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August 22/ 2013

KCP Today The Coke Stand has been abused! Why do we need to eat healthy? Well I give you the healthy part but… They sell Pizza! And Popcorn! Who classifies the coke as “Not Healthy” and classifies pizza as “Healthy”!

Nicolle Borelly

HOODIES!! Why hoodies? Ban something else!

Catching Fire Expectations! Horoscope When that one friend comes your way once again with a horror story or a request for assistance, the most compassionate thing to do may be to turn them away firmly, but with love.

Interviewed about school.

Business on the front, party on the back!




Coke Stand The coke stand has suffered a violation of his rights! For many years the coke stand has stayed the same. Generations and generations of students have run of joy to get to the Coke Stand to get a little of that Awesomeness!

But the school had to go and ruin it all. We were happy with the coke stand as it was. The happiness of passing to 6th grade and being able to buy coke in the coke stand was immense! We as students don't really care about the “Healthy Food” We acre about the coke!

Why didn't they ask us? This school has become a Monarchy! We have no rights anymore, not just talking about the coke stand, its way beyond that! This school has being doing all the wrong things from a time back. They are doing all the best stuff to preschool, they wont even remember! But we middle and high school have to still use computers that are very slow and very old. In preschool they have apple TVs and stuff. We need that! The Coke stand was our space where we could talk and have a good time drinking coke and eating chips . But NOOOO… They had to go and change it! The Coke stand is a part of the normal Karl C. Parrish student’s day. You cant change that.

We simply like too much the coke stand for the school to change that. The school changed a lot of things and we powered through. But not this. This is ours! We will certainly fight back! Jonathan Borelly

Nicolle Borelly What is Your Opinion About School?

I think that most of the students in school don't want to be there because of the amount of work they are given everyday and everything that they have to do, but school is the best experience that you will have in your childhood and everyone should make the best out of it because you will miss it a lot when you leave. If You Could Change one thing about school, what would it be?

Graduate of Colegio Karl C. Parrish

If I could change one thing about school it would be that student's opinions were taken into account more and I think that it is important that students feel confortable so they should be heard a little more.

What is your Opinion about the coke stand being changed? I don't agree with the changes done in the coke stand since students should be able to buy and eat what they like, since this is not elementary and they are not little kids, I think that at this age they know how to control what they eat. Do you agree with all the changes done to the school? I am not aware of all of the changes done to the school but some of the things I know of were not necessary, so I don't agree with them, but I'm sure there are a few that were done to make the school better. What was the most memorable time in your time in school? Senior year was the most memorable time I spent in school. There were so many things that we did as a class, including a few trips and many activities that we enjoyed a lot more that we would've before since it was our last year as a class.

What was the best thing about being a senior? The best thing about being a senior was that everyone was aware that we had to enjoy every moment as if it was our last, so everything that we did was so much fun and everyone in the class participated. Also the way we all became so close this last year was very special and made senior year a whole lot better than other years. Was the Senior Prank worth it? The senior prank was totally worth it! we still think about it and laugh and always talk about how much fun we had that day as a class. Even though we are sorry it went out of control, and the senior walk was canceled, we remember our last day at school as the best day ever, with so many laughs, instead of everyone crying as it would have happened in the senior walk. We also know that we will be remembered by the people in school for a very long time, since all of the little kids kept saying how much fun and how cool that had been. We are always happy to hear how following grades tell us we have been the best seniors ever! What is the best thing about graduating? The best thing about graduating has been the freedom that we have in college. College is not as strict as school is and there are no rules that we have to follow. Everyone is on control of their own actions and there is no one there to tell you, you shouldn't do that, or things like if you don't wear a belt you might get a detention. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years I see myself graduating from the university and going to another country to get a degree in what I want to specialize in. Will you miss the school? Of course I will miss the school. Every day that I go to my classes in college I wish I could still be in school. I miss being with my friends all the time and miss how much fun we used to have. I also miss some of the teachers who I developed such a close relationship with and I will definitely will go back and visit as soon as I can.

Catching Fire Expectations Everybody loved the Hunger Games. Well this year is going to be amazing since the sequel is coming out:

Although Francis Lawrence did a lot of video clips with famous artists everybody is worried he will not compare to Gary Ross. But all we can do is wait and hope for the best. From all the pictures we have seen, it looks like it is going well. The time of truth is November 22/13, but we all believe it is going to be great.

Catching Fire! Gary Ross, director of the first Hunger Games decided that he wouldn't do the sequel. Francis Lawrence was chosen to direct it, but he is in a lot of pressure to follow the most Catching Fire is the story after Hunger Games. It amazing movie of is the seventy-fifth annual Hunger Games. the year. Every 25 years, the capitol makes a different Hunger Games. On the 50th Hunger Games 4 kids from each district were sent instead of 2. In the 25th Hunger Games People voted for their tribute. This year 2 victors are the new tributes. Although once a victor, you never go back, or get reechoes. This year was different. Snow’s Goal was to Eliminate Katniss. This is going to be Awesome! We believe in you Francis Lawrence. Make the fans proud! We saw the trailer and we liked what we saw!

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