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Cluster Headache Symptoms And Treatments Cluster Headache Treatment _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Dylan Rao -

There is an incapacitating disorder that hits a small portion of the population without any forewarningcluster headaches. Their attacks come at what seem to be haphazard time periods-which is exactly how cluster headaches got their title.

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Sufferers of cluster headaches may have to endure them for days or even weeks on end, and still be able to go for a year, two years or even more without a cluster headache. Stress, drugs, and alcohol are all thought to bring on attacks of cluster headaches; however, the real cause is not truly known. However, with none of these factors, a person may still end up with a series of cluster headaches at any point in time. Due to the severity and clear-cut symptoms, it is easy to tell the difference between a normal headache and a cluster headache. Cluster headache sufferers will frequently have a runny nose or eyes. The pain, usually described by sufferers as an icepick, has a tendency to concentrate in the area at the back of one eye. This

enormously painful feeling usually turns into a highly severe, painful feeling often setting off a pain emergency in the patient. It is imperative that the sufferer of a cluster headache get immediate treatment. Easing the overwhelming pain that often goes along with cluster headaches can be done with pain killers and sedatives, such as narcotics and tranquilizers. Due to the randomness of cluster headaches, treatment is not easily accomplished. Changing your lifestyle tends to be the better choice than being stuck on medicine for the rest of your life-and not knowing if the medicine will work or not. Since one of the biggest triggers is drugs and alcohol, avoiding them would be a good first step. Due to the fact that avoiding a cluster headache is tricky at best, treatments like narcotics, or tranquilizers are a necessity to have at hand.

Cluster headache sufferers know that a visit to the doctor is needed when the headaches become frequent. Of course, they can happen with no known reason, but they can also be a sign of a bigger issue, neurologically. Should this be the case, it is imperative that treatment be taken by the patient as soon as possible. Stress management-in several forms, such as yoga, exercise or herbal teas to help relax-could possibly be considered successful treatment for cluster headaches. Stress and its role in the cluster headache's treatment is not crystal clear at this point. However, stress has been shown to be a factor in other types of headaches as well, so it could possibly affect the cluster headaches, too. Physiological symptoms in a wide variety can be caused by stress-especially a lot of emotional stress-and be a huge factor in the cause of cluster headaches, too.

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