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Here is the instruction guide to post jobs on Corkin is a great site that is fast and easy to get jobs posted on. When we go through this site, your account will be created when you post your first listing. After your first listing, you will be able to login to your account and post your ads faster.

Lets get started by clicking on the tab for “Post a Listing�

Once you are here, type in your job title, select your category and secondary category. They list two categories here so you are able to optimize the visibility of your job posting. Once this information is entered, click inside the description box and enter the information in. Put your entire job description into the box. You can make this ad more attractive by adding or sections of bold, color and font size. Every extra bit will help people apply to your ad. VERY IMPORTANT: 1. Make sure to add the JobNab URL into the description box 2. Make sure the link has this in front of it:

At the bottom of the ad, put your email address in. This will be your username once you are done. Put the display name as your name Enter the password that will be associated to your account. Then enter the city or zip code that your listing goes with. Once you are done, click “Submit and Register�

As you can see your posting will go up instantly and an account is created. You can now upload a picture to the ad if you like. I would recommend that you use the logo of the company that is related to this job. This is the same logo that you would have uploaded to the JobNab site.

If you uploaded a picture and clicked continue, then it would bring you to this page to view your posted ad. It was that simple to post to

Helpful tips when posting you approved ads: • Once you have created the account on this site, use it! • Take all of your ads that are accepted and post them one by one on the site. • This site gets traffic and might aggregate to other boards to increase visibility. • Repeat this process everyday with all of your listings. You can try to add some HTML in the box to get a different look to the URL. EXAMPLE: <a href="">Apply Here!</a> EXAMPLE: <a href="">Apply Here!</a> Either one of these examples will make the text look like this: Apply Here! Remember the more sites that you post your listings too, the higher response of applicants there will be. Top Job Scouts will post each ad on at least 10 different job boards. Top Job Scouts realize that the work will pay off! Good luck and get those postings up…

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Corkin is a great site that is fast and easy to get jobs posted on. This is a guide to learn how to post on It should help you...

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