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Here is the instruction guide to post jobs on is an aggregate board, which will multi post your listings on other sites. This site is a quick and simple approach to posting that will increase your numbers… To start posting ads on, click the tab for “Post a Job (free)”.

Once the job posting page opens up, type in the title of the job that you have posted on JobNab’s site. Then enter the same description in the box provided. IMPORTANT NOTE: when you put the description into the box, make sure that you add the JobNab URL at the end of the post. EXAMPLE: Apply Today at: You can then put the location and company name that you are posting for. The email address would be your personal email. This would be used for notifications. Once you entered them, click “Hide on Job”, just so you do not get a bunch of emails from applicants.

On the center of the page, please select the preferences that comply with the job that you are posting. Make sure to select “USA Resident”.

Once you are finished enter the compensation for the job and click “Post Job”.

You have just posted your first job successfully on the site. You can do this process over and over again so that they get submitted.

Helpful tips when posting you approved ads: • Once you have created the account on this site, use it! • Take all of your ads that are accepted and post them one by one on the site. • This site gets traffic and might aggregate to other boards to increase visibility. • Repeat this process everyday with all of your listings. You can try to add some HTML in the box to get a different look to the URL. EXAMPLE: <a href="">Apply Here!</a> EXAMPLE: <a href="">Apply Here!</a> Either one of these examples will make the text look like this: Apply Here! Remember the more sites that you post your listings too, the higher response of applicants there will be. Top Job Scouts will post each ad on at least 10 different job boards. Top Job Scouts realize that the work will pay off! Good luck and get those postings up…

Instruction Guide for  
Instruction Guide for is an aggregate board, which will multi post your listings on other sites. This site is a quick and simple approach...