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Jo찾o R. Malossi

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Academic Institutions Attended and Degrees Earned Marketing Technician (2015 - present) Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS), Erechim, RS, Brazil Translators of Disruption (2014) FLAGCX - The Creative Disruption Network, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Bachelor of Social Communication with emphasis in Advertising (2012) Universidade de Passo Fundo (UPF), Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil Social Network Analysis (2012 - incomplete) University of Michigan, Online, Coursera Molotov (2012) Perestroika - School of Creativity, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Pharmacy (2008 - incomplete) Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Miss천es (URI), Erechim, RS, Brazil Nursing Technician (2007) Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Miss천es (URI), Erechim, RS, Brazil Advanced English (2001 - 2007) CCAA Erechim, RS, Brazil List of Technical Skills Design, Branding, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Arduino, Word, Excel, Power Point, Ableton Live, Soundforge, Stencil, Traktor, Cinema 4D List of Business Skills Planning, Administration, Marketing, Leading, Critical Thinking, Producing, Entrepreneurship, Problem solving, Mentoring, Decision-Making, Social Media, Data Analysis, Writing, Mathematic

Profissional Work Experience FLYING BONSAI, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2014 Founder Created a company to develop and sell shirts with exclusive designs. Dealed with a MVP and a starter investment of R$ 350. Worked in all areas of the company: administration, communication, design and planning. LADO B, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2014 - present DJ and Producer Co-founder of Lado B, a collective that organize original parties and events with integrated communication. Was responsible for the development of the parties themes, communication, producing and djing.

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+55 54 8122 1057 | | STENCIL 101, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil 2014 Producer Developed entirely the Stencil 101 workshop to teach people the basics stencil techniques for the production of shirts prints and stimulate entrepreneurship. Initially the workshop took place free of charge for students of the School of Arts and Communication of the University of Passo Fundo (UPF) during the Regional Seminar of Advertising. After, it was done, through crowdfunding, another edition of course at Perestroika in Porto Alegre. In two workshops is estimated a range of 80 students. For more information you can check the link: https://www. ÁBILE COMUNICAÇÃO, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2013 - present Assistant Creative Director Working since 2013 at Ábile Comunicação, an advertising agency responsible for companies of cosmetics, clothing, supermarkets, agricultural machinery, laboratories, non-governamental organizations, etc... Worked with the creation of visual identities of the companies and developed they communication and branding. REVISTA BOX, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2013 Co-founder Spearheaded the launch of a new product of BBAD Comunicação in the city: a free distribution magazine targeted to young people from 18-24 years old. Wrote articles, created graphic ads, planned the strategies of the magazine and contributed with the financial control. Also partner with some non-governmental organizations as AIESEC and 50 Sorrisos. BBAD COMUNICAÇÃO, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2013 Creative Director and Co-founder Co-founder of an advertising agency. Joined the team to execute the branding of Revista Box. Spearheaded branding initiatives, created graphic ads and planned social media strategies. VALE DESCONTOS CLUB, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2012 Manager and Co-founder Co-founder of the first deal-of-the-day website in Erechim. Responsible for financial control, and also act with the sales, divulgation and planning team. ÁBILE COMUNICAÇÃO, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2011 Graphic Production Trainee Hired as a trainee to support the company’s demands of work. Responsible for graphic ads, television ads, copywriting, art directing and campaigns with limited budget RÁDIO VIRTUAL FM, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2010 Trainee Started the trainee period to learn how is the work at a radio station and to learn the internal procedures they used since the production until the divulgation of the companies. UNIVERSIDADE DE PASSO FUNDO, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil 2010 Photography Course Monitor Assistance of students who were at the Photography class of the Advertising course and at the practical lessons.

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+55 54 8122 1057 | | DC2 PROPAGANDA, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2009 Advertising Trainee Recruited as a trainee to create logos, graphic ads, graduation invitations, photos treatment and production of television ads. SANTA TERESINHA HOSPITAL, Erechim, RS, Brazil 2007 Nursing Technician Trainee Joined the nursing team as a nursing and as part of my academic training. Responsible for routine procedures and worked in attendance of patients on the First Aid Station, Intensive Care Unit, Pediatrics, Maternity, Clinics and Surgery Center. UBS ALDO ARIOLI (BASIC HEALTH UNIT - ALDO ARIOLI), Erechim, RS, Brazil 2007 Nursing Technician Trainee Responsible for routine procedures, reception of patients, vital signs check, application of medications and attendance of technical and controlling procedures.

Relevant Volunteer Activities I Want to Adopt a Kenya Kid 2012 Created a campaign to make people give money as a gift in the birthday to “adopt” a kid of the nongovernamental organization “50 Sorrisos” from Kenya. The initial goal was R$ 240,00, but at the end of the campaign was collected at about R$ 300,00. Beyond this value, according to the staff of the ONG in the last days around 8 people had become sponsors of the cause. It was a one week campaign and involved at about 100 people interacting and sharing the cause. At the end it was estimated an amount of R$ 2.200,00 collected in donations. Link: 5 Pila Cada Um - “R$ 5 Each One” 2011 Spearheaded a project called “5 pila cada um” to collect donations of people to transform an ordinary day of the kids of the non-governamental organization Lar Emiliano Lopes (Passo Fundo - RS) in a Children Day out-ofseason. The campaign involved 54 people and raised R$ 270,00 in three days, plus the divulgation of the ONG (over 300 views on youtube). Link: Célula Solidary Communication 2011 Spearheaded the creation of a communication agency as an extension project of the graduation. Célula was an agency for non-governmental institutions, to volunteers learn how to work with advertising and communication while helping people. Collective - Ruído Coletivo 2011 - present Development of activities involving the community and democratize access to music, sports, theater and various workshops. In addition to isolated actions, such as film screenings, workshops, theater and cultural performances, annually held the Muamba Festival, and the Grito Rock Erechim, a festival that takes place simultaneously in 400 cities and 40 countries ( and in 2014, in Erechim, has a range estimated at around 700 people.

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+55 54 8122 1057 | | A List of Nations and Regions in Which you Worked, Studied, and/or Spent Significant Time • Spend a half month visiting Europe. Visited London, Birmingham, Kingston, and also Amsterdam and Paris. • While graduation, lived in Erechim and studied in Passo Fundo. • Also studied at a creativity school called Perestroika in Porto Alegre with classes once a week.

Competence Levels for All Languages Spoken • Portuguese (Proficient User) • English (Independent User) • Spanish (Basic User)

Official Honors, Awards, or Other Accomplishments • Won a Perestroika scholarship during the World Festival of Advertising in Gramado. (2012) • Winner of a National Contest on Press Freedom, conducted by U.S. Embassy in Brazil. The video can be checked here: (over 4.000 views)

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This is my CV.

Curriculum Vitae  

This is my CV.