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summer 09 Coach bill rose

American Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame Member USA Swimming Olympic Coach (2008)

mary descenza

American Record Holder World Champion 28-Time All-American

micha burden

U.S. World Championship Trials Champion World Championship 10k & 25k Team Member


New lycra prints

MARINUS If this sleek, ultra-modern composite pattern appears as if it shimmers luminously in the water, that’s because it does. Available in five, eye-catching colors, the geometric Marinus comes fully lined and is made from quick drying Lycra® for comfort and elasticity. Its Diamondback cut boasts thinner straps and minimal coverage while maintaining ultimate support and comfort. Female Diamondback w/ Piping DMAR 1 / 22-40

Colors // 060 Black/White 310 Green 420 Blue 610 Red 670 Pink

Features // Fully Lined Fabric Content // 80% Nylon/20% Lycra®

If you like this suit: Also check out our new Creative Caps found on pg. 15.


Adam Ritter

World University Games Gold Medalist

It doesn’t matter if practice starts before the sun rises or after it sets, your teammates will be there, pushing you to get better at every turn.


New lycra prints

Nero This may be the only time you can mix electricity with water. Especially when your team is wearing the latest addition to the TYR family: the Nero collection. Nero’s vibrant streams of light seem to strobe, stir and pulsate with brilliance. Available in the Splice Jammer and Splice Racer, as well as the Maxback, which is our most supportive competition back. The entire collection is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra® and are fully lined. Female Maxback MNER 1 / 22-40 Male Splice Jammer SNER 1 / 22-38 Male Splice Racer RNER 1 / 22-38

Colors // 008 Black/Gold 310 Green 420 Blue 510 Purple 610 Red 810 Orange

Features // Fully Lined Fabric Content // 80% Nylon/20% Lycra®



New lycra prints

FELIX Subtle yet bold. Stylish yet playful. But there is one thing you won’t find in our new Felix collection and that’s dull yet boring. Available in the Splice Racer and Diamondback with piping that boasts thinner, friskier straps that use less coverage while maintaining ultimate support and comfort. There’s also a racier, Diamondback Workout Bikini with Micro Bottom. Female Diamondback w/ Piping DFEL 1 / 22-40 Female Diamondback Workout Bikini w/ Micro Bottom BDFEL 1 / XXS-XL Male Splice Jammer SFEL 1 / 22-38

Colors // 001 Black 100 White Features // Fully Lined Fabric Content // 80% Nylon/20% Lycra®

*Male Jammer Available in Black Only

If you like this suit: Then check out our new Gold Alliance Team Warm-ups found on the next page.



M ale W arm-ups

alliance Team WARM-UPS ™

Featured Athletes (left to right) Adam Ritter

5-Time NCA A Champion

Amanda Weir

2-Time Olympic Medalist

Matt Grevers

World Record Holder

Mary Descenza

American Record Holder

Micha Burden

U.S. World Championship Trials Champion

The entire Alliance Team Collection can be found at your nearest Team Dealer or at


The look is strong, straightforward and competitive in and out of the water. Sound familiar? Enter the Alliance Team warm-up collection. Available in male and female warm-ups, this collection screams team to the core with bold, solid jackets, pants and shorts made of 100% Polyester. In fact, all it needs is your logo. a. Male Warm-Up Jacket WAMJ2 / S-XXL

b. Female Warm-Up Jacket WAFJ2 / XS-XL

c. Male Warm-Up Pant WAMP2 / S-XXL

d. Female Warm-Up Pant WAFP2 / XS-XL

e. Male Warm-Up Short WAMT 2 / S-XXL

f. Female Warm-Up Short WAFT 2 / XS-XL

Colors // 008 Black/Gold 132 White/Gold* *Female styles only

Features // Embroidered Logo Fabric Content // 100% Polyester

alliance team ™


Fem ale W a rm-ups








“I know from experience that swim teams are tight-knit families. We’re a cast of individual characters that go through a journey together. We’re there for each other from the get-go and we’ve got each other’s back no matter what. When one of my teammates win, we all win.” matt grevers

3-Time Olympic Medalist Olympic Record Holder (2008) World Record Holder (2008)

• 9 World Records set and counting • For more Tracer Technology info, visit



a. Female Zipperback Full Body












TRzf6a / 24-36 / 24-32 Long

b. Male Zipperback Full Body

TRMF6a / 26-36 / 26-32 Long

c. Male Tight TRTI6A / 24-36 Color // 001 Black Fabric Content // 70% Nylon/30% Lycra® Spandex

d. Female Aeroback Full Body

TLFB6 / 24-36 / 24-32 Long

e. Female Aeroback Short John

TLSJ6 / 24-36 / 24-32 Long

f. Female Aeroback TLAB6 / 22-36

g. Male Zipperback Full Body

TLMF6 / 24-38 / 26-32 Long

h. Male Zipperback Short John

TLMJ6 / 24-38 / 26-32 Long

i. Male Tight TLTI6 / 24-38

j. Male Jammer TLJA6 / 24-38

k. Male Racer TLRA6 / 24-38 Colors // 001 Black 401 Navy Fabric Content // 70% Nylon/ 30% Lycra® Spandex

* All TR ACER suits should be used for competition only and are subject to a limited number of swims.


Matt Grevers /

Wearing Tracer Racing Metallized


When it comes to accessories, TYR leaves no stone unturned. From goggles to caps, you’ll find our accessories at the intersection of form and function.


tracer racing goggle ™

Features // • • • • •

 leek, low-profile lens shape reduces drag while still allowing the maximum amount of light absorption and peripheral vision S H ypoallergenic soft TPR gaskets, overmolded for water-tight seal I ncludes 5 nosebridge sizes for custom fit B ack-adjusting headstrap with Glide clip system P C lens with anti-fog and UV protection

Tracer Racing LGTR

Tracer Racing Metallized

Colors // 041 Smoke 101 Clear 420 Blue 700 Amber

Colors // 150 Clear Mirror Ice 160 Metallic Fire 648 Red/Silver Metallized


Tracer Junior Racing LGTRY

Tracer Junior Racing Metallized

Colors // 087 Smoke/Fl. Orange 152 Clear Pink 420 Blue/Clear 835 Peach/Yellow

Colors // 095 Silver Metallic 142 Titanium/Pink Metallic 380 Blue Ice Metallic


Tracer Femme Racing Metallized

Tracer Racing Optical LGTROPT


Colors // 041 Smoke (-2.0 through -8.0) 101 Clear (-2.0 through -8.0)

Colors // 447 Storm Metallic 532 Periwinkle Metallic 670 Pink/Silver Metallic 821 Sun Metallic

nest pro nano ™

A performance goggle that transcends traditional design. Inspired by the unique bird nest architectural design of Beijing’s main stadium for 2008. The structural elements of the Nest Pro’s frame create a unique grid-like effect, similar to the way a bird’s nest is intertwined for support. Nest Pro Nano

Features //

•W  ide peripheral Cellulose Propionate (CP) lenses feature imbedded anti-fog properties and are UV protected • Double headstrap features patented Glide Clip system which allows easy on head adjustment • B ack clip adjustment eliminates problems of hanging side straps • S oft TPR gaskets for comfortable, water-tight fit


Nest Pro Nano Metallized

Colors // 041 Smoke/Clear/Red 152 Clear/Pink/Yellow 420 Blue/Clear/Silver 679 Pink/Green/Pink

Colors // 140 Titanium Blue Metallic 165 Solar Silver Metallic 531 Lavender Metallic



Technof lex 4 .0 /

• • • • •


Shown in 660 Rose  evolutionary dual injection manufacturing process R I ncorporates differing hardness densities of thermo-plastic rubber S tiffer durometer material provides frame rigidity to prevent nose bridge stretch G askets are injected with a softer durometer material to prove greater comfort and fit S ame great fit as the original Technof lex


technoflex 4.0


For swimmers looking for comfort, performance and design with a purpose, Technoflex 4.0 continues to be the goggle of choice. With the same great fit as the original Technoflex, this versatile goggle refuses to leak and provides a comfortable, long-lasting fit.

If you’re going to say something, say it loud and clear with TYR Creative Caps. Expressive and fun for the kid (or rebel) in all of us.


Technof lex 4 .0

Tiger Style Cap

lcstig / Classic size Silicone Cap Colors // 310 Green | 420 Blue


Colors // 041 Smoke 101 Clear 420 Blue 660 Rose

Technof lex 4 .0 Metallized LGX 4 M

Colors // 040 Metallic Silver 161 Metallic Ocean/Trans Blue

Swim Punk Reversible lcspunk/ Classic size Silicone Cap Color // 060 Black/White

Technof lex 4 .0 Femme LGFX 4

Colors // 449 Ocean 501 Grape Soda 683 Pink Lemonade

Technof lex 4 .0 Femme Metallized LGFX 4 M


California Dreamin’ lcscalif / Classic size Silicone Cap Colors // 001 Black | 100 White

Colors // 451 Sky Blue Metallic 680 Blush Metallic

Technof lex 4 .0 Junior LGX 4Y

Colors // 041 Smoke 085 Smoke/Trans Green 101 Clear/Clear 465 Blue/Trans Yellow 670 Laguna Blue/Trans Bright Pink

Happy Fish

lcshappy / Junior size Silicone Cap Colors // 001 Black | 420 Blue | 810 Orange

Technof lex 4 .0 Junior Metallized LGX 4YM

Colors // 036 Graphite Silver 161 Metallic Ocean


we are team. Something amazing happens when a kid jumps into a pool. Besides their hair turning green, they learn to cheer each other on, as much as they compete against one another. They take on a newly found respect and appreciation for “aqua mom�, or whoever takes them to and from practice. And they begin to understand that swimming is not an individual sport, but rather a collection of friendships, memories and achievements that create a family. A family that has been with you since day one. And always will be. TYR Sport Inc. Worldwide Headquarters 15391 Springdale St. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA T: 714.897.0799 F: 714.897.6420 800.252.7878

2009 TYR Summer  

Direct mail catalog for TYR's 2009 summer line.

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