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Summing up Services of President / Board Advisory, Interim Management, Operative Consulting. Applied Innovation Management. To –initially targeted sectorsBiotech Agri-food industry Engineering In the fields of Corporative Development Internationalization Social Media Branding Business Intelligence Corporative Development Fund-raising, Funding rounds, Venture Capital. Outreach, Networking, Institutional Representation. Licensing, Business Development, Joint Development Agmt. Advisory and Strategic Consultancy to President, Voting Trustee, CEO, Board. Internationalization Joint Ventures, Master Agmt. Int’nal Account Management, Trade Shows, Partnering. Market Research, Prospects, Leads Generation. Int’nal Marketing, Conferences, Presentations, Representation. Social Media Marketing Strategic briefing and planning, Copy Strategy, Branding. Positioning, Distribution, Representation. Web auditory, SEO, SEM. Business Intelligence Costs analysis, Products and Departments break down. Break-even, Sensitivity analysis. Working-capital needed. Market forecast. Front-log modelling. Other Customised Services on demand. The service will be jointly defined with the customer through a consulting process. Besides a weekly or monthly fee, quotation and service could possibly include commissionbased retribution or thresholds / milestones bonuses. Services can be provided to groups, consortiums and associations.

Alma Innovation Services Brief  

Services of Board/President Advisory, Interim Management, Part Time Management, Operative Consultancy In the fields of Applied Innovation...