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Stage 1. During my second semester at univeristy we were given a task of self promotion, I wont go into this in too much detail as I have this project displayed on my online portfolio in great depth. What I will indicate to you is how I have been developing this self promotion in terms of looking into trends within graphics and typography. My initial concept around my branding was that I would create a big, bold symbol, acting as my logo. After recieving feedback and analysing my work myself, you will see how this slowly changed and how such a small change can make a huge difference. I will display in this mini development booklet how I have finalised my design and came to a cemented decision on how my own logo and business card will look.

Colour theory

Colour. One of the most important factors of any design is color, it reflects the mood of a design and can invoke emotions, feelings, and even memories. I began collecting imagery around what I was noticing in terms of colour trend within all areas of design. I also took note of street art and exhibition spaces, in order to gain a broad understanding of adjacent industries and trends that seem to be reoccurring. In terms of product, especially furniture design I have been noticing huge amounts of yellow, a colour which I am drawn to straight away due to its brightness and positive associations. Looking further into this, I began to look into colour theory, and how branding myself with the colour yellow would appear to potential employers, and what associations they may make with certain colours and shades.

Yellow The colour yellow evokes feelings of joy, happiness, intellect and energy [Design festival 2012]. It is useful for attracting attention, which is the reason why in my previous designs I have had my forename in this colour, contrasted with a deep grey for other information surrounding my name.


Acid Zest.

Colour theory

Trend: Big: Bold. Big, Bold type is a trend within typography that I have noticed in magazines, books and exhibition spaces. The font very much relates back to the work of William Klein and his strong graphic lines. With the design of my self-promotion being kept minimal, I am looking for a type that can stand alone on a page to represent my initials, and this could work perfectly.

Trend: Rising Materials. A trend that I have noticed within design particular within visual merchandising is the visual display of rising materials and tangible objects. Chloe hired hairdresser Bob Recine to create a window display for Barneys New York. The end result is an inspiring overload of musical instruments ejecting from the mannequins head, as if it was hair. I could experiment with this concept with the letters in my name for my business card, to create a rising, almost 3D effect.

Trend analysis

Trend: Strip Back.

It is becoming increasingly popular among super brands such as eBay and Starbucks, to strip down the graphical elements to their logos. The type style is simplistic, and can stand alone on a white space and still have brand power behind it. My original designs stuck to this aesthetic, and I still feel that this is how my logo should be. I am not drawn to digital prints and favour clean, uncluttered logos.


Trend: Which way? A trend within typography that I find most applicable to my design aesthetic is this trend which I have titled “which way?�. This sense of unknown direction has been applied to many layouts such as business cards, graphics for textbooks and general designs over the past 12 months. I have thought about how I could subtly incorporate these principles to my business card, without making it look visually overcrowded.

Trend analysis

C o POP l o u r


Personal development

After looking through trends within design and typography, my thought process was to perhaps make the width of my lettering slightly thinner, just so it may not seem as harsh.

After making the shaping of the lettering slightly thinner I think it adds more of a design element and relates well to the Strip back trend I have previously mentioned.

The more I am coming to the finalisation stage of my business card, I am finding it increasingly difficult to link the stacked design of “Jodie� with the design of my interlinking logo. It has made me wonder whether or not I need to include both, as graphically they are equally as strong standing alone.



Personal development

Visual process

After further changes to the design of my business card I came to the conclusion that the double lining at the top of the card should be on both sides, with all of my contact details on the back. The whole idea of re-arranging “get in touch” didn’t work as well as I visually expected which is why I chose to remove it. It created too much of a cluttered, confusing visual, which opposes my “Strip back” aesthetic.

Final business card design.

Personal development


Fashion communicator

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Self Promotion Development  

This document demonstrates the development of my own personal branding in which I have taken into consideration trends within graphics and t...

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