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onesustainable housing concepts conceptual boards masterplan* unit design axonometric*

twourban conditions intersections and framing diagrams threedigital sessions microstation photoshop illustrator 3dsmax

*group work

sustainable housing:

A scheme designed for Grangetown, Cardiff is comprised of residential, commercial and community units. Surrounding the site is a main commute into the city centre, the river Taff, the Taff bicycle trail and a quiet residential zone.

model photos



Single family unit.

Some of those units share a common space and a mini community is formed.

All of these mini communities come together within the site where they share outdoor shared space.

Our site becomes part of the greater Grangetown community, providing space for the use of this wider community.

concept:jenga blocks


The massing is designed using similarly dimensioned modules, which can be stacked, pushed and pulled to create an uneven facade.

conceptual boards:cracks


greensafe private

busy industry


The massing divides the site into two primary zones: private, calm, protected, green contrasted with city, busy, loud, urban. While creating this divide, we want a visual connection between these two worlds. Glazed ‘cracks’ will provide a view through the depth of the building and also house the circulation.

masterplan res ide ntia l

com spacemunity

bike centre

fe ca

residential 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed circulation cores commercial cafe bike centre community space bike storage bins green house

12 5 4 3 4 (3 mod) 1 (3 mod) 1 (2 large mod) 1 (2 spaced mod) 1 (3 mod) 4 (0.5 mod) 1 (1 mod) 4

co m m er cia l

1 module 25.55 m2 no. modules 69 (inc. glazed circulation) floors 3 + roof garden total floor area 1763

first floor

second floor


layout of units in section circ

At the base of each circulation space is a storage space for bikes.

Generous space is given to accommodate site recycling bins.


The cafe provides a rest spot along the length of the Taff Trail with a view over the river. We have put a playground in front of the cafe for use of the whole community.

The concept of the bike centre is a place for encouraging the use of bikes, for both recreation and commuting. The centre would be an interactive space for people to learn about how bicycles work, their history and their benefits, while allowing people to rent them.



On the site currently is a large community hall. As one of our driving concepts is community, we felt it was important that a space should be provided for this use.

At the top of every circulation ‘crack’ is a green house with access to the roof garden - an outdoor space only accessable to residents. The roof gardens have at least one planting trough for each residence. Three units along the busy commuter road are for commercial use. This postition would be imappropriate for a residence on the ground floor so this space acts as a buffer between the two atmospheres either side of the building.

unit design east/west aspect two storey dwelling four modules 3 bedrooms 100 m2 total floor area

first floor

second floor

interior perspective

street elevation

axonometric Each member of the desgin group design one unit of the same circulation crack. The different units are marked in different colours.

my unit The design introduces as much light as possible into the rooms. As the floor are of the flat is not large in relation to the number of rooms and allowance for circulation. A combination of fully glazed walls in bedrooms and the living space and Kalwall along the street side, to maintain privacy, allows for maximum light. The communial rooms merge to become one dual aspect, open plan area which opens onto a large balcony created by the protuding modules below.

urban conditions

climatic and atmospheric places: framing and intersections


We looked at the insections between different atmospheres in Pontypridd on both a macro and micro scale. This first intersection analysed the relationship between the river Taff and the town on Pontypridd. Our findings were that there was a very negative connection, with the river being treated like an eyesore in large parts of the town. only north of the bridge, a row of terraced cottages celebrated the river. Our opinion was that to frame an intersection meant the opportunity for the intersection to be experienced in some form, both consciously or subconsciously. Perhaps, for the town to expose itself to the river, it could improve the area between it and the high street as this is many car park (unnecessarily as there are many car parks in comparison to the size of the town.

pontypriddvmarket square

This is another example of our analysis. Again on a large scale, we looked at the way in which you enter the market place as it is unique but currently not used to it’s full potential. Our framing ideas were very simple but we believe wouold make a big difference to the space. Firstly, we have proposed a long stairway joiningt the two levels. Using these long shallow steps, the duration of the experience is lengthened . A sencond row of steps alongside would provide places to sit and overlook the market. Our second idea focussed on the transition between the high street and the market. Here we have suggested a canopy under which you pass to move from one atmosphere to the other. We thought that by emphasising the moment at which the atmospheres meet, the contrast will allow your to appreciate both more.

digitalsessions A series of workshops where we can learn and develop skills in digital design programmes, such as Microstation, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3DSMax.


figure ground of Grangetown, Cardiff


concept image

circulation perspective

outdoor perspective



theend. josephine dand wsa2 jan 2011

Digtial Portfolio  

A portfolio of my work from term one of second year at the Welsh School of Architecture, including work from the Digital Sessions workshops.

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