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Joao Pedro Chaves Hauer CV + Portfolio

Joao Pedro Chaves Hauer Brazilian Licensed Architect A121330-0 Personal Info Date of Birth Nationality Address

14.10.1992 Brazilian Kavalierstrasse 06, 06844 Dessau-Rosslau

Email +4915736570434 joaopedro1410

Mobile Skype Education 2016 - Present 2010 - 2015 2013 - 2014 2001 - 2008

Masters in Architecture, DIA Hochschule Anhal, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany Bachelors in Architecture and Urban Planning, Universidade Positivo, Curitiba, Brazil Plymouth University Exchange Year, Plymouth University, United Kingdom Middle and High School at International School of Curitiba, Brazil

Professional Experiences 2017 2017 2015 - 2016 2014 2013 2011 2010

MENIS Arquitectos, Canary Islands, Spain - Architect Assistant WOLFEN Housing, Wolfen, Germany - Architect Assistant PACHLA Arquitetura - Project Leader Doria Lopes Fiuza Arquitetos Associados - Intern Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados - Intern Manoel Coelho Arquitetura e Design - Intern Sabrina Slompo Arquitetura e Consultoria - Intern

Competition / Awards 2017 2016

INDESEM Crowded, TU Delft Indesem 2017, Delft, Netherlands Nominated for Best Bachelor Thesis - Opera Prima 27th Edition, Brazil

Social Commitment 2017 - 2018

Participated as a Volunteer Member of PLUM Organization, Dessau International School

Skills Drawing / Modeling / BIM

Rendering / Graphics


AutoCAD Vectorworks Revit Sketchup Lumion Rhino

V-RAY Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

English - Fluent - C2 - TOEFL Certificated Portuguese - Native Language German - A2 (Currently attending course) Spanish - B2

VITAMIN [B]ERLIN Master Thesis, supervised by Joris Fach Dessau International School of Architecture The project focuses on the conversion of an underused parking garage in the district of Gropiusstadt in Berlin, into a communal co-working space combined with an educational approach. The aim is to promote a space where both new coming immigrants and local Germans, work, share and collaborate within a single built form. The existing concrete - structured parking garage, offers an unique opportunity for a new frame of support, exchange of culture, knowledge and work opportunities, where they, together will act as a catalytic vitamin for a social, consequently, economic and urban improvement, Vitamin [B]erlin.

The existing parking garage is located in Gropiusstadt, Berlin and it’s a 3 story garage composed of split levels, double-tee concrete slabs with louver facades. The structural system presents an unique opportunity to generate spatial quality within the building, and by removing specific slabs, larger spaces are created for public activity.

Actual Condition

Specific Facade Subtraction

Double - Tee Slab Subtraction

Double - Tee Slab Inclination

Connecting Stairs

ADELAIDE FARM‘S GUESTHOUSE Under Construction, 2016, Private Commission Sao Luiz do Puruna, Parana, Brazil This project presents an opportunity of designing a future inhabitation space among such a vast landscape. Located on the Brazilian countryside, the existing farm requires a guesthouse to welcome friends and family over all - year long. The inclined terrain offers a wide view of the countryside, therefore the main elements are inserted towards one side, wrapped up by full glazing. The terrace extends over the sloped surface, becoming a relaxing space with the presence of a whirlpool. Local resources are used to compose the overall structure, mainly with wood.

KAUNAS CONCERT HALL Competition, supervised by Head Architect Fernando Menis Kaunas makes part of those European cities in need of a world-class while economically viable cultural infrastructure. In order to comply with this combination of circumstances we propose a multifunctional concerts hall, capable of lodging different types of cultural projects during its European Capital of Culture, which, after the expiration of the symbolic year 2022, can become a stable cultural reference for the whole country. The new Kaunas Concerts Hall will be located on the banks of the Nemunas River, next to the historic center of the city, revitalizing the whole area and creating a new cultural district in the city. The new Concerts Hall will be the definitive step to complete the revitalization of the former industrial zone where it is based, completing the transformation of the city as Lithuania’s academic, cultural and innovation capital.

CURITIBA‘S PUBLIC MEDIATHEQUE Bachelor Thesis, Curitiba, Brazil, 2015 Nominated for Best B.A Thesis Year 2015 Located in the historical district of Reboucas, the Public Mediatheque focuses on the urban revival of this neighborhod, rich of important industrial heritage. Unfortunately, this historical site has been taken by private housing, decreasing the public life around this area. With the development of a public - educational building such as a Mediatheque, the local population and students from nearby universities will have the opportunity to exchange, interact and socialize in a single framework. One of the key design aspects was to create a public square where various public activities may occur, increasing the urban life day by day.



SWISS METAL AREA MASTERPLAN Studio Swiss Area, 2017, DIA Supervised by Martin Rein-Cano Located in Dornach, an industrial neighborhood of Basel, Switzerland, this project focuses on the masterplanning of a historical industry area, by transforming it into a future productive city. The presence of historical industries offers an oppotunity of keeping their existing structure, however , with new programs. Theses programs varies from social housing, private apartments, coworking spaces, restaurants, bars and other leisure amenities. The focus was to promote an unique framework for this urban development to grow overtime, through the effects of urban traction, compression and friction.

PLYMOUTH BUSINESS SCHOOL Plymouth University, 2014 Supervised by Prof. Alessandro Aurigi and Dr. Katharine Willis This project focuses on the exploration of three types of learning: Informal, Applied and Formal. Informal learning is the everyday interaction we have in our society, by exchanging ideas, information and culture. This concept is spacially translated into more openpublic areas. Applied learning is the research based typology, where knowledge is gathered through the research on various mediums. Theses spaces are tailored for students and professors seeking a more private learning. The last, Formal learning is what we know by the regular classroom, in which would be the most private space in this project.


Joao Pedro Chaves Hauer +4915736570434 skype: joaopedro1410

Hauer CV+Portfolio  
Hauer CV+Portfolio