock film 31. Sketch 32. Round the bend 33. Uncover 34. Rhythm 35. Prosper 36. Sharpness 37. With a leg on each side 38. Resist 39. Surround 40. Final stage 41. Turn upside down 42. Very small 43. Not so dark 44. Locality 45. A cure for all ills 46. Scratch 47. Off 48. Resting place 49. A very strange occasion 50. Leaving the ground

The downstairs hallway. Even in a fairly airy, light house, the lighting was causing problems with using an analogue camera. I was working on a time scale where I had minimal day light hours to produce the photographs, so to help me out I rigged up extra lights in small spaces to maximise the exposure levels. I had decided from the beginning that I wanted the images to have a clean, minimalistic feel which is why the hallway was a good location with large, white walls. A lot of the photographs that follow are taken against blank walls of my house, wherever I could ultilise the available light sources well.

#20 Stretchy

#47 Off

The living room. The living room was a good place to shoot as it is the brightest room in the house. The back doors are west-facing, so the best time to shoot was during the afternoon or early evening as the setting sun that filtered through gave off a soft, glowing light which gives the photographs a more ethereal feel.

Unfashionable and unstylish in appearance.

#29 Dowdy

#1 An object of wonder

A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.

#21 Line up

To stand or be positioned at intervals along.

The dining room. The benefit of a skylight is that you get a lot of light in one space. This image was taken durning dusk as I wanted the origami cranes to look more like shadows because of their angular, unusual shape. It took a few attempts to get the light exposure right but by standing on a step ladder I could get close enough to acheive this. I chose what I wanted to photograph before taking all of the images, so I left the pomegranate and gin bottles until the next day when I could use strong, natural light to fragment off the bottles, and shine on the pomegrante. The image of ‘calm and peaceful’ was the only one that wasn’t particularly planned. I was sat there thinking about the project and it dawned on me that where I was sat was probably the most calm and peaceful place for me in the house; its where I think and work so it was the obvious choice. Luckily, because of its positioning I didnt have to change anything, I just had to leave my seat and document the moment.

#50 Leaving the ground

To go away from.

#11 Cut apart

To make an opening in with a sharp-edged tool or object.

A substance or treatment that relieves a disease or condition.

#45 A cure for all ills

#24 Calm and peaceful

The absence of strong emotion & free from disturbance.

The Kitchen. Much like the rest of the house, the kitchen is bright and airy during the daytime. Unlike the rest of the house, during the evening it is much darker, with small lamps and lights dotted around. I chose to use this to my advantage and play with shadow and different tonal ranges so that all of my images yet similar in compostion, would be different enough to stand out.

So as to encircle.

#32 Round the bend

To discover something previously secret or unknown.

#33 Uncover

To deliberately cause someone to believe something that isn’t true.

#7 Easily deceived

The upstairs hallway. Scouring my house for objects to depict each word or statement was challenging, but it made me think outside of the box and reach further into abstract interpretations. The only photo taken in the upstairs hallway was the following image. I wanted my housemate to be holding the object as it was her own posession, and it was different to many of the images I had previously taken. I didnt want the photograph to look staged so I chose to focus mainly on the object rather than her.

#36 Sharpness

The quality or state of being sharp.

The front bedroom. The sun rises over my bedroom and during the early evening it is shadowy and casts a cold, blue light. It is a completely different atmosphere to the rest of the house and I wanted to use this serene tonal range to my advantage.

A place to cease work or movement in order to relax or recover strength.

#48 Resting place

To place something where it belongs.

#28 Put back

#42 Very small

A size that is less than normal or usual.

The bathroom. The Bathroom, although at the back of the house, doesn’t receive as much direct light as the other west-facing rooms. The light is colder, and doesn’t cast many shadows. I thought it was important to shoot some images here, particularly ‘Hitchcock film’ not only for the relevance but because the images look more powerful at their most raw and untouched.

#30 Hitchcock film

A film directed by someone noted for his skill in creating suspense.

To score or mark the surface of something with a sharp or pointed object.

#46 Scratch

Home. Jodie Nixon

50 Photos.  

Photography publication for my 2nd year Graphic design module at The University of the West of England.

50 Photos.  

Photography publication for my 2nd year Graphic design module at The University of the West of England.