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ASEAN Expat Jobs and the planned integration into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This is supposed to happen in 2015. But may still have a long way to go according to some observers at the recent Leadership Forum in Myanmar. “The ten-member nation integration is moving in the right direction. It is probably not moving as fast as many people would like. And there are various reasons for that. But it is also continuously moving in the right direction” said one Singaporean-based CEO. The 2015 deadline of having ASEAN economically integrated is drawing close. ASEAN expat jobs seekers and  local entrepreneurs need to take the lead, according to another high-profile director. “We should not point fingers at the governments.  They are too busy with politics in other parts of the ten member countries. And is a really good example of bringing entrepreneurs together to think about what we can really do,” he said. ASEAN Business Outlook Survey. American Chambers of Commerce, AMCHAM, has conducted a study among members. The purpose was to understand outlook on business growth. And other ways of local factors in the region. Companies view ASEAN economic integration as very important. Yet they are skeptical that ASEAN will achieve its Economic Community (AEC) goals by 2015. Sponsored Links[10/20/2013 6:43:48 AM]

ASEAN Expat Jobs, Business, Job and Asian Career l

Importance of Integration. ASEAN economic integration is valuable to majority of respondents, with most reporting that this integration is important to helping their companies do business in the region. Of all the countries surveyed, executives in Vietnam had the highest positive response rate. Read or Download the report clicking on the link. ASEAN Expat Jobs Search Sites and Career Portals  Please visit any of the country links below to find more useful jobs information. Jobs in Brunei for Foreigners Jobs in Myanmar for Foreigners Jobs in Cambodia or Foreigners Jobs in the Philippines for Foreigners Jobs in Indonesia for Foreigners Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners Jobs in Laos for Foreigners Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners Jobs in Malaysia for Foreigners Jobs in Vietnam for Foreigners   We have another 12-15 countries listed under Asian countries, please visit there for getting information about all the other Asian nations not part of the South-East Asian countries. By Pranee Thongsuk

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ASEAN Expat Jobs, Business, Job and Asian Career l

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ASEAN Expat Jobs, Business, Job and Asian Career l

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