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education & Training 2011 subjects

Membership of the Portuguese Professional Association of Architects OASRS Status and professional ethics Land use planning-Building-Legal framework Civil Code and Copyright Code - Fee Proposal Universal Design and Accessibility - Work security Building's Energy Performance

2010 subjects

Professional training certificate in Project Management Module I-Introduction to Project Management Module II – The Project; The scope of the project; The timeline of the project Module III – The cost of the project; The project risks Module IV - Microsoft Project


Masters in Architecture (Lusofona University - Lisbon) Masters Thesis subject - Religious Architecture (Baroque) – The Passion of the Christ's Way of the Cross Chapels.

curriculum Vitae

I conducted my professional internship in Architecture at Setubal's City Hall - Municipal Works Department | Studies and Projects Office and I am very interested in continuing to develop my skills and knowledge in the several activities of my area of expertise. During my internship, I worked on different aspects of Architecture, including conservation and landscaping. I believe it is clear that I am not only interested in the recovery of different spaces and equipments found in our communities, but also in the preservation of the heritage exists in our cities, all the while improving the skills I already possess and learning new ways of understanding Architecture.

personal Information name

João Ferreira Santos


Setúbal - Portugal



date of birth




skills & Competences technical competences

Skills in Portuguese traditional building techniques Skills in creating the Accessibility Project Skills in the implementation of fire safety design Knowledge in Project Management

computer skills

Operating Systems (Windows, Mac) OfficeTM (WordTM, ExcelTM e PowerPoint TM) AutoCAD ® (2D and 3D e rendering) Microstation ® (CAD) Google SketchUp ® - V-RayTM (3D rendering) TeoWin ® (interior design 3D rendering) PhotoShop TM Illustrator TM

work Experience 2011 - 2012



Among my chief responsabilities and duties were: basic studies, preliminary and detailed design, reading and analysis of projects for approval, direct assistance at work sites under the scope of the Studies and Projects Office and drafting of detailed documents for projects under the Municipal Works Department supervision, including specifications, technical drawings and descriptive documents.

as intern architect

Urban Planning - Humberto Delgado Block - Setubal “Setúbal Mais Bonita 2011” Initiative (59 actions) Urban Redevelopment - Largo Celestino Rosado Pinto - Setubal Street Landscape Arrangement - Rua dos Comediantes - Setubal Municipal Market of Azeitão - Setubal Recuperation and Requalification Project - Convent of Christ - Setubal “Setúbal Mais Bonita 2012” initiative (241 actions)

languages Portuguese



Contacts Adress

Setúbal, Portugal






house c01 year



Not designated


protoype housing

Conceptual Project


This conceptual project (given that it has no specific location) reflects the spirit of my work and my language as an architect, exposing both my imagery and the influences that I always searched in Architecture, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto and João Carrilho da Graça (these last two with minimalist features), among others... With 2700 ft², the house has two floors, divided by areas of work, leisure and rest. It is a House that reflects contemporary times and the desire for contact with the surrounding space, through large windows that offer maximum sun exposure.



Internship Work





SetĂşbal (AzeitĂŁo) - Portugal


public building


Architect Nina Machado Campos and Architect Nelson Carvalho

"Over the years the market has been changing and today we can define a new concept of this architectural form, not only as a space that integrates both the buying and selling of products, but also as a meeting point, a space of coexistence and leisure associated with green spaces, town squares and terraces, parking, and the appropriate infrastructures (...) The stores face the main street to enhance the existing features. The internal market's axis was created with the character of a street; people follow a route that connects with the boxes and the shops, which runs on a general purpose space, directly opposed to the square. This way, the market is trying to enhance the experience of the surrounding space..." Architect Nina Machado Campos


sacred space

Academic Work




Lisbon (Carnide) - Portugal


building of religious character


This is a religious character project, placed north of the Garden of Light (in Carnide, Lisbon). There are several pre-existing religious buildings in the surrounding area, like the Church of Light, the Church of “S. Lourenço”, the Convent of “S. Teresa” and the Franciscan Seminary. This parish shows a great religious fervor of rural beginnings, evidenced by the festivals and religious pilgrimages that were held here, acquiring greater projection in the 16th and 17th centuries. The religious devotion of these centuries is still today reproduced in the celebrations of religious festivities throughout this parish. The project contains two chapels in support of the main church, confessionals, auditorium and rooms for Sunday school.


ark of water Academic Work 04 year



Setúbal (Serra de S. Lourenço) - Portugal



In an ancient interpretation of nature, the cosmos would be composed of four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In this interpretation, all of these elements were held by a fifth element or quintessence, the Ether. The concept of this project was created having all of these five elements in mind. A set of constructive elements closer to Eastern culture was used, such as wood and stone. Another material used was more characteristic of the traditional Portuguese architecture, called “taipa” (compacted sand and lime mortar). The inner courtyard is a synonym of nature and represents a leisure space.


students house Academic Work 05 year



SetĂşbal - Portugal


students housing

This project's main concern was redirecting natural light into the more important spaces - the living spaces and the workplaces - through simple geometry and sorting of the various spaces. The lighting is accomodated by ridge vents that pass through the building and a lobby that provides interior lighting, with overhead luminance, thus only requiring a small number of windows in the exterior elevations. The lounge idealized in this project is intended to be a functional architectural element rather than a passive one, giving greater momentum to space and transforming it into a symbol of self-examination, for reading and reflection...


theater year



SetĂşbal - Portugal


public building

Academic Work


In this frugal project, the timbered scenario is the fulcral point. It was designed to offer a simplicity and multiplicity of roles through its deconstructivist forms, which is achieved by the displacement of the audience, the higher audience and the cabin. The project is defined by three levels, marked by each of the elements inherent to the show. The technical areas result from the intersection of the stage with the dressing room; the remaining space was thought of as a "warming up" or “rehearsal area� before reaching the stage. Due to its dimensions and since it is clearly a conceptual design, it can be considered as an "urban sculpture" where the basic functions associated with the architectural feature, such as the doorway, are not marked and neither are the functional elements that are normally associated with this type of buildings, such as the ticket office or the cloakroom, among others.

International Resume & Portfolio (Joao Santos)  
International Resume & Portfolio (Joao Santos)  

2013 Resume and Portfolio.