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Save Money And natural resources by switching to clean, renewable, unlimited solar energy

Live Green solar facts you should know 1. Photovoltaic systems can eliminate your electric bill. 2. Photovoltaic systems can add significantly to your home’s equity. 3. State and Federal solar energy income tax credits can reimburse up to 65% of the cost of a solar system. 4. Photovoltaic systems generate 100% non-polluting usable energy. 5. Solar hot water systems can lower your electric bill up to 40%.

For many homeowners, the choice to change to solar energy is both financial and philosophic. Living in Hawaii, we all see the impact that petroleum prices have on our quality of life, as well as the effect it has on the global environment. At Sunetric, we were founded on the belief that the beauty of our islands—and our earth—are worth protecting. Together, we can increase Hawaii’s energy independence, one home, one business at a time.

Our Quality Promise Sunetric is a full-service renewable energy firm and the largest locally owned and operated solar integrator in Hawaii. We design, develop, and install solar photovoltaic, hot water systems and solar attic fans for homes of all sizes. Our success comes from our unique start-to-finish approach, taking you from design through installation and maintenance. Unlike other solar providers who rely on subcontractors, we use exclusively Sunetric-certified professionals to ensure the

6. HECO offers a $1,000 rebate on qualified solar hot water systems. 7. Solar hot water systems pay for themselves in two to three years.

highest quality design and workmanship. We work with you at every stage to meet your aesthetic, budget, financing and energy goals. formerly Suntech Hawaii

The Complete Solar Home Save about $700/yr with Solar Water Heating Systems If you have a family of four, chances are that up to 40% of your electric bill goes toward hot water. Solar water heating systems can greatly reduce that cost, saving you about $700 per year. Add in 30% Federal and 35% State tax credits, plus a $1,000 HECO rebate, and your

our solar systems are ideal with their high efficiency

solar hot water system will pay for itself in two to three

capabilities. What’s more, with the 25-year guarantee on

years. With Sunetric, you’ll also benefit from our smart

our solar panels, Sunetric pv systems can significantly

design and quality workmanship that guarantee a leak-

add to the resale value of your home.

proof and efficient system for years to come.

Keep your cool with Solar Fans

Become more energy independent with a solar photovoltaic system

High humidity and poor ventilation can cause attic temperatures to soar above 150 degrees, turning your

Reduce your electric bill, your dependence on

home into an oven and taxing your air conditioning

petroleum-generated electricity and your carbon

system. At Sunetric, our solar attic fans can reduce the

footprint, all in one easy step by installing a photovoltaic

temperature in your attic by over 50 degrees

(pv) system. We specialize in creating systems that

and lower the temperature in your home by up to

match the aesthetics of your home, being careful to stay

10 degrees. Ventilating your attic also extends the life

within budget and time frame, and installing our system

of your roofing materials and greatly reduces the load

with minimal disruption to your daily life. If you live

on your air conditioning system, which in turn saves

in cloud-covered areas such as Manoa and Kaneohe,

you money.

rebates & tax incentives for Hawaii residential solar systems solar attic fan

solar hot water

PV solar


$12,500 $17,500 $25,000







$12,500 $17,500 $25,000


total cost after incentives




Note: The tax credit basis of the system is calculated by subtracting the rebate amount from the installed cost. Disclaimer: This example is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered tax advice. Consult with your tax advisor, IRS, or state tax office to determine how these credits should be calculated for your own individual situation.














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formerly Suntech Hawaii

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worth protecting. Together, we can increase Hawaii’s energy independence, one and operated solar integrator in Hawaii. We design, develop, a...