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Developing leadership in every experience has been one of the most important drivers for the Generation 13/14. We want to guarantee that every person that goes through an AIESEC experience live the outer journey and inner journey that we offer, so then we truly have the leader that our country needs. For that we developed some strategies for different public:

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Projects by Issues ( )

Why? To strengthen the impact of an AIESEC Leadership experience on individual development

To enable AIESEC leaders to become more effective at achieving inspiring results

To increase the brand and attractiveness of AIESEC’s leadership positioning – internally and externally

To pilot new ways of working together – building globally minded leaders that are locally impactful (Enabling AIESEC leaders to create own vision of leadership)

What? • Provide a customized learning journey alongside the practical experience • Ensure a diversity of learning forums (physical and online) for leaders to capture, understand and expand their leadership development

• Simple tools, frameworks, experiences and practices to increase achieved organizational results and enhance learning at the same time • Access to a network of peers and professionals on issues of interest

• Offering leaders not only the challenge of a leadership role but also the support mechanism to enable their success • Using well known, cutting edge leadership methodologies and approaches

• Mix of physical and online experiences and learning spaces • Setting up a prototype of virtual teams working on specific organizational

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From these strategies we had:   

80 % of our LCs implementing OPS with our EPs 100% of cases solved 40% of our results in oGCDP coming from IXP

LEAD session in every LC visit LEAD session in every Conference Review of the Team Minimuns – new way of implementing it CEO Program for the EBs Creation of a Leadership Development Program for the High Performing TOP EB

All of these helped increase our efficiency in 0,9 X per member, which led us to achieve a relative growth of 46% this term in exchange.