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Volume 5, August 2012



ABOUT ME Age: 17 years old Ethnicity: Korean Sports: Tennis, Swim Instruments: Violin Previous Position: Vice President Future Plans: Attend Cornell University and pursue a major in Architectural Engineering

My name is Joseph Chung and I am to be a senior at Pullman High School. I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 56 for the 20122013 term. I do not view Key Club as a high school service club that is just about SERVING the community – it is about BEING a community. As members of a community, I believe that helping the people around us is more of a given, and this act should not be limited to only the service opportunities offered in Key Club. As members of Key Club, we should be setting this example for others to follow. My job as Lieutenant Governor is to connect the clubs in our division with the Pacific Northwest District Board. Due to our isolated locations, one of our division’s largest problems has always been a lack of continuous communication between clubs. As Lieutenant Governor, my goals for the upcoming term is to improve communication by actively speaking with club officers, regularly visiting each club, and promoting cooperation between the members of different clubs. I am very much looking forward to serving you guys this year, so let’s work together to be the best division we can be! See you guys soon!

In caring & service,

Joseph Chung

WE ARE DIVISION 56! Division 56 of the Pacific Northwest District currently consists of Pullman High School, Moscow High School, and Kamiah High School. We are part of the Eastside region. Although we only have 3 clubs, we are one of the most widespread divisions in the district. Our new Divisional Mascot is the Penguin! I have chosen the penguin because I believe that, although our clubs are far apart, we all come together as one division in SERVICE.

Our new Divisional Colors are Blue and Yellow! Blue represents our pride as members of Key Club and Yellow represents our shining efforts in service!


CLUB OFFICERS, KIWANIS ADVISORS, AND FACULTY ADVISORS: Please e-mail me your e-mail address, phone number, home address, school address, meeting information (day, time, location), sponsoring Kiwanis club name, and their meeting information (day, time, location). This information is required for the District Directory and my Division 56 Contact Sheet. I need this information ASAP!

EASTSIDE RALLY EASTSIDE, BEASTSIDE! Some of you may have heard that chant at District Convention (DCON) this year. And if you enjoyed District Convention 2012, you‘ll love Eastside Rally 2012! It will be held on August 18th at John Rogers High School in Spokane, WA. There are several different rallies held across our District, serving as “mini-DCONs”. Eastside Rally is a great way to meet new Key Clubbers from across the Eastside region (Eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon, and Northwestern Idaho) and receive training as new officers! The event starts at 11:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm (snacks & lunch will be provided). There will be forums, activities, and much more! Online registration is available at and admission is only $5! SEE YOU THERE!

ICON 2012

P-N-W! International Convention 2012 was absolutely amazing! I learned so much in the workshops I attended, made many new friends from all over the world, and was able to participate in electing our new International Board for the 2012-2013 term. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you to all the people that supported my trip, I cannot express my gratitude enough in words. Congratulations to Annie Lewandowski on her successful term as International President, congratulations to all of our Distinguished Lieutenant Governor Award recipients, and finally congratulations to Calvin Leung (Immediate Past Lt.G of Division 66) and MaryAlice Peng (Immediate Past District Bulletin Editor) on their election to the office of International Trustee! ICON 2013 will be held in Washington D.C. by the Capital District, hope to see you all there! :)

MEET YOUR NEW I.T. HOME SWEET HOME! “It sounds so surreal to say this, but I am OVERJOYED in having the opportunity serving my heart out as the international Trustee for the Rocky Mountains District, the Minnesota Dakotas District, and my home, the Pacific Northwest District! In my final year in Key Club, I have only one overarching goal – and it can be summed up in only one word: opportunity. What members don’t realize is that every single person has the ability to make a difference. Even just one person’s initiative can spark a lame of generosity and ingenuity. Therefore, as International Trustee, I look to equip our members with even more accessible means to elevate club leadership, excellence, and recognition.”


Giovanni McKenzie Pacific Northwest

Cady Severson Minnesota-Dakotas

JD Manzanares Rocky Mountain

SERVICE PARTNERS ELIMINATE With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family.

KCCP The Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, KCCP, in support of Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland OR., Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in Seattle WA. and the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in British Columbia and the Yukon, will raise money and awareness to fight and find the cure for children’s cancer. The goal of the KCCP is to fund 3 or more Fellowships at the three hospitals in our district. To achieve this goal we will hold district fundraisers, seek public donations, corporate sponsors and receive funds from our clubs in the Pacific Northwest District. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and with the help of research their chances of surviving have more than tripled. KCCP hopes to be a part of finding a cure. Not only will this benefit children it will benefit all cancer patients worldwide. Remember the research of adult cancers does nothing to help cure children’s cancer, but the research of children’s cancers does help find the cure of adult cancers.

UNTIL NEXT MONTH... If there is anything that you guys would like me to add to my future newsletters, please let me know!

Pacific Northwest District Executive Board 2012-2013

For Club Secretaries: Remember that Secretary Reports are due on the 5th of every month!

Governor: Giovanni McKenzie

For Club Officers: Through Skype/ooVoo, we will be discussing club activity and such every month or two. Since there is limited space in the group calls, I will speak to separate groups of club officers according to position (Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers). Please create an account for both Skype and ooVoo, it only takes a minute. I will be announcing exact dates at a later time. If you guys have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact me! Joseph Chung Lieutenant Governor of Division 56 Pacific Northwest District Board

E-mail: Phone: (509) 715-9320 Skype/ooVoo: jochung708 Address: 2325 NW Prairie View Dr. Pullman, WA 99163

Secretary: Kelsie Hoppes Treasurer: Kenneth Lam Bulletin Editor: Bassel Hamieh Convention Chair: Andy Nguyen District Administrator: John Jay Asst. District Administrator: Suzanne Endroedy

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August 2012 Newsletter  

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