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The Dream diary Fine Art Photography Joao Ferreira



Types of dreams


Dreams, A future Vision


Dream and nightmares


When imagination turns reality


An unconscious mind



My dreams The Horror house


A trip of Knowledge


Dead End


The Pianist


soulless tree


Under Translation


Stitched up


Good Morning Sunshine


Point of Perspective


Tree house.


Broken Time



Introduction We are the tailors of subconscious and unconscious minds, in this book I will be illustrating a set of dreams which were recorded in first person. The reason for which I decided to explore into dreams has to do mostly with the meaning in which visions may tell. Over thousands of years and millions of cultures and religions dreams have different meanings and interpretations. In this modern 21st century society we as civilized people have lost the interest for visions and there meanings. Dreams have been studied by a vast number of scientists and psychologists until, today we still do not know the true reasons for the purpose of dreams.

The dream world is a vast universe of memories feelings and inspiration. Some of the greatest Artists, Writers and inventors have come across an idea or Solution whilst in their sleep. I use photography as my tool primarily using a monochrome format in a majority of my work due to its ability to push forward the contrast the image. My inspiration has derived from Surrealism artists, photographers as Dali, Magritte and Helsman. Their ability to visualize such dream like scenarios and record the unconscious mind being so creative and original; able to provoke one’s emotions.

What Kind Of Dreamer Are You ? A lucid dream is one that you can control because you are aware that you are dreaming. You can also decide what to dream about before going to sleep and then dream about the very thing that you planned to. Telepathy, known as “the language of the angels,� allows the dead and the living to speak in dreamland. In this meeting place, death is no barrier, and the living cross the threshold into a heavenly sphere of existence. This mental communication can also occur mind-to-mind between two living people. We may send our own or receive others’ intentional or unintentional thoughts as mental visions in dreams. Extended telepathy during sleep is a communion between two worlds, the nighttime world of the soul and the daytime world of the body. Premonitory dreams are similar to telepathic dreams in that your spirit leaves your body and ventures on a voyage of discovery. Premonitory dreams are special because they reveal the future and allow the dreamer to see truths that are not accessible in waking life.

In telepathic dreams, we can also detect information about an imminent event. Dreams are the catalyst that put your body into motion to follow A nightmare may also relate to an old, unsolved problem that is so frightening to face that we are unable to continue to dream and the emotional terror wakes us in distress without offering a solution. Most nightmares are linked to early childhood, when we are inexperienced and therefore dependent on others. Before the age of three, we have not yet developed a sense of conscience and of right and wrong. Nightmares are representations of a suppressed, original fear commonly created by excessively strict parental or sibling moral standards and the threat of punishment in the face of innocence. In nightmares you may perceive a warning for yourself or for a loved one. To be forewarned is to be forearmed: if you first see a frightful event in a dream, you can prevent harm from happening in waking life. For example, nightmares can warn against acting on impulse, as well as show that certain feelings and emotions are unhealthy. Not all nightmares are nasty predictions or unwholesome signs.


Vision of the future


There are people who experience premonitory dreams and are able to tell the future to see an event before it happens, may help the dreamer be prepared for good news or even an apocalyptic event,. There is many occasions when the dreamer can be in such a deep sleep that the senses start to work. Smell, Touch taste will simulate reality.

The importance of nightmares

“Just because it seems out of place it does not mean it hasn’t got a purpose, Dreams don’t have to make sense to have a meaning. “

A Nightmare is equally important as a general dreams in fact there balance the unconscious mind. They create a set emotions such as fear and anxiety that we, associate with in the real world use It for our advantage for example being more caution’s in our day to day life’s Mary Shelly the author of Frankstein was inspired by a nightmare which influenced her to write one of the worlds most read horror novels.


When imagination turns reality. “ Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare. “

~H.F. Hedge

The unconscious mind has been used by many famous artists writers and inventors to there advantage in there work, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte are perfect examples of surrealists which have been inspired by ideas and components of a dream. In many cases dreams can be solutions to problems. There are dreams, which are so intense that the sleeper can get confused between the dream and the reality these are derived due to a set of collective memories and Emotions. In many cases people have ordinary dream visions which are influenced by day to day lifestyles and activities.



Vision of an unconscious Mind


The Horror house Dream 1 26th, March 2010

One of my first visions last night was a nightmare, my dream starts in a dark cloudy setting , it is cold and silent I look around this soulless terrain, there is a large building which is secluded in a piece of land where I stood, the grass has overgrown and died there is no sign of wild life. Remember standing a few meters away from the eroded buildings I can feel a gentle breeze in my face. There is a smell of wet grass. In the dream I felt a sense of confusion “ Why am I here� I just felt like asking someone but there was no one around in this lifeless zone. Walking around felt difficult it was very muddy and every pace I took felt like a struggle to reach the next meter

as I walked towards the house I finally got close for a nearer inspection. The building had strong late Victorian architecture the brickwork had changed into a really dark brown color because of the erosion, there were broken windows, plants had started to climb the walls and pillars of the building it felt that this place had come to a halt many years before. My dream unfortunately ended here when wakening up I felt interested to see the inside of this eroded building could there of been a story behind this dream.



A Trail of Knowledge Dream 2 28th, March 2010

This was a very interesting dreaming but yet very bizarre there are a lot of miscenanious components, which do not have a direct meaning. There was a rocky long pathway which became faint in the distance as I look left to right I could see large books situated within the grass of the opposing sides of this rocky road. There was sections within my dream which were monochrome and certain areas were colour. Unlike the first dream there was no emotions involved everything stood still like almost as if I was entering an oil painting. On the horizon I could see trees when walking down this path the destoination in front of me just seemed to go further ahead it didn’t make sense it felt like horizon was running away from me .



Dead End Dream 3 29th, March 2010

There was two people this time in the dream; me and my girlfriend were going for daily walk which we took around three in the afternoon, it was a bright sunny day so we decide to head of o our local forest (Horton park, Surrey). We could here the noise of birds tweeting and flying from tree to tree. Me and Ana find a large path and chose to follow it to see were it lead uses, as we went further into the forest it became darker because the light could not get through the dense trees. We carry on walking there is a large shell to our left besides it, two skulls I looked at

my girlfriend and I could see in her eyes that she was frightened and I wasn’t far if it. There was an explainable feeling of distortion. We surpass our fear and carry on walking in front of we start to see light and the rays of light passing’s thought the tree branch’s. when suddenly the floor starts to vibrate, there was a white horse which galloping towards us there was feeling of relief and joy !.



the pianist Dream 4 1st, April 2010

This was rather a simplistic dream but one which was very clear I was situated somewhere along a dessert I remember feeling the cracks of the dried sand with my hand when then I started to hear a sound gradually amplifying in the distance, I also something shining because of the suns reflectio, as I started to walk towards its direction the bright sun quickly descended and quickly became dusk ,it fealt like the moon came out of nowhere then I saw a beautiful black grad piano; there was a man sitting down, as I came closer he was playing a piece of classical music as I approached him, before I could even say a word he got up; from his seat and started to walk away

I wanted to shout and ask him who he was and what he was doing there but I physically couldn’t! It almost felt , there was something restricting my mouth from moving. After a few seconds of him gettin up from the piano and walking away the music started again, on its own as almost the piano had a soul.To my surprise I saw a butterfly coming from the inside, it had a very bright orange colour mixed with some yellow dots the butterfly flapped its wings flying vertically until I saw it no more.



The Talking Tree Dream 5 2nd, April 2010

Today I have had a recurring dream which happens from time to time. In my dream I am in the body of a small child of about seven years. I have gone to a trip with my parents to a camping site near the forest. As it gets dawn my father creates a fire in his attempt to get the fire on I start to get board , I start to hear strange movements in the surrounding bushes, I get up from the chair that I was sitting in and I start walking towards the direction of the noise. I remember the forest been quite wild with loads of life and colour.

As I keep on walking inside of the forest I see the bush’s move and here a strange humming sound. As I move the bushes and leaves which are obstructing my view I see a large tree in front of me I can remember the big rocks around me there was also an abandoned house , although there was no talking in this dream I remember the tree breathing I saw the inhale and exhale movement of the think bark.



Isolation Dream 6 4th, April 2010

The dreams starts inside a small white room their was a florescent light on the ceiling, in a matter of an instance the walls had started to change dramatically words started to appear on the surface of the walls .There were written in Latin. I stood in front of the text and I tried hard to understand what it meant , the text slowly spread over the four walls of the room.



Stitched up Dream 7 7th, April 2010



Good Morning Dream 8 8th, April 2010

Today I had a lucid dream , I wake up in my unconscious and find myself in a old broken down house which appears to be situated in the forest there is no roof the wall seems to have a stone texture , the sunshine is coming thought the branch’s of the trees I can here noises of the birds twitting away.There is no doors in this room but there is large open area in one of the walls which is followed by stairs, the stairs lead outside were I find that this room is situated on the centre of the forest,

I walk outside and get a better view of the forest remember feelings the texture of the bark in one of the trees the forest was quite dark due to the braches of the trees blocking the light. , suddenly it ends.



Like an Eagle Dream 9 11th, April 2010

I had an amazing dream last night that I was flying around I could control every movement I used my arms to propel myself forward my legs acted as rudders they aloud me to move right and left sharply thought the clouds . I remember going at quite a high speed I looked below and I can remember the breathtaking view I could see the small houses and the green fields which surrounded them.

I looked below and I realised that I was flying thought a area from my memory. There was a large medieval stone wall which I used to visit with my grandmother as a little boy. I fell that this was a influence for the dream . I flew over this location several times.



Tree House Dream 10 13th, April 2010

This dream reminds me of a fairytale like in many other dreams I am outside with nature I see that there is a unique tree in the middle of a field but this no ordinary tree its seems to be carved into the thick bark has become week and the wood inside the tree has been removed and become hollow. It is like something or someone has created a house from the wood.There is a half opened door I had the urge of opening the door but I felt scared to do so just in case I got caught trespassing.



Broken Time Dream 11 20 th, April 2010

Last night I dreamt that I was dismantling an old clock, which no longer worked I had found in the attic earlier on that day. As I picked up the screwdriver and started to carefully unscrewing the back of the clocks mechanism I finally removed the last screw when I looked inside their was a series of gold cogs with rugged edges, springs and other screws, I was amazed by such a contraption. I placed my hand thought the back of the clock and tried forcing it by applying a pulling pressure. It suddenly became unstuck from the wood shell my hand was knocked back , and the mechanism which I held

in my hand flew meters from were I stood , as the clocks mechanism touches the floors the pieces fly in every directions. I felt distraught I placed the pieces over the table seconds later something magical started to acure. Those pieces which had come apart started to reunite in seconds those static pieces which stood on top of the table started to rotate and joined the other parts of the mechanism. The clock had rebuilt itself its like time has rewinded back.



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