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How, What and Why? The aim of this brief was to promote a national sponsored event. The main concept is simply a play on the questions What, Why and How using signing hands to demonstrate them and to get peoples attention so that they might sign up online and join in the sponsored sign.

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Sponsor Pack Once individuals have signed up to get involved online they recieve a pack like this through the post. It includes a basic guide to sign language, a personal poster to get some sponsors, sponsor forms and some stickers. The package also includes rules of the event and little details they may need to know.

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Joanne Catlow T- shirts There are a range of T-shirts which you also recieve, all you need to do is chose what style or colour out of Red/yellow/blue and which sign how, what, why of good(thumbs up).

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Logo Although the event is under the Ndcs it has it’s own brand so that new associations can be made and this could then becomes an annual event. There are two parts to the logo. Just type - ‘Talk To The Hand’ or just the image of an illustratored hand.

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Web Page This is the web page which is just an add on to the existig NDCS website. The main purpose of this page is for people to sign up to recieve their pack for Talk To The Hand. I wanted to keep it really simple and so I kept the original what, why and how hands which have been used throughout to answer the main questions people would have. When the icon is clicked on the box pops out next to it which corresponds to that question.

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Joanne Catlow Promotion Considering the importance of people finding out about this to be able to take part - as well as the posters just being up around towns/ universities and schools on poster boards I thought it would be interesting to make the most of the internet. When they click on the signing hands it will take the person straight through to the web page.

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Sponsored boards  

Sponsered sign language breif 2 boards

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