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Executive Director’s Message

By Jodi Araujo, CEM; Executive Director

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change. — Mary Shelley


he sun is shining in my window at 37,000 feet as I struggle to write this through bouts of horrific and steady turbulence. No beverage service today! For those who know me, you can imagine my angst as I bounce around the sky and look apologetically at the petite older woman next to me whose hand I continue to grab for with every drop. Her name is Ruth. Dear sweet, sweet Ruth in 10E, I’m so sorry! Ten Our Fathers, five Hail Marys…OK, a few minutes of calm, thank you Lord! As I make my way down the coast from the Northeast, I ponder what this week will bring. The staff has worked tirelessly and we’re firing on all cylinders. The shipment has arrived, badges are prepped, menus complete, party details on point and registration numbers looking fantastic. General Business Meeting agenda and script are in place, along with a couple of surprises for the members. By the time you read this you’ll have already seen our video presentations and heard your Past President’s rousing rendition of the D U C TA L E S

M AY • J U N E 2 0 1 5

NADCA-Rena. That’s right, Mr. Benito has written a song for NADCA, by NADCA, and if you missed it in Florida, visit the website for a quick listen. This year’s speakers and programming are top notch and when the day is done, I know the sun and sand of the Marco Island Marriott will keep our guests relaxed and reenergized. I’m thrilled that this issue brings the introduction of your new President, Mr. Michael Vinick. This is, of course, a bittersweet introduction, as I must say goodbye to my business sidekick of the past two years, Mr. Benito. These two terms saw Bill travel to Japan, China, Italy, Texas (four times), Las Vegas, Florida and even to New Jersey (four times, and probably three times more than he ever wanted to!). He got married to his lovely bride, Donna, he excitedly welcomed his son back to the business, made connections and friends across so many of our industry affiliates and spent a great deal of time forging those relationships to the betterment of our industry and

our association. Bill, thank you for your service. As we say farewell to Bill, we usher in our new President, a man I’ve come to know and respect in so many ways. A man with true gusto and passion for life and volunteerism that is unmatched. I’m elated at the prospect of sitting beside Mr. Vinick in the board room at the end of this conference and eager to help him mold his ideas and his Presidential platform and support him as he forges his own way. The remainder of 2015 will see NADCA executing the strategic initiatives that we put in place in 2014, but be assured that Michael will bring his own ideas to the board room and fantastic things will follow. He is a true leader. It’s time to wrap this up as we begin our initial descent in to Fort Myers. The sun is still shining, Ruth is still smiling and I feel Bill’s proverbial wave rising! Look for the conference recap in the next issue.


May June 2015 DucTales  
May June 2015 DucTales