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jobCarz Aim: To provide personal transport for people who are returning to work after a period of claiming benefits and who have difficulty in getting to their new place of work, and to increase their self-esteem, confidence and aspirations and their family’s too. Who operates the scheme? The scheme is operated by East Durham Community Transport in partnership with referral agencies including jobCentre Plus, The Shaw Trust and the East Durham Employability Consortium. Individuals also self-refer after hearing on-air radio advertisements with our sponsorship partner SunFM and through other publicity. How much does it cost the client? A charge of £27 per week is levied to the person allocated a car and their only other cost is filling the car with fuel. All other motoring costs are covered by the scheme.

Eligibility Who meets the criteria? The current scheme is available to people returning to work who satisfy the following requirements: • • • • •

Benefit claimants offered employment Transport problems getting to job Legally allowed to drive Full UK Licence (if any points - insurer decides) County Durham resident

jobCar allocation depends on vehicle availability

Partnership Working together to return to work? jobCarz is an integral part of the suite of interventions put together by the East Durham Employability Consortium (EDEC) to support people back into work after a period of time claiming benefits.

East Durham Employability Consortium

EDEC is a group of partner agencies working with a common goal and each partner is involved with a specific part of the employment support process be it client engagement, training, recruitment, employment support or aftercare and retention. EDEC were commissioned to deliver Employability support by Durham County Council (DCC), and the funding came through the Working Neighbourhood Fund element of Area Based Grants funding. From April 2009 to now, EDEC has helped over 2,400 people towards a return to work.

Beneficiaries Who really benefits from jobCarz? As can been seen from the many case studies shown in the pages that follow, there are two primary sets of beneficiaries of the jobCarz scheme. Firstly, the jobCarz loanee who gets a direct benefit from being able to readily access their place of work and through the confidence and self-esteem generated from returning to the work environment. Secondly, the family of the loanee get a real benefit from having access to a car to undertake daily activities that car-owning families take for granted. In addition to the many benefits to stakeholders, the area in which the scheme operates also benefits as salaries spent in the community boost the local economy and people in work reduce the strain on the Local and Central Government purse.

Publicity How to contact the hard to reach? In addition to the jobCarz website and expected targeted leaflet distribution and presentations to interested parties, it was evident that the most important focus was to be in publicising the jobCarz brand. However, the people to be contacted were hard to reach through the usual methods. A mutual advertising partnership agreement was formed between jobCarz and local radio station sun-fm where their company was advertised on the East Durham Community Transport minibus fleet (and they had sole use of a EDCT car with joint advertising for their outside broadcasts) and jobCarz advertisements were, and continue to be, broadcast daily on air.

Together with referrals from partner agencies including jobcentre plus, The Acumen Trust, The Shaw Trust, Working Links and Families First, this specific “brand awareness� advertising has proven very successful in self-referrals and general awareness of jobCarz across East Durham and Wearside.

Case Studies Hazel Kerr-Morgan 31, Blackhall Hazel attended a ‘Job event’ in Blackhall and picked up a jobCarz leaflet. She could not actually drive – but her partner, also claiming benefits, could. Would jobCarz be able to help in that situation? The answer was “Yes” because jobCarz exists to get people to work and to benefit the family unit as a whole; in fact, not being able to drive, is not a barrier to jobCarz itself! The family used the jobCar for 8 of the available 12 weeks as Hazel’s return to employment meant that she could purchase her own vehicle. The returned jobCar was then allocated to another person. The system works!.

June Bennison 49, Peterlee June was not a confident traveller on public transport and this was a major barrier to her gaining employment, however, she was determined to get back to work. The Shaw Trust had found it difficult to find suitable employment for June, until JobCarz came along. June was the first JobCarz user, and it meant that she could accept a vacancy that she had been offered at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Keith Turner 34, Thornley Keith was referred by The Shaw Trust. There was already a car in the household but this was primarily used by his wife to get to her employment. Keith was to be employed in the family business of hiring carnival rides, and as such was going to be travelling all around the North East. Keith was the first self employed person to be helped by jobCarz.

Daniel Rochester 21, Seaham Daniel is the youngest driver that has been welcomed onto the jobCarz scheme and the very first self-referral. He had been offered a job at Nissan and because of the various shift patterns there public transport was just not a viable option with too many buses and too long a time for many of the start times. His elderly Father was going to have to take him to and from work daily. Daniels’ father had heard the JobCarz advertisement on SUN-FM and informed his son who called soon after and, to his amazement, was offered a jobCar. Daniel appeared on ITV North East when they featured the success of the JobCarz scheme.

Darren Clubb 38, Seaham Darren had found employment as a call centre advisor at Doxford Park. His travel to work would require 2 buses This onerous travelling time was a potential barrier to Darren taking up the position , however, once referred to jobCarz via the Shaw Trust, it was evident that he met all necessary criteria and was loaned a jobCar. Darren was interviewed live on Radio Newcastle extolling the benefits of jobCarz, when they were doing a feature on jobCarz.

Adele Morris 43, South Hetton Adele was a lone parent and a referral via the Families First initiative which was set-up by JobCentre Plus. She was due to start work at a call centre at Hartlepool, and it was obvious that she was going to struggle to get there without a car of her own. After talking with Adele it was agreed that she could loan a jobCar and the process was completed during her lunch-hour on her first day at work. Adele was overjoyed at the car and what it meant that she was able to do.

Christopher Foggon 27, Peterlee Christopher was the first referral from Working Links. They helped him to secure a job offer with a firm offering security for local railways, however, this involved him starting work at some very late and some very early hours. He was currently without a car of his own and there was simply no way that he could have accepted the post without a car. Public transport was just not an option for Christopher met all of the jobCarz criteria and loaned a vehicle.

Alison Turnbull 41, Blackhall Alison was perhaps the first to benefit from word of mouth promoting jobCarz. Her friend Hazel had told Alison about how jobCarz was helping her get to work. Alison was again getting advice from The Shaw Trust and it transpired that there was a vacancy at the same place as Hazel worked! Alison was eligible for a jobCar and commenced work.

Sharon Errington 39, Shotton Sharon’s story is again a very interesting one. Sharon was again a referral from The Shaw Trust. She had the opportunity to work as a mobile carer and to do this she would need to use her own car. She didn’t have her own car and the question she asked was if she could use a car from jobCarz? The answer was yes. Sharon was eventually able to buy a car of her own.

Darren Miller 41, Wheatley Hill Darren had been unemployed for over a year and was in receipt of Incapacity Benefit. The Shaw Trust had worked closely with him to find work and when they did find something, the big stumbling block was actually getting Darren there! He would be working as an industrial cleaner and would have to be at his place of work very early in the morning – before the first buses operated. There was no one from whom he could get a lift off, so jobCarz was his last and only option.

Maureen Dundas-Sleath 52, South Hetton Maureen had recently been made redundant and her confidence was pretty low. She had been offered employment by an estate agent/property letting firm. She needed a car to be able to accept this post as it would involve driving around from property to property. JobCarz was able to loan her a car whilst she worked her 3 months trial.

David Armstrong 34, Peterlee David found employment within a factory in Washington. The nature of the job meant that he would be working shifts, with some very early starts and late finishes. Without transport of his own this would be impossible for him. He had read about jobCarz and decided to enquire himself. David could not quite believe that he would get a car and when he did, he was over the moon. The impact that jobCarz made on David’s life cannot be underestimated.

Dean Hinton 29, Peterlee Dean had seen one of the JobCarz leaflets in his local Jobcentre and contacted jobCarz to see if he was eligible for a car to help him get to Newcastle where he had just been successful in having a job offer. The job Dean secured involved working 6 days a week with long hours. He could not afford to fix his own car and public transport was not a viable option. He would have found it difficult to have accepted the job offer without a jobCarz vehicle. Dean returned the car before the end of the 3 months as he had managed to afford to repair his own car.

Anthony Humphreys 27, South Hetton Anthony was a referral from the Shaw Trust. He was in the situation as a number of young men, in that he could drive but just did not have the means to get himself a car. There is no way that he would have been able to take this job if not for jobCarz.

Darren Johnson 39, Seaham A neighbour of Darren’s parents heard the jobCarz advertisement on Sun-FM and thought it may be the solution to a problem. He knew that Darren’s father (and mother) were going to have a hard time taking, and picking up Darren from his new place of work. It would mean some very early starts (and finishes) and some very late ones too. Darren’s retired parents were going to find it a real physical chore. Darren’s father contacted jobCarz directly to ensure it was not ‘too good to be true’ and was as, if not more ecstatic, than Darren when he left with a car!

Working with...

jobCarz Angela Ridgeway 50, Peterlee Angela had been in receipt of Incapacity Benefit for over a year and she had a car but had no means to get it repaired. She secured employment as a mobile carer, which meant that Angela would be caring for people in their homes. She needed to be quite mobile for this and that’s where jobCarz stepped in. Angela loaned one of our cars and this meant that she could work, she could save money, and she could get her own car repaired.

Paul Topping 43, Shotton Colliery JobCarz has provided many benefits to Paul who had been unemployed for 2 years. He heard about the scheme from picking up a leaflet at the jobcentre and contacted jobCarz when he secured a position. The big catch for Paul was that it meant starting work at 3am and sometimes sooner! Obviously no way that he could use public transport and he was looking at high repair costs for the car that he did have. JobCarz was able to provide him with a car.

3 am

Adam Thompson-Binks 33, Seaham Adam heard jobCarz promoted on the radio and decided to give jobCarz a call when he was offered employment with a security firm in Gateshead. The distance involved and the length of shifts he would be doing, coupled with the start and finish times of some shifts, meant that with transport of his own he would be stuck. JobCarz was able to help.

Ben Crampton 23, Hetton-Le-Hole Ben had been unemployed for almost 2 years, when he was offered a job at County Hall, Durham for part of the week with the remainder for in Peterlee. He had no car of his own and it just would not be possible for him to manage to get around these places without one. Having heard about jobCarz, Ben sent in an email enquiry and secured the loan of a jobCar.

Robert Anderson 60, Peterlee Roberts’s situation is like so many before him. He had found employment and because of where the place of work was – it was obvious to him that he would struggle to actually get there. Robert had resigned himself to not being able to continue in the job as he could only use his daughters’ car for a few days. Then he heard about jobCarz and discovered that he was eligible for a car and that there would be one available for him at very short notice. Robert is an example of how quickly things can turn around in a person’s situation.

Adam Sadler 39, Easington Adam was another Shaw Trust referral and is an example of the diversity of people and employment situations that jobCarz has helped. He was to be employed as a General manager and at some stage during his employment he would have the use of a company car, but until then Adam would have a lot of travelling and bus-hopping to get there. Adam was accepted onto the scheme until such a time as he no longer needed the provision of

Craig Hesslewood 25, Thornley A car was an absolute necessity to enable Craig to take up an offer of employment in Washington. He did have a car of his own, but like many before him, he had found that he just could not afford to get an MOT for it, let alone the tax, insurance and associated running costs. It was a simple choice for him – no car from jobCarz – no job! He was referred from the Shaw Trust and was delighted with the car from jobCarz which he used until he accrued the money to get his own car back on the road.

Lisa Boreland 35, Peterlee Lisa was referred on to jobCarz by Working Links who helped Lisa find part-time work and were prepared to pay for 4 weeks loan of a jobCar. This was an important factor in Lisa being able to accept the work. Because of it initially being part-time, it just would not have been financially viable for Lisa to take the job, considering her travel costs.

Martin Dunn 26, Horden Martin had picked up one of the JobCarz leaflets at a job fair. He later contacted jobCarz to say that he had been offered a job with Nissan, but had transport problems and enquired as to whether he would meet the eligibility criteria? He did. As previously mentioned the nature of the shift patterns at Nissan make it impossible to rely on public transport. Martin simply could not have taken the job if there was not a jobCar available for him. Luckily there was.

William Elliot 57, Horden William had been unemployed for over 3 years and he was helped back to employment by The Shaw Trust, but a major stumbling block to this was transport. William wished to become self-employed as a market trader. He wanted to specialise in small items, e.g. watches, lighters and jewellery. JobCarz helped him to achieve this by loaning him a car for 3 months.

Leslie Stephenson 49, Easington Les had picked up a leaflet from the Jobcentre when securing his employment and contacted jobCarz when he got back home. Again Les, just could not believe that he would benefit from this scheme. At the time that Les rang there was a car available, which meant he could take up the job offer as the location where he was going to work, coupled with the rurality of where he lived, meant that the journey time involved would be a real barrier to him. After being unemployed for over a year, Les was now working and had the loan of a new car from jobCarz.

Chris Maddison 29, Seaham Chris is another person to first see jobCarz promoted by his local Jobcentre. He had been given a start date at Nissan and like so many others, he realised that it would be a nightmare to get there on certain shift patterns that he would have to work. He contacted jobCarz, completed all of the paperwork and left with a car from jobCarz to solve the travel problems he was certain to have.

Peter Parkin 26, Easington Peter was the first person to be referred to the scheme from the Jobcentre. He had seen one of the jobCarz leaflets on display there and spoke to an adviser about the scheme. He was a very industrious young man and secured 2 parttime jobs whilst with jobCarz; at a Call Centre in Peterlee and working at a Pizza shop. Peter did have a car of his own, but not the finances to repair it to allow it to pass an MOT. Through working the 2 jobs he eventually managed to do this and returned the jobCar for the next client.

Kevan Lawson 43, Blackhall Kevan had heard about jobCarz from a neighbour and made contact only for the job that he hoped to get to fall through. A few weeks later he contacted jobCarz again and this time with a confirmed start date with a company operating from the Docks in Harlepool – a difficult place to get to and accessible by vehicle only. Kevan was helped out very quickly by jobCarz. He rang late afternoon one day – and drove away the next!

Makhela Dinning 33, Seaham Makhela had been unemployed for over 5 years and was delighted to have found work with the help of Families First. She was to start work at a call centre on the outskirts of Peterlee, however, because of where she lived this journey (via public transport) would entail leaving the house very early and would include a couple of bus changes. For someone that has been out of work so long, these were definite barriers to looking for work and in fact in remaining at work. JobCarz was able to provide a car for Makhela.

Case Study Gallery Pictured below are some of the faces behind the case studies. These people were claiming benefits and pursued opportunities until they were successful. jobCarz helps real people to get to work.

Peter Parkin

William Elliot

David Armstrong

Darren Miller

Martin Dunn

Dean Hinton

Chris Foggon

Angela Ridgeway

Daniel Rochester

Stakeholders What will stakeholders get from jobCarz? For many people, to leave the security of benefits for a low paid job is a difficult move to make and a lack of transport can become one barrier too many to accepting a reasonable job offer. The whole ethos of jobCarz is to improve the confidence, self-esteem and lives of people who are looking to return to work, and through this raising the aspirations of family members and friends. “My Dad’s got a job and we’ve got a new car!”

For stakeholders that are focussing their efforts on getting people into work, jobCarz can be a very useful weapon to have in their armoury. This can be part of a turnkey approach to ensuring all of the aspects of “returning to work” are covered leading to increased success of such initiatives.

Suitability Where can jobCarz be successful? It would seem obvious that jobCarz would be most beneficial to people living in rural areas that do not enjoy regular public transport services (especially in light of recent service cuts). This, in many cases, is true, however, there are a number of other factors that make jobCarz a viable option in other areas.

The case studies have shown that it is very difficult to get to places such as Nissan, which sits on the A19, without car travel due to shift patterns and location not coinciding with public transport routes. Also, some people do not have the confidence to use public transport after claiming benefits for a long time (Shaw Trust) making this an additional barrier to returning to work. Families where one of the parents uses the family car can leave the other stranded, plus people who need the car during their work day, all underline the fact that jobCarz is suitable for both rural and urban environments.

Performance How successful is jobCarz? The success of the scheme, as can be seen from the preceding case studies, is focussed on the outcomes and the real difference it has made to local people’s lives rather than the numerical outputs. Additionally, one car has been used for promotional purposes and another (rotated) kept in reserve in case of breakdowns to other jobCarz. No. of jobCars hired per month (2010 financial year) April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

The impact the change of Government in May 2010 had upon the confidence of private sector companies (i.e. new jobs) can be seen in the now recovered dip in jobCar hires shown above.

Budget How much does it cost to run? The budget for running the scheme from scratch over a two year period is as follows: Category

Year 1

Year 2














Cars x 10




Tracking x 10




R, S, M




















Expansion For vehicles additional to the 10 suggested above the expenditure per car will be circa £7,000 in year 1 and £1,500 in year 2. This does assume that the vehicles chosen are similar to those chosen for the pilot project.

Funding What contributions are required? As previously stated, each loan of a jobCar generates £27 per week (+VAT), and across the jobCarz fleet (assuming 10 vehicles) for 52 weeks, the scheme can provide in excess of £14,000 to contribute towards the total funding required. Good practice dictates that one vehicle is kept in reserve (rotated) and there will always be a time-lag between one vehicle returning and then being sent out on loan with the next client. Therefore, it may be more realistic to view a best case scenario as generating a hire income of £10,000 It then follows that funding is required to meet the remaining £90,000 costs for year 1 which includes the purchase of the capital assets for the scheme and the £35,000 that is required to fund the revenue costs for the following years. This equates to £1,250 per client in year 1 and £500 in year 2.

Contact Details For further details regarding jobCarz please contact Steve Main jobCarz Co-ordinator via any of the contact methods below:

Telephone: 0191-5000414 Email: Website: East Durham Community Transport Unit 7A, 3 Cook Way, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 2HY Charity No: 1120818 Company No: 6131244


Final stakeholder promotional document

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