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Payments Plus feature pack

Streamlined workflow processing for payments related to office or client bank accounts. Payments Plus is a cost-efficient enhancement that seamlessly integrates with Jobstream 9 to provide a flexible workflow process for managing payments related to office or client bank accounts. Payments Plus for Jobstream 9 enables:

Flexible payment creation

Automated payment method selection

Accelerated bookkeeping

Custom payment processing

Efficient payment transfer

• Optional integration with the Banking Plus feature pack.

Payments Plus reduces the time it takes to manage payments, and can be

R Flexible payment creation R Automated payment method selection

R Accelerated bookkeeping R Custom payment processing R Efficient payment transfer R Integration with Banking Plus.

integrated with Banking Plus for full straight-through processing of bank transactions, enabling your organisation to manage both office and client funds quickly and confidently. Contact us to find out more Tel

+44 (0)1223 433 900


The unique benefits of Payments Plus Flexible creation Save time through automated payment creation, and shortcuts for manual payment creation. Payments Plus provides specially designed forms that guide the user through the process of creating a payment request via a dedicated payments browser. Alternatively, payments can be automatically created from the creditor’s ledger, by simply selecting invoices that need to be paid.

Automated method selection Quickly implement a variety of electronic payment methods or paper-based instructions. Payments Plus allows users

payments are subjected to as they proceed from their initial draft status, eventually being sent to the bank for verification. Rules can be configured according to the payment type, while varying permission levels and authorisation rights can be defined for multiple users.

A valued partner Jobstream Group has been serving the specialist accounting, administration and practice management requirements of the offshore financial services industry since 1993. Our flagship

Efficient transfer

product Jobstream 9 is backed by

Efficiently send payments electronically

unrivalled customer service, training

through automated creation of bank

and support, allowing our clients to

payment instructions. Payments Plus can

spend their time using their data not

automatically create and upload payment

creating it.

instructions to the bank, supporting a variety of formats including RBSI eQ.

Integration with Banking Plus

We continually invest in our software, progressing it in partnership and consultation with our clients. We are

to easily configure the default payment

dedicated to helping them get the

method for a given account and payee.

most from their Jobstream solution,

Once configured, payment method

offering the best consultants in

selection can be fully automated.

the business coupled with a robust upgrade process, and a portfolio of

Accelerated bookkeeping

powerful feature packs to ensure that

Gain complete confidence through

as their business evolves, so too does

automated bookkeeping and powerful

their Jobstream platform.

custom bookkeeping templates. Where payments have been created by invoice

Today we are a valued partner to over

selection bookkeeping is automated,

60 clients globally, with a proven

with invoices allocated to respective

track record delivering the highest

payments once they have been processed and posted. Where payments have been created manually within the payments browser, users can select a predefined template to manage the bookkeeping process, or quickly add the corresponding journal entry for ad hoc transactions.

Enable straight-through processing with

standards of service. We are proud to

Banking Plus for Jobstream 9, featuring

be a Microsoft Certified Partner with

automated import of electronic bank

Independent Software Vendor status.

statements for intelligent reconciliation and posting of the payments processed in Payments Plus. Banking Plus is the perfect companion to Payments Plus.

Custom processing Ensure complete control of the payment process. Payments Plus allows custom rules to be defined, managing the process that

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