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Tomas Lindberg VD/CEO

X-innovations AB Sädesvägen 5 737 44 Fagersta

Telefon +46 70 26 39 211 E-post Hemsida

Jimmy Lundberg

Meritius AB • Östra Porten / Fruhem 737 30 Fagersta • Sweden Mob. +46 73 984 20 40

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Eva Dahlbäck VD/CEO

EDAM AB Björnövägen 34A 723 48 Västerås

+46 70 575 72 88



WIND-X Small för band

Enkel, lätt och bekväm • Används till lastband upp till 50mm, spännband och lyftband m.m. • Kopplas enkelt till en borrskruvdragare. • Konstruktionen gör klämskador omöjliga. • Verktyget kan med fördel ställas på sin spets på flaket och får då automatisk styrning på bandet och en jämnt lindad rulle. • Snabb intjäningstid.

Se hur snabbt det går på För mer information besök patent pending X-innovations AB • Sädesvägen 5 • 737 44 Fagersta • Telefon 0223-155 00 • Mobil 070-26 39 211 • E-post • Hemsida

FLYERS Folded A4 Benefits with having a Flexiteek deck:

Flexiteek patents •

Europe EP 1196672

USA 6,895,881

Canada 2,377,960

Australia 769707

China ZL008093733.3

South Korea 10-0765000

South Africa 2001/10348

Flexiteek is the original synthetic marine decking and a patented product world wide.

Flexiteek is the market leader of synthetic marine decking.

Flexiteek does not require sealing or difficult ongoing maintenance.

Excellent non-slip surface. Wet or dry, Flexiteek provides amazing grip in the toughest conditions (ASTM D 4518).

Flexiteek does not turn grey or fade.

Stain resistant, soap and water will remove most spills easy (oil, fuel, red wine, fish blood etc).

UV tested (ASTM G 154-00) and proven UV resistant.

Welded system without adhesives which provides a deck that is waterproof.

No screw holes- Flexiteek and the glue will work as a sandwich construction on your boat.

Reduces sound and noise up to 11 db.

Low combustibility (Flammability tested to AS/NZ 53837).

Flexiteek comes with a 5 year material guarantee.

All Flexiteek products are recyclable.

Flexiteek has earned the respect of boat manufacturers for its high quality. Check out our webpage for more information on our reference section.

  Decking for the


Contact information Flexiteek International AB Phone: +46 (0)223 100 00 Email:

Flexiteek has been on the market since 2000 and comes with a five year material warranty. It is the original syntethical marine decking system!

Our clients say

Safe, secure and high tech

“If in a moment of insanity, I ever design and build another boat, there is nothing else I would consider using on my deck.”

Flexiteek is a completely welded system that has been proven water proof by a third part. It is available in a variety of plank widths and is for professional manufacture only. All distributors are fully trained by Flexiteek and highly skilled in the design and manufacture of decks. All of our decks are bespoke, hand-made and designed to your specifications.

Tried and Tested Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine 04.04

“For us it´s important to offer our customers different alternatives. Flexiteek has proven to have the high quality that we want for our boats.”

Decking for the future •

Flexiteek is the highest quality system of synthetic decking available on the market.

Flexiteek is made from composite materials and offers aesthetics, high anti-skid performance and low maintenance to your deck.

Flexiteek is the original synthetic decking material and a patented product that will make it possible to spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your boat.

Flexiteek will increase the value of your boat and it will keep its great appearance year after year and also increase the safety onboard.

Benny Martinsson managing director and owner of Nord West Yachts. IBI PLUS 2010-12-17

“When we partner with another company we want our partner to be the leader within their industry and Flexiteek is just that. Flexiteek has helped to make out boats look more luxurious and it has helped us to set our brand apart from the rest.”

Pat Wiesner – V.P. of Engineering Regal Marine 2009

Custom made for you You decide how much or how little involved you would like to be in the process of getting your boat a new deck. We offer a large range of services, everything from template work to installation! It is however possible to template it yourself and we build the deck and you install it on your boat.


WIND-X® X-innovations AB Sädesvägen 5 737 44 Fagersta


Telefon: +46 223 155 00 Mobil: +46 70 26 39 211 E-post:



innovations for speed and your comfort


Ungdomsvård hela vägen

Telefon: 0225 - 613 10 •

Width 85 cm Height 210 cm



Wind-X Large för brandslang

Rullar upp 20 meter brandslang på 10 sekunder utan fysisk ansträngning.

Width 94,5 cm Height 218 cm

Portfolio - PRINT  

Showcase of some of my work.

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