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SKIPPING GAMES La xarranca Un, dos, tres, la xarranca,

One, two, three, hopscotch,

Un, dos, tres, el peu coix,

one, two, three, your foot lame,

Un, dos, tres, la mà enlaire,

one, two, three, your hand up,

Un, dos, tres, la mà a terra,

one, two, three, your hand on the ground,

Un, dos, tres, mitja volta,

one, two, three, half lap

Un, dos, tres, adéu.

one, two, three, goodbye. goodbye

Si la barqueta es tomba Si la barqueta es tomba,

If the small boat knocks over,

Nena no tinguis por.

Baby don’t be afraid

Alça la corda enlaire,

Lift the rope up in the air,

I canta una cançó.

And sing a song.

Dilluns, dimarts, dimecres, dijous,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Divendres, dissabte i diumenge.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Olla barrejada Olla barrejada

Mixed pot,

qui no entra para.

Who doesn’t enter, it stops.

Olla barrejada,

Mixed pot,

qui no surt ha perdut.

Who doesn’t go out, it loses.

GAMES WITH HANDS Pedra, paper o tisora Un, dos, tres,

One, two, three,

pedra, paper o tisora.

stone, paper or scissors scissors.

Un, dos, tres ja!

One, ne, two ,three go!

GAMES FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS La sabateta de la ring-ring ring La sabateta de la ring-ring, ring,

The he small shoe of ring ring-ring,

Jo l’amago, jo l’amago,

I hide it, I hide it,

La sabateta de la ring-ring, ring,

The he small shoe of ring ring-ring,

Jo l’amago, jo la tinc.

I hide it, I have it.

- Mare, tinc set (grup)

- Mum, I’m thirsty.. (group)

- Beu aigua (nen)

- Drink water. (boy)

- Hi ha una mosca (group)

- It has a fly. (group)

- Beu vi (nen)

- Drink wine. (boy)

- Hi ha un mosquit (group)

- Itt has a mosquito mosquito. (group)

- Beu vi bo! (nen)

- Drink rink good wine!

- Ai! Què és bo!

- Oh! It’s so good!

- Mare, quan vindran els reis? come?

- Mum, when will the wise men

- A les... (diu un nombre de l’1 al 12)

- At... (he/she says one hour between 1-12)

- Qui s’ha pixat al llit?

- Who has pissed in bed?

El sereno El sereno de la nit,

The night watchman,

cada dia cada dia.

Every day every day.

El sereno de la nit,

The night watchman,

cada dia es pixa al llit.

Every day pisses in the bed.

Tris, tris, tras,

Tris, tris, tras

Si t’atrapo, si t’atrapo,

If I catch you, if I catch you,

Tris, tris, tras,

Tris, tris, tras,

si t’atrapo rebràs.

If I catch you, you’ll receive.

Conillets a amagar Conillets a amagar,

Rabbits, let’s hide,

Que la llebre va a caçar

That the hare goes hunting,

De nit i de dia

At night and in the day,

Buscant la Maria,

Looking for Maria,

Buscant el Ramon

Looking for Ramon,

Per tot el món.

For all the world



Ja esteu ben amagadets?

Are you well hidden?



Som, som, som els cavallers Som, som, som,

We are, we are, we are,

els cavallers, llers, llers

The knights, knights, knights ,

i el que no digui res

And who doesn’t say anything,

no té dret a carmañola

Can’t take the lunch box,

i el que no digui res

And who doesn’t say anything,

no té dret alçar el porró.

Can’t raise the wine jar.

Atenció cavallers:

Attention Knights:

la mà dreta entra en acció....

The right hand goes in action .

la mà esquerra entra en acció....

The left hand goes in action .

Un, dos, tres, pica paret Un, dos, tres, pica paret,

One, two, three, knock the wall,

Butifarra de pagès

Farmhouse sausage.

Arri, arri, tatanet Arri, arri, tatanet,

Gee up! Gee up! Horse,

Anirem a Sant Benet,

We’ll go to Sant Benet,

Compararem un formatget.

We’ll buy a small cheese,

Per dinar, per sopar

For lunch, for dinner,

Per la Maria no n’hi haurà !!!

There won’t be any for Maria!

Les xanques Un i un, a les xanques

One and one, to the stilts

dos i dos, a peu coix,

Two and two, on foot lame

a peu coix.

On foot lame.

Tres i tres, la mà a terra,

Three and three, the hand on the floor

mà a terra, mà a terra,

hand on the floor, hand on the floor,

quatre i quatre , "adiós".

Four and four, goodbye.

SOTA EL PONT Sota el pont, sota el pont

Under the bridge, under the bridge

Apa! tots passem-hi,

Let’s all pass under it

Que aquet pont té dos pilars

This bridge has got two pillars

passem sense tocar-hi.

Let’s pass without touching it

Tu passes, tu passes,

You pass, you pass

tu quedes presoner al pont.

You remain a prisioner bridge.

Gallineta cega Gallineta cega, què has perdut?

Blind hen , what have you lost?

Una agulla i un canut.

A needle and a tube.

Busco per terra.

I’m looking for them on the floor.

No ho he trobat.

I haven’t found them.

Busca pel terrat.

Look on the terrace.

No, no, que em faré gat!

No, I’ll become a cat!

Busca per la ximeneia.

Look for in the chimney.

No, no que em faré negra!

No, I’ll get all black.

Doncs, busca qui t’ha pegat.

So, look for who’s hit you.



El cocherito lere El cocherito, lere

The small car, leré

Me dijo anoche, leré

Told me last night, leré

Que si quería, leré

If I wanted, leré

Montar en coche, leré

a car ride, leré

Y yo le dije, leré

And I told him, leré

Con gran salero, leré

With a big grace, leré

No quiero coche, lere

I won’t a car, leré

Que me mareo, leré

because I get sick, leré

Si te mareas, leré

If you get sick, leré

A la botica, leré

Go to the chemist’s, leré

Que el boticario, leré

And the farmacist, leré

Te da pastillas, leré

gives you pills, leré

El Cartero Pom, pom

Knock, Knock,

¿Quien es?

Who are you?

¡El cartero!

The postman!

¿Qué quería?

What do you want?

Una carta

A letter.

¿Para quíen?

For who?

¡Para usted!

For you!

¡Dese la vuelta que no hay dinero!

Turn round, here there isn’t any money!


En la calle 24 En la calle lle lle,

In the street,

Veinticuatro tro tro,


Ha sucedido do do

It has happened

Un asesinato to to.

A murder.

Una vieja ja ja,

An old woman

Mat贸 a un gato to to

killed a cat

Con la punta ta ta

with the tip

Del zapato to to

of her shoe.

Pobre vieja ja ja

Poor old woman

Pobre gato to to

Poor cat

Pobre punta ta ta

Poor tip

Del zapato to to.

Of the shoe.

Pobre vieja,

Poor old woman

Pobre gato,

Poor cat

Pobre punta,

Poor tip

Del zapato.

Of the shoe.

GAMES FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS Zapatito blanco Zapatito blanco,

White shoe,

zapatito azul

blue shoe,

dime cuántos años tienes tu !

tell me how old you are.

Activity made by 2nd and 3rd level students from S.I. Serra de Noet (Berga)

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Games with songs  

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