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Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. For more than 400 million people is Spanisch their mother tongue. The demand for people that speak it has more than doubled over the past 10 years, and within 15 years it is expected to increase this number to 500 million Spanish-speaking population. This is the official language on four continents and is of great historical significance throughout the world.

We offer a wide range of Spanish courses in Malaga, the most characteristic city of the Mediterranean sea, where in addition to learning Spanish, you can enjoy everything that comes from the Spanish culture. Spain is a wonderful country where you will spend an unforgettable vacation and learn the language.

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Spanish Courses Alhambra Instituto lnternacional

Spanish Language Courses since 1980

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Spanish Intensive Courses In Malaga - Spain Acreditations:

Alhambra Instituto Spanish Language Courses since 1980

General Spanish Courses: Alhambra Instituto offers quality Spanish Language courses in Spain. Small classes and individual attention are a speciality at this school. Our courses include General Spanish for leisure, General Spanish with Business, DELE examination courses and Chamber of Commerce exam Preparation.

Our general Spanish courses cover all areas of language development including reading, writing, speaking and listening.The syllabus also includes grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and learning techniques. Our courses are designed to help all students make steady and consistent progress.

Intensive Spanish Course

Super Intensive Spanish Course

Intensive Plus Spanish Course

Super Intensive Plus Spanish Course

20 hours per week 25 hours per week

30 hours per week

25 hours per week / 20 h. group + 5 individual

35 hours per week / 30 h. group + 5 individual

This course consists of 20 or 25 lessons per week. It’s the perfect course for those who want to combine a holiday or a business trip in our country with language classes.

The Super Intensive Spanish Course consists of 30 lessons each week. It is designed for those who want to rapidly improve their Spanish. Classes are small with 6-10 participants per group.

This course consists of 25 lessons per week.With 5 lessons daily, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and individual instruction.

Also, if you are looking for a less intensive daily schedule this is the right course for you. Students can choose a course length lasting from 1 to 24 weeks.

The course duration is 1 week or more. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students.

Mini-Seminars - NEW!!! A series of mini-seminars organised by Alhambra Instituto during the evenings. Such mini-seminars are given as an add on to your Spanish Course consisting in 5 lessons a week for only 20 eur/week.

In the private lesson your teacher can concentrate on aspects of language relevant to your particular needs, such as extra conversational practice, specific vocabulary or business studies. Course length: from 1 to 24 weeks. This course will enable you to significantly improve your Spanish, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student.

The Super Intensive Plus program is an ideal combination of group lessons (6 every day) and individual teaching (1 lesson daily). The individual lessons can be adapted to suit the needs of the student. They can choose what areas they would like to focus on, such as extra conversational practice, specific vocabulary, business studies. With 7 lessons daily, 6 with a group and 1 individual, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and individual tuition. This course will enhance your grammar and fluency in conversational Spanish. Course length is from 1 to 24 weeks. Our classes place particular emphasis on speaking, as this is the key to communication.

Our Special Courses:

Spanish Courses Alhambra Instituto lnternacional

Individual Spanish Lessons

Business Spanish

Preparation for the DELE Exam

Semi-Intensive Sumer Course

20 h. group + 5 individual 20 h. group + 5 DELE group

10 / 15 hrs. per week


25 hours per week / 20 h. group + 5 individual

Individual Spanish Courses are completely tailor-made Spanish programmes, in which your teacher will work closely with you to identify your needs and objectives.

You will develop the communication skills needed in today’s international environment. We cover business vocabulary for marketing and management areas.

The Dele Course is a combination of group lessons and individual focus in DELE preparation) The D.E.L.E. Exams are held in May, August and November.

These Spanish courses are designed for those who want to start or continue studying Spanish while taking advantage of the considerable amount of free time left over to participate in the city´s social life.

Spanish + Flamenco

Spanish for Lawyers

20 + 10 flamenco in group 25 + 5 flamenco individual

25 + 5 Lawyer group 25 + 5 Lawyer individual

Spanish for Cabin Crew

Spanish Courses for Teachers

25 + 5 Airline group 25 + 5 Airline individual

25 hours per week

Alhambra Instituto offers you the opportunity to combine your Spanish classes with the knowledge of one of Spain’s most beloved traditions: Flamenco.

The main objective of the course is to build participants’ legal vocabulary, classroom discussion skills, and presentation capabilities.

The main objective of the Spanish for Flight Attendants Course is to build the student’s vocabulary in the field of airline industry, classroom discussion and Spanish language skills.

The target of this course is to give teachers of Spanish an update of the latest teaching methods and technologies from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Spanish Courses for Groups Tailor made Spanish courses for Groups: Alhambra-Instituto offers Spanish teachers the chance to partake in the rewarding experience of taking students abroad to study Spanish in one of our schools.

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Alhambra Instituto

Spanish Language Courses since 1980 Spanish host families

Shared Apartment

Single Room / Double Room Half Board / Full Board

Single Room / Double Room Self Catering

If you choose accomodation with a Spanish host family, we will choose one in which previous students of ours have been happy and we can therefore be confident that you will be welcomed and well treated. This type of accommodation enables the students to live insight into Spanish life. Advantages of this: the benefit from the extra Spanish practice and social contact with the family and friends is ‘the big plus’ of home stay. You will be surrounded ‘by Spanish 24 hours a day’. Also the students are fully integrated into the family. The friendly relationship is a basis for practical and natural use of Spanish. Students are able to choose between a ouble or a single room, and half or full board.

Studio Hotel o Pension On Request

At the Alhambra Instituto you have the option of living in a shared furnished apartment, in an individual or a double room. This gives you the opportunity of living with 4 or 5 other people from the school. You share a living room with a television, a kitchen to prepare your meals and one or more bathrooms. You will live with people of different nationalities which means you will speak Spanish. The apartments are situated only 10 to 15 minutes walking distance to the school and 5 to 10 minutes away from the beach. In the area there are supermarkets, little shops, restaurants and a bus stop with buses running day and night. You can reach the city center in about 20 minutes with the bus.

If you value your privacy then it is possible to stay in a hotel, a pension or a studioappartment for 1-2 people (on request). We will be glad to recommend you a hotel which meets your requirements and which is located near the school. If you prefer any other kind of accommodation or prefer to find your own, this is not a problem.

Booking Conditions:

How to pay?

• Enrollment Fee (for all courses) = 40 euros. • Course Material (every 4 weeks) = 25 euros. • The notice of cancellation has to be sent to the school. The date on the fax, e-mail or the postmark represents the date of cancellation. Costs which have been paid prior to the course are refunded as followed: a) 14 days prior to the course: 50% of the invoiced amount will be charged. b) 5 days prior the the course: 75% of the invoiced amount will be charged. c) 4 days prior to the course: No refunds will be granted. d) With the first day of school there will be no refunding of courses or accoommodation. • The cancellation fees may be refunded in the form of a voucher if the person enrolls for a course again. • All conditions mentioned within point 1 also apply in cases of force majeure.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: Your course is confirmed when we receive your deposit of 150,00 euro (100,00 euro without accommodation - or the total amount of the course - by: 1) Bank transfer (Account name: INSTITUTO ALHAMBRA, Account nº: 0030 4172 89 0000168271, Bank name: BANESTO, Avda. Juan Sebastian Elcano 84, 29017 Málaga Spain (Swift/bic:ESPCESMM) (IBAN ES96 0030 4172 8900 0016 8271); 2) Bankers cheque by registered mail to Instituto Internacional Alhambra, Box 665, 29080 Malaga, Spain (please take notice that we don’t accept personal cheques); 3) Credit card (sending us your Visa or Mastercard information in order to pay for your programme, clearly indicating the exact amount that you are authorizing us to charge). The deposit will be deducted from the total amount. The total amount must be paid (upon receipt of the invoice), at the latest, 2 WEEKS BEFORE the beginning of your course, either by Bank transfer, Bankers cheque or Credit card. Make sure that all the transfer costs are covered by your bank, otherwise we will not receive the total amount of the invoice, since transfer costs will be deducted.

CONTACT: Avd. Juan Sebastian Elcano, 78

Tel: + (34) 95 229 15 09 Fax: + (34) 95 220 16 00 e- mail:

29017 Málaga (Spain)


Spanish Courses Rates and Dates download  

Spanish Courses Price List 2012, General Prices Dates Spanish Courses in Spain, price lists for group and individual courses

Spanish Courses Rates and Dates download  

Spanish Courses Price List 2012, General Prices Dates Spanish Courses in Spain, price lists for group and individual courses