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Managing Your Social Media Presence

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No one else can be you right?

You have a unique style, a unique way of approaching things and a certain way of communicating with others. It’s a double edged sword. On the one hand it’s so important for your business for you to be unique. It’s a large part of your USP in today’s competitive world. On the other hand, it poses a pretty big challenge when trying to create a presence across the social media channels. Particularly if your business brand is you, rather than a company name. The easiest platform to get round this is Facebook. With the ability to set up admins for pages, it’s easy to build a team of people who can comment and respond to visitors on your page and not be mistaken as you. On the other platforms however it becomes a touch more challenging. On G + any comment, post, share etc comes from you with your picture firmly associated to it. The same goes for LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest.

So what if you just want some help managing your social media presence but definitely don’t want responses from your team being mistaken for responses from you? Well, this post is born from experience! The reason I’m writing this is because my partner is working with me on my business and frequently goes into my accounts to make posts / respond to comments.

If he does it in my name I can tell you arguments ensue! I’m very protective as to how I communicate with people and I have a very distinctive style, which he doesn’t share! Now to be fair, I may be being a bit obsessed about it, but it’s a real challenge.

The way we’re currently dealing with this is that every time Rhett or Evie (our assistant) post responses they finish the comment with – SNA Team, or (moving forward) Team Jo. The only platform this causes issues on is Twitter due to the limited no of characters, but it seems to work ok.

It’s certainly not perfect however, many people don’t read the end of a post and still think its me. But it’s nigh on impossible to stay in touch with everyone on every platform and do everything else you need to do in your business without a bit of help!

What’s your thoughts on this?

Should each platform have an admin facility so you can hire a support team? How do you manage this challenge? I’d love your thoughts. oitoiwetyioyoityoeiyotiotyioytoytweoytwyotyoteoyitewoiytewo tieyweotwiyoetyoyitewoyetwoetwyyotweoyetwyotewoytewoy tewoyitewoyiteoyteoyteoyiteoiytewoyitewyoiteowyitoyweiyot weioyiewoyitewoyiteoyiewoyiteoyietwoyietoiyoyiewtoytieoyie wtoyietoyietwoyietoyetwoyoytweoyetwoyietwoyetwoywetoye twoyewtyotewoyetwoyoitewoiyetwoiyteoyietwoyetoyietoyiet woyietoyietoyietwoyietwoyiewtoyitewoyiteoywiteowyioyitpqo yiwtioytoyioyiteoyiteoiytweiotepoiyetyioteyiotewoiytewoiytew oyiyioetwoyitewoyitewoyeiwtoyietwoiyetwioytewoyitweyoitey oitweoyiewtyioyoitewyoteiyoetwyoewtoyietyoitewoytoyitoyei woytweioywetoyiwetyoiwetoyiweotyiioyetwoiywetioyetioyetwi oytewioyetwoiyewtioyewtoyiewtoiytewoiywetoyietwoyietwoy eitwoyiewtoyiewtoyiwetoiyetwoyiewtoyewtoyetwyoewtyoteiiiii

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Have a great day! Jo:)

Managing Your Social Media Presence  
Managing Your Social Media Presence  

So what if you just want some help managing your social media presence but definitely don’t want responses from your team being mistaken for...