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can sometimes be hard to get to the information you actually need. Jobstream 9 now offers a unique, role-based approach that addresses this problem to increase user efficiency while ensuring your data is secure.

Immediate access to relevant, actionable information From senior executives and client accountants to compliance officers and

Get straight to the information you need By providing immediate access to the most relevant data, functions and reports, Jobstream 9 offers an efficient and uniquely personalised experience.

Quickly see which tasks need attention Task lists are filtered so users can quickly home in and take action on those jobs which are most important.

administrators, Jobstream 9 empowers

Keep data secure

users by delivering the information that is

Role and data-based permissions ensure

most relevant to their individual role.

Jobstream 9 keeps information secure


but with so much in your database it


Trust management is all about information,


Role-based dashboards

Key Keyfeatures features Jobstream 9 is the global software ●platform ● Role-based interface at the heart of trust family ●companies, ● Actionable taskoffices, lists and similar offshore organisations. ●● Relevant data, functions and reports Its unique role-based approach ●provides ● Robust security access to immediate relevant actionable information. Role-based interface R  Actionable task lists R  R Relevant data, functions and reports


Robust security

whilst allowing safe, controlled access from external applications.

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