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Presentation was created in 2006. This portal covers the entire Swiss territory and is available in 4 langages. Today, more than 250 companies work with Jobtic, evidence of its quality and professionalism.

Our product The company Jobtic Internet Sàrl offers four services that are further added to the job portal the agenda, JobticMag, JobticFormation and, since the beginning of 2011, the “Guide romand de la formation professionnelle”, which is only published in French. Our innovations The platform does not only propose a varied set of tools that enable in particular to post and to manage one’s own ads, but also its own e-recruiting system as well as the possibility to have a real time access to via our new mobile app. Our vision The candidate segmentation is based on many criterias like job offers sorted by profession, age, formation and experience allow us perfectly to answer the recruiting needs of the big and small companies. Our capital gain Our area-based approach facilitates the candidates’ and the companies’ undertaking projects, and processes by emphasising on proximity. Jobtic approaches all the candidates, young or experienced graduates, in all the business sectors. Our motto Services adapted to all, user-friendly tools, and a team at your disposition.


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N°1 F évrier / Mars 2011


GUIDE ROMAND Te mps plei


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Guide de la Formation

Basic offer

Publishing your ads Publish and edit your ads with the recruiter’s desk at Add your logo or your design directly to your ads. Improve the results of your ads by choosing one of our complementary products.

Managing applications Filter incoming applications according to your research criteria and your priorities. Respond quickly to candidates and keep a trace of your messages without constraints. Categorise files and manage your archives.

Our options CV database Search for highly qualified candidates on your own in our CV data bank. Ensure, in a few clicks, appropriate results no matter the research. Find profiles updated daily, well-matched and qualified.

Graphic design of your ads Add the graphic design of your company (colours, logo, etc). Personalise your company to strengthen the identity and the visibility of your ads.

Our options

White Mark Publish your ads on They will be automatically visible on your website. This option allows you to use our tools for the management of candidates’ applications.

Direct Link Candidates are redirected to your own website. You use your recruiting platform and increase the stream of candidates’ applications.

ExportJob Publish your ads on your website, they will be automatically visible on www.

Your visibility Increase popularity Target job seekers through an individual advertisement. Strengthen the identity and visibility of your ads and develop your employer’s brand. Diversify your visibility on our different platforms.

The Jobtic Solution Jobtic offers, on top of the proposed services, an e-recruiting solution to its platform in order to meet the operational needs of files managing. This allows big and small companies to create an actual recruiting process accessible through a simple internet connection. Neither installation nor configuration required. The Jobtic solution allows instant treatment of the candidates’ applications by means of a personalised desk. The idea was born out of simple reflections: how can a company improve in search efficiency and the evaluation of applications while at the same time supervise the overall recruiting process and its budget ?

The Jobtic Solution was developed for small and medium companies at an affordable price. Preconfigured and easy to set up, it offers small and medium companies the best functions to simplify and speed up their recruiting. Our workflow meets the recruiters’ current needs.

Create a job ad


accordingto the ABC rule


to candidates


a report


an application


for a candidate's cv

The Jobtic Solution is constantly evolving along new technologies and the needs of the market. The internal development of the modules facilitates the set up of our program, which ensures influx management and a complete follow-up of the recruiting activities.





annonce cv & emploi letter

an interview


a document



a presentation


your account

Follow Up

on your recruiters


your statistics

Strong points : • Services that allow all recruiters to feel more involved with the company. • Rich and varied functions make it an ideal tool for recruiting. • The simplicity, the efficiency, and the flexibility of the Jobtic Solution at your workplace. • An entirely safe online solution which facilitates files circulation. • The Jobtic Solution is conceived to manage the whole recruiting cycle on the front office’s side. • Does not require any installation beforehand, nor server. Our goals : •  To reduce administrative tasks in relation with recruiting processes. •  To improve the management of candidates’ applications from the Internet. •  To ensure our customers a performance in global management. •  To stock candidates’ data for an easier and more efficient search. •  To guarantee a quality/price ratio while introducing new services. •  To optimise recruiting processes and reduce the costs as well as to create an attractive access.

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Magazine A young and dynamic magazine JobticMag aims to provide very varied information in relation to the world of work and jobs. Our online magazine thus quickly got to deepen HR knowledge and professional milieus by developing particular approaches. Understanding our system, benefitting from professional advice and be informed by reliable indications constitute the main services that you will find in the various categories of JobticMag. Moroever, you will find the main dates concerning the seminars, conferences, conventions, and other important events organised in worldwide human ressources. CONTENTS


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An online magazine devoted to human resources. An information center in conformity with the evolution of the job market. A reference to become acquainted with the world of work and jobs. A collection of testimonies by professionals.

Newcomers to the working life Candidates HR managers Companies looking for information Companies seeking publicity Everyone

Do you organize meetings and other events in relation to the world of work and jobs? Publish your ads or your contacts, free of charge, in the agenda or in the useful addresses:

Advertising banners

Leader Board



Your visibility on Jobtic Location of the advertising banners Advertising Format

Leader Board

Max Size

Technical Format




Homepage: Jobtic, Datebook, Personal Page, Jobtic Video or JobticMag. 728x90 pixels

gif, jpg, flash

12 Months

20 K



20K 20K



1 month min.

By "Job Categories" By "Area" 120x600 pixels Homepage:

1 Month

Skyscraper 160x600 pixels "JobticMag"

gif, jpg

1 month min.




JobticMag by Rectangle 300x250 pixels "Categories"

gif, jpg

1 month min.




gif, jpg, flash

1 month min.




Homepage: Link 120 x 60 pixels "JobticMag" or "Jobtic" "sponsor"

Wallpaper * Prices are off VAT

995x110 + 160 x600

Homepage: Jobtic Mag or Agenda

gif, jpg, flash



Please contact us

Please contact us

Journalistic Another way to present your company and its activities in a more detailed manner. The journalistic content can take many forms, from the simple article to the publireportage or to the interview. Our options :

Publireportage Interview Newsletter + article

Advertising in the shape of an interview or an article (5’000 signs with supervising rights)

1 month

CHF 1‘200.-

Video Interview between 3 et 5 minutes

1 month



Presentation of your activity (about 2'500 signs)

1 month



Discounts and general conditions Our prices are indicative, they do not, at any rate, constitute actual contractual documents. The making of your advertising banner and all edits will be billed according to our own expenses; hourly rate: CHF 180.- Jobtic Internet Sàrl reserves the right to modify without warning and at any time its advertising prices. Bills are payable in Swiss francs within 10 days of reception + VAT.

Catalogue Duration: 30 days

Duration: 12 months ***

Duration: 6 months

1 ad CHF 500.-

3 ads CHF 1'200.5 ads CHF 2'000.-

10 ads CHF 3'500.-

Duration: Duration: 66month months

Duration: 12 months

Duration: 24 months

CHF 3'000.-

CHF 5'000.-

CHF 9'000.-

CHF 3'500.-

CHF 4'500.-

CHF 8'100.-

CHF 5'850.-

CHF 8'550.-

CHF 15'390.-

Your logo on your announcement(s) (each announcement lasts 30 days)

Subscription "Small Business" ** Publish unlimited ads.

Subscription "CV Database" Access to the CV database

Subscription "Ads" +"CV Database" ***

Complementary options

Duration: 6 months

Duration: 12 months***

Duration: 24 months ***

Company presentation

CHF 840.-

CHF 1’500.-

CHF 2’700.-

Graphic design

CHF 1'500.-

CHF 1'500.-

CHF 2’700.-

Create a template

CHF 1'100.-

CHF 990.-

CHF 1'782.-

CHF 600.-

CHF 1080.-

CHF 1’944.-

Your logo on your ads.

Add your design on your ads. A template around your ads.

White mark

Your ads on Jobtic are also published on your own website.

Direct Link

Redirects candidates to your website and recruiting system.

CHF 1’925.-

CHF 3’500.-

CHF 6'300.-

Automatic importation of your ads to Jobtic,

CHF 3’250.-

CHF 4’750.-

CHF 8’550.-

ExportJob ***

Duration: 1 month

Visibility Logo Link

Redirects to your own website.

Company of the month

Redirects to your ads at

Top Banner

Above the “job type” in relation to your sphere of activity.

Duration: 6 months ***

Duration: 12 months ***

CHF 800.-

CHF 1'440.-

CHF 2'590.-

CHF 1'500.-

CHF 2'700.-

CHF 3'000.-

CHF 2'000.-

CHF 10'800.-

CHF 19'440.-

Duration: 12 months

Jobtic Solution

Duration: 24 months ***

Our 14 e-recruiting modules *

You own and control a product which includes the main processes of the recruiting phase and facilitates your daily operation without demanding a heavy investment.

CHF 12'000.-

(All the above prices are off VAT, valid until 31st December 2012) *

Any modification off catalogue will add extra charges (180.-/hour)

** Includes ad-casting (up to 50 ads simultaneously), CV + cover letter viewing, answer to the candidates and file management. *** 10% discount already included. **** Added, CHF 4’250.- for its installation.

CHF 21'600.-

Applicant's desktop

A range of services

Mail Job

Personal page

make yourself known to future employers by creating your webpage

Recruiter's desktop

White mark

your ads on jobtic re also published on your own website

17 Trades groups

Direct Link

redirects candidates to your website and to your own platform

Export Job

your ads on jobtic re also published on your own website

General sales conditions

Article 1: Application field Any order involves an agreement to the present general sales conditions. Every transaction made on the website by Société Jobtic Internet SÀRL is exclusively under the present general sales conditions. These apply to the goods ordered to by the customer, online, by fax, e-mail, mail, or by phone. The following general conditions are valid exclusiv services. The present general conditions are applicable to all sales of services by Jobtic. Except for an emergency convention, the present general sales conditions cannot be cancelled or modified wholly or partly by any other stipulations, clauses, or conditions. Article 2: Ordering Orders are submitted online through the Internet order page, by fax, by e-mail, by mail, or by telephone. Orders are confirmed independently from the mode of ordering (mail, fax, telephone, e-mail or Internet): by e-mail for customers who have an e-mail address and by telephone for customers who have not. The products bought online (ads, services, or thematic portal) belong to Jobtic Internet SÀRL until full payment, by the customer, of the product’s price as appears on the order. All prices are given in Swiss francs, TVA and shipping costs not included. Société Jobtic Internet SÀRL reserves all rights to adapt, at any time, the present general sales conditions to any new situation and to implement them without delay. Jobtic Internet SÀRL is under the obligation to indicate in its general conditions any modified or completed directive by credit card emitting organisms (its partners). Services will be the object of an order confirmation addressed by Jobtic Internet SÀRL or possibly of a written contract on which will be mentioned precisely the service to be executed by Jobtic Internet SÀRL which reserves the right to refuse any order that does not correspond to its field of competence. Jobtic Internet SÀRL reserves the right to refuse any and all ads opposed to its interests or public morals. Article 3: Respect of the companies’ and the users’ private spheres. With’s portal, you can search the CV database. You only give out your information when you purchase products. Personal data given to us are registered only in the Jobtic Internet SÀRL files. This data will be used by our company to execute your order and so as to organise promotion, for instance by e-mail. Addresses will not be communicated or forwarded to a third party. Customers’ personal data will only be used within the frame defined by federal laws on the protection of information. Article 4: Payment conditions Billing is done on the basis of existing prices or prices mentioned in the contract. shed on or on its commercial documents. Jobtic Internet SÀRL reserves the right to modify its prices. Those in use upon reception of the order will be applied. Increase and decrease of prices are not applicable to ongoing services. All our bills are payable within 10 days, according to the billing date, by bank transfer. Article 5: Conditions for Internet payment (e-commerce) Jobtic Internet SÀRL systematically confirms an order submitted to the website by e-mail or mail. It is treated within 2 weekdays (two to seven days if the item is not available immediately, to which are added the required time to set it up onshipping costs are not included. Required time of 48 hours to put the item online for all orders submitted during workdays. Jobtic Internet SÀRL is not responsible for the required time of the installation. If the upload cannot be done within the 48 hours that follow the order, and if nothing else is agreed on, the customer can terminate the contractual bond. If Jobtic Internet SÀRL realises, after confirming the order, that the latter cannot be fully uploaded because of a technical flaw or problem, the customer will be immediately informed by the company. In this case, a partial upload is done without shipping charges, if the order does not reach CHF 450.-. However, in both cases, the customer cannot claim damages and interests.

Article 6: Responsibility Jobtic Internet SÀRL vouches that all available means will be used to ensure the best quality service possible. However, Jobtic Internet SÀRL cannot be held accountable for dysfunctions intervening on the Internet and electrical network. Likewise, Jobtic Internal SÀRL cannot be held accountable for the quality of the applications (ad responses, CV’s). Jobtic Internet SÀRL cannot guarantee a response from all the candidates who have been contacted by the recruiting agencies which only have a limited access to our CV data bank. The subscriber vouches to use the services provided by while respecting the private sphere and the given individual’s rights to information protection, as well as the legal prescriptions, including the federal law on job services. Jobtic Internet SÀRL declines all responsibility about its customers’ use of selection criteria - for instance those involving the ownership of a work permit by the candidates - and cannot be blamed for any discrimination whatsoever. If’s responsibility was retained for poorly executed services, the customer could not claim other damages and interests than the reimbursement of a part of the transactions that have been done. The amount of the reimbursement will be calculated after substracting the fixed costs put forth and the time already spent during the subscription. Reselling information and services proposed by is formally forbidden. Likewise, neither service nor any information provided by can be transmitted to a third party, CV database included. Only the subscriber can use his subscription, whichever it may be. For placement and recruitment agencies which have several branches, each branch must have its own account (an account cannot be shared e customer must correspond to a real position within the company, or, for recruiting agencies, to an existing mission which has been given to them. Article 7: Contract renewal This contract is tacitly renewable with the same conditions. Should the prices or the duration of the contract’s duration change, would have to provide any) does not wish to renew his subscription, he must inform Jobtic Internet SÀRL by written mail with two weeks’ notice. Article 8: Cancelling and force majeure Is a case of force majeure any exterior event, unpredictable and independent from us in the way of the normal execution of our services. In the hypothesis of a force majeure usually recognised as such by jurisprudence, obligations bound to the current order will be suspended for its entire duration. If the case of force majeure should be superior to 30 days in a row, the current order would be cancelled, eight days after the sending of a registered letter. Moreover, Jobtic Internet SÀRL reserves the right to cancel any contract at any time, without motives. In this case, Jobtic Internet SÀRL vouches to reimburse its customer proportionally. Article 9: Applicable law and jurisdiction The present general sales conditions are under Swiss law, regardless of the customer’s country. Any service related to the interpretation of our orders or related to the execution of our orders will be, short of an out of court settlement, decided definitively by the appropriate tribunals of the canton of Vaud. The nullity of one or several clauses of these general sales conditions does not lead to the nullity of the entire document. In case of legal vacuum, the Swiss Code of the Obligations and its dispositions are the only ones applicable.

Any and all disputes are exclusively under Swiss law. The competent court is in Lausanne. Lausanne, January 1, 2012 – Jobtic Internet Sàrl

Jobtic Plaquette EN

Jobtic Plaquette EN