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Make Your Trip Exquisitely: Best Time to Travel To South India South India!-The enticing land. South India tours attract tourists from all over India and the world, because of its amazing beauty tourist spots. Kerala-God’s own country, pleasant with its backwater destinations and the incredible landscapes. All the sweet tourist places in Tamil Nadu are always found stuffed with tourists. Trekking in Karnataka is also one of the best interesting subject to tourists. Some of the places in Karnataka are Bagalkot, Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Hampi etc. Andhra Pradesh, the land which hosted a variety of cultures, religions and traditions for thousands of years. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry are the most famous destinations gifted to the tourists in south India. There is no doubt that to make our trip pleasure we have to choose the correct time for our visit. The best time to travel in south India depends on the destinations to be visited and the climate experienced there. Indian weather is divided into three distinct seasons: summer, winter and the monsoon. Summer vacation to south India is thrilling experience full of relaxation and excitement. Southern part of India covers some of the best hill stations in entire world. Hill stations and beaches in south India attract millions of tourists every year to enjoy pretty beauty of the region. There are some top tourist attractions in south India during summer season: •Munnar •Ooty •Kodaikanal •Horsley Hills There are two kinds of winter tour targets for visitors during winter season. Destinations having warm climate and the destinations where you can have some adventurous sports and experience snow. Some of the much preferred places in winter season are: •Back waters of Kerala •Munnar Hill station •Ooty Winter is the best time to travel to south India. It is sure step into this land during the winter can have the most pleasurable tour of your life. In winter, it’s high cropping time in tea estates when the hillsides look fresh and green. After the hot heat of the early summer, monsoon breathes new life into India’s landscape. It is an opportunities to know India’s agriculture economy, crops and markets. Monsoon in India said to occur from June to September every year. It is a fact that you’re missing the whole amazing side of India if you’re not in India at that time. If you are near the sea, you can watch

the monsoon come the ocean. The monsoon in India is believed to cleanse the earth and its people. Ayurveda experts say the monsoon in India is the best time for treatments.Some crown tourist destinations in south during monsoon are: •Periyar National Park •Jog Falls •Coorg •Chikmagalur South India is well known the entire world for its wonderful beaches, backwaters, wildlife and Ayurveda. October to March is the peak season for tourists in India. So should not miss on your visit to south India.

Make your trip exquisitely: Best time to travel to south India  

South India is well known the entire world for its wonderful beaches, backwaters, wildlife and Ayurveda. October to March is the peak season...

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