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A bi-monthly newsletter on training and employment successes in Australia’s remote Indigenous communities.


Completion of New AKL Certificates Drive Employment Results


DIDP Participants Give Back to the Community


Youth Mobility Camp Encourages Early School Leavers to be Proactive about Employment


Budda-Jitja Proves a Sound Pathway


NT Graduates on a Path to Success with the Soundways Program


Jobfind Helps the Thuwathu Coffee Club


Deanne Secures Employment with the Budda-Jitja Program


The Journey to a Career Begins with Sound Path


A Damp Triumph for Team ‘CAM Jobfind’

Completion of New AKL Certificates Drive Employment Results Angus Knight Learning (AKL) was recently contracted by the Queensland Department QLD of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) to deliver training to job seekers with the purpose of successfully completing either a Certificate II in Community Services or a Certificate II in Horticulture.


The training requirement was initiated by the DETE as part of the Queensland Skills Plan to increase the skills, capabilities and likelihood of finding meaningful employment within Indigenous communities. Both courses attracted a great deal of interest from the local Indigenous communities. The Certificate II in Community Service was delivered to eleven Indigenous participants within the Townsville Region, enabling participants to then gain local employment within the community service and aged care sectors.

Eight participants achieved full qualification, with five participants going on to further education and one job seeker being shortlisted for employment with Uluru. AKL also engaged local Indigenous mentor Scott Anderson to provide counselling and encouragement for the job seekers for both courses. “Through his patience and results-oriented mentoring style, Scott motivated the participants to complete their courses, and was always willing to go above and beyond to support the job seekers, including working as an employer liaison” said Kylie Sturges, Training Coordinator of AKL Cairns.

Seven participants completed the Certificate II in Community Services, with four job seekers securing employment after course completion and three pursuing further study. The Certificate II in Horticulture was delivered to twelve participants taking part in the project of revamping the Calvery Christian School grounds. The course

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allowed the students to gain skills in creek revegetation, irrigation, beautification and agricultural centre maintenance.

Above: Participants hard at work.


DIDP Participants Give Back to the Community Trainees and mentors from the Defence Indigenous Development Program (DIDP) have worked together with the Australian Defence Force and the local Rotary Club NT of Belyuen to support key community upgrades to infrastructure from the 6 - 7 July. This is part of DIDP’s ongoing effort to contribute to local initiatives that are making a lasting difference to the lives of the people in the community.


Peta Fraser, an Angus Knight Mentor adds “I am filled with a sense of pride that I am able to be part of this project with the Australian Defence Force and Rotary. I feel that the trainees will learn a lot from this and will be happy to have contributed

Above: DIDP participants pose with Nova Peris.

to the local community”. The DIDP has been running since May 2013 and is designed to improve the opportunities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and make them ready for employment in the Australian Defence Force or private sector. The local Rotary Club became involved in the project after having heard from one of the trainees about the program and the value it brought to the communities in which it operates. Trainees, mentors, and Defence Force colleagues helped the local Belyuen community to regenerate its facilities, including repairing and painting local shop amenities, rebuilding the fuel station and re-establishing the local market garden. A member of the local community, some of whom are members of the trainees’ families, summed up the value of these initiatives, “we do struggle here being a small community, like many in remote Australia, but we keep positive and always looking at ways to make things better for Belyuen.”

The DIDP is scheduled to run until midSeptember, delivering activities designed to strengthen team work, community participation, resilience, communication, and cooperation. These activities include courses in Community Services, Conservation and Land Management, along with WH&S procedures, financial planning and awareness training in alcohol, drugs, and quit smoking programs. “These trainees are very talented and hardworking individuals who have a lot of skills offer local businesses”, says Daniel Howard, the DIDP Lead Mentor for the Northern Territory.

Youth Mobility Camp Encourages Early School Leavers to be Proactive about Employment Nine Early School Leaver (ESL) students from Palm Island, Queensland, have QLD returned from Youth Mobility Camp in high spirits and with a strong determination to succeed, as part of their Certificate in Tourism in conjunction with the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program provided by Pathways to the Future, DEEWR and Jobfind.

Palm Island

The young participants who are Indigenous community members, had initially joined the program to gain qualifications in Tourism and, for some, to overcome their employment barriers of drug, alcohol and mental health issues.


The program not only provided stream 3 and 4 job seekers with essential industryrelated education and skills, it also boosted their self-confidence and motivation by encouraging them to engage in activities to build their social skills and to get them work ready. Activities carried out during the program included Senior First Aid Certification, obstacle/challenge courses, and conflict resolution tasks, developing their team building, leadership, and communication skills. Jessica England, Employment Consultant at Jobfind Centre Palm Island stated, “the program encompasses so much more than just a Certificate II – with clients returning home after completing the program, with

a whole new positive attitude and amazing drive and motivation to change their lives and the world !” Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use their Certificate and the skills they have learned from the camp to seek employment in the Tourism Industry. Below: Early School Leavers at Youth Mobility Camp.

Budda-Jitja Proves a Sound Pathway Pormpuraaw

QLD the workforce.

Mary first came to Jobfind Pormpuraaw in 2011 wanting to improve her employability and to refine her job skills before returning to

Since her son had just commenced school and wanting to financially provide for him, Mary came to Jobfind for help to enhance her computer and literacy skills to get her work ready, as well as to be able to read stories to her son and assist him with his homework. After assessing her situation, Mary was encouraged to enrol in the Budda-Jitja program containing modules aimed at building core life and job skills such as time management, numeracy and literacy skills. This opened up a new avenue of knowledge for Mary, providing her with the opportunity to learn how to use computers

for the first time. Mary quickly mastered the skills of the program, and was able to assist other participants and job seekers to complete the Budda-Jitja modules. This informal role as a mentor gave Mary the motivation to encourage other friends and family members participating in a local CDEP program, to build their own skills and also to become more active in their job search via Jobfind’s employment services. Realising Mary’s passion for learning and books, the Jobfind team further encouraged her to complete the Soundway Reading and Writing program.

in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, which she then successfully completed. As a result of all the training and work experience Mary had gained, she was offered a role at the Pormpuraaw Library as a Library Assistant. Although the CDEP staff were sad to see her go, everyone was delighted to see Mary achieving so much after taking on a challenging education pathway. BuddaJitja opened her eyes to setting goals and managing her life and family, giving her the knowledge, skills and the selfconfidence, which has put Mary in good stead for a bright future.

Upon completion of the course, Mary was offered work experience and later employment with Jobfind CDEP as a training assistant for Budda-Jitja. Wanting to further her skills and to pursue her passion of helping others, Mary attended the Mentor training course in Hopevale as well as undertaking an additional course Above: Mary finishing off her Budda-Jitja training.

Northern Territory Graduates on a Path to Success with the Soundways Program Last month over sixty job seekers celebrated NT their completion of the Soundways Language, Literacy and Numeracy Alice Springs (LLN) Program for a Certificate II in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Speaking English in Ti Tree and Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

The program was facilitated in partnership with the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and the graduates included pre-release prisoners, early school leavers (ESL) and stream 3 and 4 job seekers. By participating in this program, job seekers extended their LLN capabilities to that of year 12 high school students in mainstream education, and greatly improved their opportunities of gaining meaningful

employment as well as achieving greater social inclusion. “Further demonstration of the program shows that LLN can be integrated, ensuring job seekers are not withdrawn from actively engaging with other Jobfind programs aimed at moving people into employment as quickly as possible”, says Daniel Howard, trainer for the Soundways Program in Alice Springs.

Jobfind Helps the Thuwathu Coffee Club Year 7 and 8 female students from Mornington Island State QLD School are loving the challenge of running the Thuwathu Coffee Club with the help of Jobfind’s donation.

Mornington Island

With mugs provided by Jobfind, the girls have been selling coffee, tea and hot chocolate to the staff at school for over a month. The Coffee Clubs runs two days a week and the girls have been overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received.

budgeting, marketing, basic accounting and brewing a smooth cup of coffee. The business relies on ongoing support from the community, but with their newfound skills and enthusiasm for success, the girls are on track for a successful venture.

They are finding the task rewarding, learning skills in advertising, customer service,


Deanne Secures Employment with the Budda-Jitja Program Coen QLD

Deanne Greenwool, a Stream 3 job seeker from Coen, Far North Queensland, is delighted with her newfound computer skills gained during Jobfind’s BuddaJitja Program.

Budda-Jitja is a mentored computerbased, pre-employment training program assisting Indigenous job seekers to learn computer, literacy and life skills such as time management and goal-setting. Deanne was keen to undertake the program, joining within the first month

Jobfind had offered it to CDEP participants in the Coen community. Despite Deanne finding the Budda-Jitja Program challenging, completing the course gave her the confidence to go on to more advanced training in line with her career goals and with the aim of improving her employability. Recognising her commitment and motivation, Jobfind decided to offer her the role of female mentor with Jobfind’s Coen CDEP Program. Deanne demonstrated compassion, and an ability to assist other participants to complete the program.

Having gained the personal growth she was looking for as a mentor, Deanne has since gone on to combine two part-time roles as a Coen Centrelink agent and as a cleaner at the Coen State School.

Above: Course Participant Deanne.

The Journey to a Career Begins with Sound Path Job seeker Silva Sydney, Sydney from NSW NSW, recently completed the Jobfind Sound Path to Employment program, which assisted him to secure employment in the cleaning industry. At Silva’s initial assessment with Kamel Temsah at Jobfind Centre Auburn, he presented multiple barriers, including

limited English language skills, lack of selfconfidence and some mental health issues that had prevented him from working or learning in the past. Silva was referred to the Sound Path to Employment program to help him overcome these obstacles to employment. With the assistance of Louise Dunkley, a Jobfind R4W trainer, Silva gradually transformed during the program, starting to express himself and communicate more easily.

Louise noted “he slowly came out of his shell and started to build his confidence, to the point where Silva is now one of the top pupils in the class of twenty students. Having attended the course for a month, Silva was merited with multiple certificates including a Certificate in English as a Second Language, Good Attendance and Performance.” Silva recently gained full time employment as a cleaner with Bremick Fastening Solutions and is excited about his new job.

A Damp Triumph for Team ‘CAM Jobfind’ Wet weather Casino did not stop Team ‘CAM NSW Jobfind’ on c omp l e t i n g the eight kilometre run/walk for Lifeline Northern River’s annual ‘Walk the Walk’ event.

Donning Jobfind gear, Jobfind Centre Casino’s Business Manager Cameron Bracken and his family members, Katherine and Connor, completed the walk in 90 minutes. They raised a total of $161 for Lifeline. Despite the weather, the event had an excellent turn out with over 300 attendees, and was broadcast on Prime News.

Left: Jobfind Casino Business Manager Cameron Bracken and son Connor.


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Jobfind Remote News - July 2013  

A bi-monthly newsletter on training and employment successes in Australia’s remote Indigenous communities.