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Jodi Exctain-Obando Personal Perspective Essay January 20, 2011 University College of the Cayman Islands EDU 560

The topic of teaching and learning is very interesting because everyone has a different opinion about the subject. Some people believe that there should be a set way of teaching in the classroom, a set amount of rules, and a set amount of consequences for each undesirable behavior. Some people prefer it this way because it seems to be a simpler way of being a teacher. However being a teacher is not an easy job because of the incredible amount of factors that they have to work with and a good example would be the issue of which teaching style is better. When it comes to a teacher’s style of teaching, some people believe that teachers should stick to the traditional way, such as the teacher is lecturing from a textbook and the students are listening and writing down notes. Whereas others believe that teachers should make their teaching style interesting, such as incorporating technology or real-life objects into their lessons because it will make them more attractive and memorable. Teachers could also make their lessons more studentcentered rather than teacher-centered by giving the students the opportunity to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn it and not the other way around. But in my opinion, I believe that there should be a combination of both teaching styles because everyone learns differently. No student learns the same way and because of that, teachers need to be perceptive and creative with their teaching styles. Some students might prefer the traditional way of learning, where the teacher tells the students everything they need to know about the subject because it is easier for them to understand and for them to work with. They probably prefer this way because maybe when they are given too much freedom on choosing what they want to learn and how they want to learn it, it becomes overwhelming for them. It might become too overwhelming to some students and they may not be able to learn and understand every concept that the teacher was trying to present to the class. Plus, when it is teacher-centered, the teacher has the control of the

class and of the lesson, so the students will not be able to drift off from the objectives of the lesson Also when it comes to taking exams, some students might prefer doing it with pencil and paper and not on the computer because doing an exam on a computer might put too much pressure on the students because of all the factors they will have to remember in order to complete the exam successful. Some of these factors could be whether the student’s computer skills are up to date, remembering the rules of the exam, and whether the computer will work sufficiently and these are rules that a student will not have to be concerned about when doing a written exam. However, some students might prefer taking an exam electronically because it will intrinsically motivate them to do better (O’Neil Jr. & Perez, 2003). Some students might see taking an exam electronically as a way to get a better grade because of the great interest that they have in computers and in everything they offer. Some students might prefer that the teacher make the class lesson student-centered, where the students choose the activity that they want to do to increase their learning. For example, instead of the teacher teaching the class about flowers and plants from a textbook and then making the activity for the students be that they have to write an essay about the topic, the students could go outside and explore the flowers and plants. Some students could create a replica of the flower or plant or could even do a video presentation on the subject; therefore, it all depends on what lesson activity the students prefer to do. There are many different ways that lesson activities can be student-centered; however, it does not mean that every student will enjoy the lesson this way, so that is why it is important to incorporate both teaching style. When I become a teacher, I plan on using both styles of teaching because I know that not all students are the same and they will not all learn the same way. I plan to incorporate the usage

of technology in my lessons as well because I believe it is important to expose our students to the technological world, it will help grasps the students’ attention better, and it will help make the lessons more understandable, interesting, and effective. Incorporating technology into my teaching style is very important to me because “it offers students a very important resource for learning concepts and processes for a vast variety of subjects� (Agnesini, Ragkaswar, & Bunsis, 2009). I believe it is important to incorporate technology in teaching because not only will it help with the presentation of the lessons, but it can be used as a way to help students with their technological skills. When I was younger, I was not introduced to the computer until I was 15 years old and I struggled with understanding it in the beginning because of the late introduction. However, I believe if I was introduced to it and all of its components earlier and I would have done better in school because it would have helped reinforce the learning. If I was able to use all of the resources that the computer and internet offer, I would have had a better attitude towards my schoolwork and learning. I never enjoyed school when I was younger because of the way each lesson was presented, which was the traditional way of learning. So because of the my experience in school, I want to make sure that my students do not end up in the same situation., I want my students to have every resource available to them possible and through the use of the internet they will be able to experience everything. Technology has come such a far way and it would be a shame to not acknowledge how helpful it has been in the educational world and to not use it. I believe it is important to incorporate technology in teaching and I plan to use the computer in all my lessons, in one way or another. However, I do not plan to teach all my lessons through the usage of technology, but I will use it where it is needed and where it is appropriate. I believe it is important for students to learn and

work from textbooks as well because it will help them with their writing skills, it will help them be prepared for when they have to take standardized tests and I believe it is good to stick to the basic way of learning because it keeps us in touch with our roots. I believe it is important to hold on to our traditional ways of learning, but to also incorporate the new ways of learning as well, because they are both equally important when it comes to a student’s learning and understanding. Thus, if I incorporate both styles, the students who prefer the more traditional way of teaching will be able to learn and understand in this way, whereas those, who prefer the lesson to be student-centered, they will be able to learn and understand in their own way. Therefore, that is why it is important as a teacher, to use both styles of teaching because all students are different and as teachers, it is our responsibility to use whatever strategy or skill that will help our students learn and understand. Therefore, I believe that incorporating technology into my teachings will help me to become a better teacher because it will make me more extensive as a teacher.

References Agnesini, T., Ragkaswar, C., & Bunsis, J. (2009). Does the use of technology improve a child’s learning experience in the classroom? Retrieved January 19, 2011 from O’Neil Jr., H.F., & Perez, R. S. (2003). Technology application in education: A learning view. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

Personal Perspective Essay  

Jodi Exctain-Obando University College of the Cayman Islands Personal Perspective Essay January 20, 2011

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