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fter 25 years running an appliance repair company in New Jersey, Tom Asciolla noticed a trend. “People had been calling about dryers shutting off, overheating, not drying clothes properly,” says Asciolla. But the problem was much more than an inconvenience for customers. “Those problems were all warning signs of a potentially bigger issue,” he says. The danger: Dryer vent fires, caused by an accumulation of lint, compromising the dryer’s performance and making it work harder and run hotter to make up for the resistance caused by the clog. Customers had been calling because of the compromised performance of their dryers, completely unaware of the potential hazards of what was really causing the problem. “I figured there has to be a way we can create something so that we can know when the dryer is overheating before we see the risk,” says Asciolla. And, just like that, the DrySafer alarm was born.

DrySafer Airflow Sensor

Installed on back of dryer

DrySafer Alarm

DrySafer Alarm Wall Mount

An Ideal Device After years of research and testing, the first DrySafer alarm was introduced in 2007. The alarm is designed to sound a series of beeps as a warning when it detects compromised airflow or when its heat sensor detects excessive heat that may be a symptom of a clog in the dryer vent. Asciolla admits that the first model wasn’t ideal. “It was a straight attachment model that was expensive, took up too much room behind the dryer and didn’t fit on 19



DucTales September/October 2014  
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