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Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!

Correct, comprehensive and effective insider tips for job seekers, is your single stop for answers to all the tough, sometimes bizarre questions that interviewers around the world can test you with. Job Interviews carry high stakes and can be extremely stressful given the high stakes that they carry. Interviewers can be moody but overall, interviews follow a definite structure. After personally conducting countless interviews and reviewing 1000s of resumes I have squeezed all the tricks into the easy to follow

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How To Build Self Esteem Mood swings are common in both men and women, but when the lower end of the cycle extends indefinitely knowing how to build self esteem is the most effective solution. The negative impact of poor self esteem can be seen in all aspects of one’s life and if you’re going through this rough phase, your health, profession and relationships, all are bound to suffer. Our attitude affects our thoughts and actions; a negative outlook coupled with the lack of confidence can quickly turn a perfect life into a horrid suffocating existence. Let’s start with identifying some symptoms of low self esteem; Over criticism of oneself Continuous indecision Feeling worthless / powerless Need to please everyone Unnecessary guilt and hostility

The good news is that this worldwide epidemic is identifiable and curable. Follow these simple steps religiously and repeatedly to not only overcome low self esteem but also to gain a healthy and positive perspective on life.

Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!

1. It’s ok, really… You are not alone – statistics claim that there are more people with low self esteem than those who feel great about themselves. Being in a tough spot is ok but what is not acceptable is doing nothing about it. The first step is to accept this unfortunate truth and remind yourself that you are on your way out of this situation.

2. Face your fears There is a reason why you feel the blues so identify and analyze the cause. Sometimes the cause is real while at times we tend to fear future possibilities; in both scenarios the course of correction is different. For example, the remedy for gaining social acceptability is very different from the remedy for the fear of not being accepted. Remember to identify and eliminate negative thoughts that try and convince you that you will not be able to succeed. Stay with the facts and work on setting them right.

3. Does it really matter? Once you discover your fears, it is important to ask yourself whether they actually matter to you. Your self esteem could get hurt if a colleague doesn't invite you for her house warming party but is her invitation really that important to you? All of us have certain things (and people) that mean the world to us, but giving importance to the rest is a welcome call to disappointment. Knowing how to build self esteem is easy when you stop irrelevant things from harming it to begin with.

4. Yes you can! If there’s something troubling you, you can, you definitely can correct it. The only reason why something is a problem, is because it has a solution, else it would be a fact, not a problem. Detail the problem that you are facing and outline a plan to overcome the challenge. For example, if your esteem is being hurt by repeated rejection at job interviews, you should go over your application process and the interview discussion. Most likely, you will find that either your skills were a mismatch or that you need some training to better communicate during the in person meeting. There’s also a third possibility of just being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but that should not happen continuously. It may not be a bad idea to take professional advice to quicken the fix. If the issue you face is an inability, sign up for a training course to gain the expertise. Remember, everything can be fixed.

Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!

5. Count your blessings All of us give in to wants and spend most of our lives running behind what we don't have. The eternal truth to happiness is ‘wanting what you already have’ and while that is a very tough thing to do, we should at least be thankful for our good fortunes. You may be feeling low because you don't have a high paying job or a big car or even a girlfriend… think of those who neither have food, shelter nor friends. The glass is always half full and while you aim at filling it, be thankful for the existing half.

6. Mirror mirror on the wall Remind yourself repeatedly of your blessings, your strengths and the fact that you can achieve your goals. Many experts follow and recommend a technique of looking into the mirror and saying out loud that you know that you are capable and that you are going to be successful. This feels awkward but works 100% of the time if done repetitively.

7. Laugh and tickle It’s life and no one gets out of it alive. You will be surprised to know that the sky won’t fall if your venture fails and neither will the world call you names upon rejection from a love interest. Cheer up and laugh – laugh at yourself and with others.

Low self esteem is a state of mind, and so is high self esteem; it’s in your hands to choose how you want to feel. Self pride works like a magnet attracting positive thoughts, people and good fortunes while the reverse is a haven for loneliness, sorrow and suffering. It’s your choice, make it wisely.




How To Build Self Esteem (from  

Our attitude affects our thoughts and actions; a negative outlook coupled with the lack of confidence can quickly turn a perfect life into a...

How To Build Self Esteem (from  

Our attitude affects our thoughts and actions; a negative outlook coupled with the lack of confidence can quickly turn a perfect life into a...