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Top 10 Tips: Prepare Dubai Specific CV You may already have a CV, but its Style, Length and Content may be quite different from CVs in the Middle-East. These tips will help you write your CV in a style that Middle-eastern employers prefer. The average employer in Dubai will spend 10 -12 seconds scanning a CV. To make sure they read YOURS and are impressed, you must adhere to the following Top 10 Tips while to prepare your Dubai Specific CV. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do Include your Photo (absolutely a must) Do Include your Nationality Do Include your Date of Birth Do Include your Marital Status Do not use Comic Sans Font. (Times Roman, Arial or Calibri with minimum Font Size 12). 6. Do not indicate desired Salary on your resume. 7. Do Include your Language skills (employers are interested in language skill sets that include the ability to read, write and speak fluently) 8. Remember the employer may come from a different country to yours with a different education system and culture. So AVOID abbreviations such as HD for High Distinction or C for Credit or BIST, B COMM for Bachelor of Internet Science or Bachelor of Commerce 9. Be prepared for more than one interview in the UAE. Bring a copy of your passport; photographs and an extra CV. Make sure all documents are attested. 10. Last but not the least, do not lie (don't say you're a qualified accountant if you're not.) Advance your Career in Dubai While the basic rules of a good CV remain constant, the world of work and business changes quickly. Know how to Advance your Career in Dubai Working in Dubai - Know what to expect Working in Dubai attracts many expats; you as well? Then read our Expat Guide to Working in Dubai with info on the economy, job search, culture, working hours and more.

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Tips to Prepare Dubai Specific CV  

You might presently have a CV, however its Style, Length and Content may be very diverse from CVs in the Middle-East. The proposed tips will...

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