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ZCCC TIMES Volume 4 - Number 1

15 August, 2011

ZCCC3 Officially Opens in Lusaka!

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Lusaka is this week hosting the third Zambian Children’s Climate Conference (ZCCC III). 300 Climate Ambassadors coming from all Zambia’s nine provinces have gathered to learn about Climate Change and HIV and AIDS, life skills as well as improve their communication skills.

to decision making on this matter…”. The ZCCCIII is an incredible opportunity to equip Zambian children with the skills that will enable them to advocate on issues they care about.

Throughout the week, child delegates will be working to develop their own Action Plans with concrete actions they are hoping to do back in their communities.

Among other dignitaries at the ceremony were Dr. Iyorlumun J. Uhaa, UNICEF Representative in Zambia and Ms. Viola Morgan, UNDP Country Director in Zambia. Their presence reinforced the urgent need to engage children as partners in the search for solutions to respond to Climate Change and HIV and AIDS.

As Mr. Peter Mumba, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources said in his opening address: “Climate Change affects children and women disproportionately yet they are left out when it comes

The ZCCCIII is a conference under the Unite4Climate Zambia program which is one of UNICEF’s signature child-led advocacy programs. The program is funded by the Danish National committee for UNICEF, the Netherlands Committee for UNICEF and ING.


“Under Unite4Climate, the climate ambassadors have been able to engage in a number of activities in their respective communities. These activities include sensitization and awareness programmes, tree planting, recycling, media programmes on climate change and environment as well as waste management” Ambassador Adrian Mapulanga from David Kaunda Technical High School in Lusaka at the opening ceremony. Climate Change in Lusaka Zambia

My world… my community

Being the capital city, Lusaka has a large population of people compared to the other nine provinces of Zambia. For that reason the impacts of climate change are more evident. Gas fumes from cars, for example, have carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas, and it contributes to the greenhouse effect whereby outgoing infra-red radiation is trapped in the earth atmosphere increasing temperature.

We can reduce these gases by educating people who have cars on climate change. They can also be encouraged to use bicycles as it is Denmark. In that country, most people are aware of the impacts of climate change and so they cycle as much as possible in order to reduce their emissions. Creating climate change clubs in schools would also reduce climate change. This is because many students will get knowledge on the issue and they will educate their parents and other people.

I walk in the streets they are bare and lifeless. I see not even the ants that used to match about. The heat is unbearable, The dust is choking, The plants are dry I see no little kids running around playing I see only a world that seems like a desert That is how I see my community when I look into the future Because nothing is being done to stop the damage But I can change all that by simply reusing, reducing and recycling I can make a difference if I educate my community I can change the future of my community And when I do… I see all sorts of beautiful flowers blooming I see children at play in all smiles I see ants happily matching to their hills I see a beautiful world full of colour I see change in the future Because I educate my community Phiri Tiyamike, 15 (Copperbelt)

Whitney Sitali, 15 (Lusaka) And since we are talking about Denmark…

Did you know that this ZCCCIII we are hosting for the first time ever an international delegation!!! Ziggy, Line, Minna and Lea have joined us, coming all the way from Denmark to experience Zambia for the very first time! They are part of the Danish Climate Ambassadors programme and came to discover what ZCCC is all about! ZCCC warmly welcomes the Danes to both our country and the conference. As we say it in Zambia: “Mwaiseni mwe bantu ba ku Denmark” (A warm welcome to the team from Denmark!). ZCCC TIMES

ZCCC Times (Volume 4 Number 1)  
ZCCC Times (Volume 4 Number 1)  

First edition of ZCCC Times produced at the 3rd Zambian Children's Climate Conference held in Lusaka from August 15 to 19 2011