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My Birth Nightmare

-when all plans go out the window

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ELLO LADIES, are you all ready for winter to be over? Me too! Welcome to this month’s edition of Beaut. We are now approaching spring so it’s almost time to get rid of our thick woolly scarves and bring out the sleek satin ones. As usual, we will provide you with the latest trends in fashion and beautymaking sure that you’re on top of the hot new styles of the upcoming season. Not forgetting about advice to do with fitness as well as your children. We’ve got it all. Enjoy. Jodie Pelle. Editor


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THIS ISSUE : On the cover: My Pregnancy Nightmare Page Six Real Life: Becoming the woman of your dreams. Page Four Health & Fitness: Get that summer bod! Page Nine Beauty: The latest styles and trends Page Eight What’s Trending? Cos we all love goss. Page Ten

MY MUST HAVE ITEM... Glitter Polish

I am in love with sparkle. These textured glitter nail polishes are a fab way to brighten up a glum British day. My absoloute favourite has to be the Barry M collection. As well as a beautiful shimmer, it gives a nice textured effect and best of all it’s long lasting. Get yours.


Real Life ‘You haven’t even lived your life yet’ is the typical line said to young Mum’s. Being a young parent generally has a negative reception, especially in this generation where young people are dropping out of education due to pregnancy. But what about the young ambitious mothers? KWENDE MARIE COLLINS is a prime example of being more than just a Mum. Ambitious and driven, Kwende, along with her cousin, started a new fashion companyCollins Chic in June 2013. Kwende has worked hard to advertise the companycreating various pages on different social media websites, which are constantly updated, as well as flying to Liberia for raw materials and making plans to go to China to promote the new business venture. ‘Fashion is my passion and that’s something that I will always feel strongly about’. Kwende said. When asked how she juggles motherhood with running a business Kwende said that it’s doable,but you have to find

Be more than just a young Mum- Kick start your career the right balance. Kwende said that having supportive people around you definitely helps. ‘It can be a little hectic at times but it’s worth it in the long term’. Kwende said that now that Jeremiah (her son) is getting older (now two) she feels more than ready to get back on track and provide for the both of them. A young mum, falling pregnant at the age of 18, Kwende found it hard to focus on her own education whilst taking care of her first child. ‘Having a newborn baby was difficult and I chose to stay with him a year before going back to studying’. 21 year old Kwende has attended two different colleges in the past three years. She studied art and design at West Thames

College and then fashion at the London College of Fashion the following year. Kwende didn’t complete either of the courses ‘I tried going back to art and fashion but I had lost my mojo, I didn’t enjoy it anymore’. It took the two years of failed courses before finally finding her feet and starting the family company Collins Chic. ‘It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and everything is falling into place now. The future is looking bright for me. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m not going to give up’. ‘I see it as building something I can call my own and it’s something my own and it’s something my kids can fall backon when I’m old. That’s what keeps me going’. The business is still in the

Follow @mariekwende on instagram to see the beautiful clothing that Collins Chic has to offer. All items are custom made.

development stage but is going well so far. ‘It’s something I’m still working on. I’m not selling at the moment but I’m travelling to produce some garments. Then I will create my official website. I’m doing some fashion shows this year”. Starting a business has its fair share of difficulties. Kwende is fully aware that the fashion industry can go either way. ‘I know that it’s a cut throat industry but I’m going to stay positive. Prayer and positivity is key. Even if it doesn’t go how I want it to, I will keep trying until it does. I’m very excited.’ Look out for the debut of Collins Chic in London coming later this year.

Our Advice : An unexpected child doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your dreams. Yes, having a baby will be a setback but that is only temporary. Initially some sacrifices will have to be made, but never give up on what you want to achieve out of life because of unforseen circumstances. Pave your way and become the succesful woman that you deserve to be. Some say that being a parent is a full-time job, but being a Mum isn’t going to pay the bills or give you full satisfaction out of life. You don’t want to get to the point where your child is grown up and then you question what you have done with your life apart from the bundles of joy you brought into the world.


“She made me believe in love at first

Debbie spending quality time with her daughter Adele- seen above and left. Adele blowing raspberries for the camera (bottom right)

Cover Story

My Pregnancy Horror

According to Natsal (national survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles) one in six women’s pregnancies a year are unplanned in the UK. True or false, an unplanned pregnancy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most consider the arrival of a child a blessing. This was how Debbie Popoola took her pregnancy too. Once Debbie found out she was pregnant she made a checklist of exactly how she wanted things to go. But pregnancies are unpredictable and anything can happen. 21 year old Debbie speaks to Beaut about how her pregnancy took a turn for the worst.


hen I found out I was pregnant, it was a shock as it was unexpected. I felt numb. After getting over the shock, I didn’t know what to do. Abortion was never an option but I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I knew that my whole life was going to change.’ Debbie was 20 years old when she fell pregnant. Debbie worked as a waitress but was applying to go to university and study Business. ‘I’m still planning on going to university but that will just have to take a back seat for a while, until I know that I’m ready to go back’ Debbie says. After the surprise of the pregnancy and plucking up the courage to tell her close friends and family that she was expecting, the excitement then fully kicked in for Debbie. ‘I was so scared to tell my Mum. At first she was upset, as expected, because she had plans for me. But once she got over that, she was just as excited as me’. After three months of pregnancy Debbie already knew exactly how she wanted her birth to go. ‘I wanted the full experience of giving birth, so I knew that I was going to have a natural birth. I didn’t even want epidural. I’m

crap with pain, but I knew that it would be worth it once my baby was in my arms’. After doing a lot of research Debbie decided that she wanted a water birth. But just as the pregnancy, the actual giving birth was not what was anticipated. Debbie was in labour for 14 hours but had to be induced after 12 due to high blood pressure. ‘After going on and on about not taking epidural, I took epidural. The pain was getting too much for me’. Already one plan had not followed through for the young mother-tobe and it wasn’t the only one. ‘I had to be rushed in to theatre because the cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck.’ As any woman in labour would be, Debbie was scared ‘Everything happened so fast, I didn’t know what was going on’. Baby Adele was born on December 9th, four days early. Now Debbie could go home and embrace motherhood, right? Wrong. Debbie was kept in hospital two days after giving birth, due to her blood pressure staying high. High blood pressure can be very dangerous so Debbie had to remain in hospital to be monitored. ‘I just wanted to go home and be with my family. I didn’t want to be in hospital anymore.’ When Debbie was released

two days after giving birth, she found herself back in hospital again just another two days later. But, this time with a womb infection. ‘I shouldn’t have left the hospital in the first place, because even when I got home I was unwell’. By now Debbie was exhausted. She couldn’t enjoy the first few days of bonding with her new born because of her being unwell. ‘It was just like one thing after the other’ Debbie explains ‘Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I had planned everything and not one thing happened how I wanted it to. Then to make it worse, I was back in hospital. I was devastated.’ Debbie remained in hospital for five days, until she was given the all clear and sent on her way. Debbie’s partner Chris Nguh, 21, says that he was glad that Debbie had recovered but was still apprehensive that something else would crop up on them ‘I just wanted us to settle down and be a proper family’. ‘Although the pregnancy did not go how I wanted to, I’m still happy because it’s how I met my beautiful daughter. I love being a mum’. When asked when she would have her next child, Debbie laughed ‘Not anytime soon!’




Ombre is the latest trend that all celebrities are donning, but who said ombre is only for hair? Jazz your lips up too. Bright colours are bang on trend!


Line lips with desired dark lipstick. Black is best for dramatic effect. Model uses Sleek in black, £4.99.


Fill in the middle of your lips with a bright, vibrant colour. Model uses Patriotic. (models own)


Rub your lips together without actually folding underneath completely. This is to give a gradual blend (the ombre) rather than combining colours.

Everyone’s going ombre crazy...


Paula Okoye, 21 : I’ love ombre. I don’t know if it’s just a jazzier word for dip dye but who cares, I love it! So far I’ve ombre-d my hair, lips and nails. Soon I’’ll be making my own ombre tops.

Francine Fowler, 19 : I’m not brave enough to do bright coloured ombre lips but I do like mixing black with a deep red. I do love ombre hair but just haven’t done it on myself yet.

Carissa Jumu, 21: I am fierce so I can pull off stuff like that because of my personalisty. I’m edgy and very out there! This fits my style perfectly. I can’t wait to do pink and purple.


Fit & Fab

Looking after a child is usually very time-consuming. Many women find that they don’t have time to go to the gym, especially in the first couple of years of their child’s life. But there are some quick exercises that can be done at home, only taking up 15 minutes of your time each day, with rewarding results. We all wanna be fab not flab. Exercise photos courtesey of


The pilates workout is essentially a free tummy tuck. Pilates doesn’t burn much sweat, but it is an intense workout.Like yoga, it requires muscle power. On a mat, do various floor workouts. Kneeling rear leg raises, side plank with leg raises, the standard plank and back bows are all part of the pilates programme. Remember to keep breathing slowly and do stretches before and after the workout.



Leaham Cammock (personal trainer)- It’s always good to do moving exercises, yoga helps and you can also do light stuff like zumba classes but nothing too strenuous like abs or weights. Stick to cardio like jogging. Try do 30minutes of workout per day at least four times a week. Lower body workouts are preferable, situps and planking.





Handy for two things. A good toy for the kids and an exercise for you. Lie on your lower back on the exercise ball and put your hands on either side of your head. Roll your shoulder blades up and then lower yourself with a small break in between each. Repeat two sets of 2o reps.

Quincy Bryant (sports therapy graduate)- Do light weights, light cardio and have an intake of low calories. Try to do a lot of walking or any form of cardio. Even cutting your caloric intake by 200-300, so for a woman that would be cutting down the recommended 2000 a day to 1800.

Arch your back and push those butts out girls. Bend as low as you can, as if you were about to sit on a low chair. Great for your legs and getting that Kim Kardashian butt. Squatting helps. Do three sets of 30 squats each day. Once you find this easy, increase the amount of reps you do.


What’s Trending? Cos Mummy’s want to know the goss too!

Kiss takes a re-re-rewind, going back in time playing them good old 80’s and 90’s jams. The show they do this on is called Kisstory, it is so popular that people all over the UK are tweeting showing their love to Kiss FM for going old school. As much as we love our modern day music, nothing beats the good old Backstreet Boys and Craig David.

X-Factor Comeback The former Girls Aloud star announced on twitter that she will be making a comeback to X-Factor on this year’s show. Cheryl was dramatically dropped from the X-Factor USA in 2011 and didn’t come back to the UK show since. In an official statement from Cheryl Cole, she said: ‘I’m very happy and excited to be Cheryl tweeted this picture of returning to the her choking Simon to make her X-Factor. I’m announcement. inspired and ready to find new talent and potential pop stars. It’s going to be a fun series’. Simon Cowell was just as enthusiastic, as in his official statement he said: ‘I am so happy that Cheryl has agreed to join the X-Factor again. The last time we worked together in the UK was incredible and produced some really successful artists. Obviously the plan is to do the same again so it’s back to work!’. Cheryl Cole allegedly has a £1.5million contract for her return. The show kicks off nearer the end of the year. Miley’s at it again! The former Disney star never ceases to shock us with her antics. From twerking in ‘We can’t stop’, to grinding on Robin Thicke and locking lips with Madonna, what more can the not-so-clean-cut Miley Cyrus do to make us gasp? Well, get a tattoo of a sad kitty on Miley posted this pic of her new ink on instagram her lip. The tattoo fits in with Miley Cyrus’ popular cat motif shown in her performances. What next Miley?


Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web! The web celebrated it’s 25th birthday this year. The web is what brought us our favourite websites.Without the internet we would be facebook-less, twitterless, everyday life would just be meaning less. Ok, it wouldn’t be that bad, but things would definitely be a lot different. Maybe people would actually have a private life? Well, thankfully they don’t. The web has allowed us to stay in touch with people near and far, as they update us constantly with what they’re doing. Twitter users were tweeting their first internet stories. Well, as much as they could fit into the 140 characer limit. No internet would mean no forum to talk to our fave celebs. What would you miss if internet didn’t exist? Send your answers to Best emails get featured on our webpage.

# Ask Kylie Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson replaced Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue on this years series of the voice. The viewers love Kylie. The pop princess gave fans the opportunity to speak to her by submitting a question to Amazon Music’s twitter page, where she will reply with her answers. So far she’s had marriage proposals and ... Standard stuff. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the pint-sized pop singer.

Photo courtesey of Kylie Minogue’s website

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