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joan ramon cornellana dĂ­az portfolio 2013




email: Tel: (+44) 07581159644 (+34) 660422211

Date of Birth: 22/05/1985 Nationality: Spanish ID: 47695350C

E.T.S. DE ARQUITECTURA DE BARCELONA (UPC) 2003-2009 Architecture E.T.S. DE ARQUITECTURA DE MADRID (UPM) 2000-2010 Master on Advanced Architectural Projects (MPAA) E.T.S. DE ARQUITECTURA DE MADRID (UPM) 2012Doctoral Student in “Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos” (DPA) ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION 2013 Visiting Membership for PhD Research


ARQUIA GRANT Award of Fundación Caja de Arquitectos 2008 UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID. SCHOLARSHIP FOR PhD Research Scholarship PIF (Personal Investigador en Formación) 2010-



RESEARCH GROUP “CULTURA DEL HÁBITAT”. UPM 2010 Research on the Unifying Ability of Concrete Research on Backstage Architectures. An architecture without mediations Writing of Research Projects for competitive programs


E.T.S. DE ARQUITECTURA DE MADRID 2011-2012 Assistant in “Proyectos Arquitectónicos”. Atelier Ignacio Vicens 2012-2013 Assistant in “Proyectos Arquitectónicos”. Atelier Ignacio Vicens E.S DE ENSEÑANZAS TÉCNICAS. CEU Cardenal Herrera VALENCIA Architecture Department 2011 Guest Teacher in WORKSHOP 6+6. VIVIENDA MÍNIMA


VICENS + RAMOS ARQUITECTOS. MADRID 2004 January-February. Model for competition Social Housing in Toledo 2005 January-February. Models 2007 January-February. Renderings for Centro de Convenciones de Madrid Competition 2009 January-2010 January. Coordination of a Base Design Drawing of a Working Project Competitions PRUDENCI ESPAÑOL ARQUITECTE. LLEIDA 2006 June-September. Working Projects 2009 September-October. Landscape Design in El Cogul





Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced

Fluent Fluent Fluent Beginner



CONTENTS SCHOOL PROJECTS Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees.................................................. 7 Social Housing in Esparragera................................................... 17 Public Library in Montmeló........................................................ 29 Contemporary Dance School in Lleida........................................ 44 COMPETITIONS Europan 9. Soria....................................................................... 57 Hispalyt Chair Competition 2009................................................ 51 Rehabilitation of a Cultural Centre in Alfarrás (Spain)................. 65 COLLABORATION IN VICENS+RAMOS OFFICE Rehabilitation and Extension of “Palacio de los Casado” as a Museum .................................................................................. 73




Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees School Projects The hotel consists of a series of concrete pavilions situated on the rocks. This fragmentation of the building reduces its impact on the terraced landscape and emphasizes the powerful horizontality of the existent rocks. The upper pavilion contains the restaurant and connects with the platform where the romanesque church and the old earl house lay. This also grants an independent use of the restaurant. The entrance to the hotel facilities is situated in an intermediate level, connected with the car park zone, with an independent convention room and with the green pavilions roofs, covered with native plants. In the lowest level, all the bedroom pavilions are connected through corridors lightened by patios so that one can get his bedroom without having to walk outdoors. Thus, the hotel enjoys of the advantages of a sistem of pavilions scattered in the landscape and also of a unique building where everything is connected.


School Projects Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees


Front view General Plan

Upper level 路 restaurant General view 路 Fragment


School Projects Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees

Cross Section Model

Upper Level: Restaurant

Intermediate Level: Hotel Reception

Lower Level: Bedrooms Lower Level: Bedrooms


School Projects Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees

Intermediate level 路 Hotel Reception Lower level 路 Bedrooms


School Projects Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees


Lower level 路 Bedrooms Detail

Bedroom A 路 Plan and Section Bedroom B 路 Bedroom C

Bedroom A

Bedroom B

Bedroom C


School Projects Mountain Hotel in the Pyrinees


Restaurant Floor Detail

Structure Concrete slabs reinforcements



Social Housing in “Colonia SedĂłâ€? School Projects A new building to house 60 dwellings has to be build in a 19th century industrial colony. The old village consists of a series of row buildings placed perpendicular to the river. The new building is a powerful structure with similar proportions than the old housing that comes through an old abandoned garden and crosses the factory chanel to a little hill in the riverside. The new bulding is organized with open corridors in the north facade that lead to the dwelling units surronded by the exuberant nature of the garden. There are one, two and three bedroom units. The houses with two and three bedrooms are duplex. In the north side, the bedrooms can be merged in a unique space thanks to a sistem of mobile partitions. All fixed facilities are enclosed in the walls in order to achieve the maximum volum of free space inside the house. Cross ventilation and views are always granted. A sistem of shutters made of perforated steel plate is constantly changing the appearance of the building and allows a huge range of possibilities of relationship with the outside. A new car park connected with the houses is build below the square next to the church. The building is interrupted in the ground level for that the garden might not be completely divided in two zones.


Social Housing in “Colonia Sedó” School Projects


Model Floor Plan -1

Longitudinal facades Ground Floor Plan


Social Housing in “Colonia Sedó” School Projects

2 Bedroom Duplex

1 Bedroom Apartment

Housing Units Model

3 Bedroom Duplex

2 Bedroom Duplex in the headwall

1 Bedroom Apartment in the headwall


Floorplans Ground Floor Plan -1






Social Housing in “Colonia Sedó” School Projects


2 Bedroom apartment Entrance floorplan

2 Bedroom apartment Bedrooms floorplan


Social Housing in “Colonia Sedó” School Projects


Cross sections of the apartment unit Longitudinal section of the apartment unit

Cross section of the building


Social Housing in “Colonia Sedó” School Projects


Cross section of the apartment unit Details

South Facade Detail



Public Library in Montmeló (Spain) School Projects The plot is placed in the village centre of Montmeló, surrouned by a mixture of low-quality buildings that fail to produce the urban intensity interaction and intensity expected. A public Library will perform as a new center. It takes nothing of the formal language around it. Through its own architectonical language it gives response to all the urban requests that converge at that point. The Library’s main entrnce is located in a wider space at the end of Major Street, dialoguing with the Town Hall’s square and making the transition to a new city park linked with the new area of the village. The Library is visually opened through a glazed screen to this park. In the south the emerging volume of the auditorium performs as a end of the vast park over the covered railway tracks. It also provides an independent acces to the auditorium that can be seen from the new railway station. The west facade responds to the smallest scale of the last old town housing with a narrower street.


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects



Model Main entrance floor plan


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects


Model Floor plan -1

Model Floor plan 1 and 2

The Library is a big cube of U-glass that introduces a filtered light inside. Enclosed into this area the building is developed with a series of platforms that descend from the main entrance level to the level of the street below, with the independent entrance to the auditorium. This artificial topography transforms the library interior into a kind of cityscape. From these platforms one can reach the floating cubes that hang from the ceiling and hold a specific function of the programe: the mediatheque, a room with computers, a study room, a room for group works, a big reading room and an exterior terrace, -a room without ceiling- where to relax and smoke a cigarrette. These hanging volumes along with the platforms help to make up a space that constantly compresses and expands as one walks along. Like in a city, the softened light that radiates from the facades changes its position and its colour throughout the day. There are lighter zones and darker ones, fluid spaces and enclosed ones... This variety of “moments� into the space stimulates the user to look for its own place according to his needs. In contrast with the open space, in the hanging cubes, the light is constant and specifically designed for its function.


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects


North facade South facade

East facade West facade


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects


Cross section

Cross section


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects


Roof Structure

Construction details


Public Library in Montmel贸 School Projects


Longitudinal sections

Cross Sections Model



Contemporary Dance School in Lleida (Spain) Final Project School Projects This project for a Contemporary Dance School in Lleida repalces a demolished housing building for seminarists and restores the public and iconic character that the site had for centuries. The necessity of a high interior space to practice aerial dance is a taken as an opportunity to build a new tower with the scale of the close walls of the castle and that works as a new vertical mark in the skyline of the city together with the Seu Vells’s bell tower and the iconic concrete lift. The building is also conceived as an opportunity to link the lively and commercial area of the city, in the lowest area, with the Seu Vella and its sourroundings, at the top of the city. The school takes advantage of the sloped site to design new public spaces that link the rout from Major Street to the Seu Vella. The dance school performs as an intermediate stage brings closer the uppest and the lowest city.


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


General views Situation

Front view of the river with the School Floor plan of the roofs with the new public spaces


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


Main entrance floor plan (+173m) Floor plan -1 (+169,7)

Floor plan 1 (+177,2m) Upper levels floor plans (+180,0m, +183,4m, +185,9; +189,24)


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


Cross Section Sections East-West

South facade Sections North-South


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


South facade North facade

East facade West facade


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


Structure Folded roofs with a mixed structure of steel profiles and concrete slabs

Structure Concrete Slabs and walls Details


Contemporary Dance School in Lleida Final Project


Interior Model Construction detailed section

Perspective from the way of access

The Dance School makes use of an timeless language close to the polygonal and rotund shapes of the medieval fortress next to it. It is entirely build of concrete, using a brown aggregate that produces toasted coloured surfaces. When one aproaches the building, the way to the Seu Vella is indicated by its bell tower framed between the two emerging “towers� of the Dance School. The main acces is located in a platform that looks over the garden beneath it. The School is developed in a series of half-buried rooms. The most interior room, the warming room, is lightened through a rear patio. The two emerging volums correspond to the rooms dedicated to the aerial dance. The highest one works as a multipurpose room but it is specially conceived to provide a space for aerial dance performances, as well as all kind of contemporary dance displays. It consists of a prismatic concrete space 26 meters high. This box is perforated in diferent places to introduce light from the outside and to allow viewing the performances from diferent positions along the tower. The tower has two rising circulations that never meet. One is for the dancers, who can appear and jump from diferent levels of the space and the other is for the public, with a sort of boxes in high.




Europan 9. Soria (with Jose Angel Hidalgo, Carlos Rodrigo and Pablo Ramos) Competitions Promoting the Duero riverside in Soria. A collection of spots thoughout the river are identified as potentially suitable for diferent activities that might foster its use and enjoyment by local people an people in seek of a quiet and stimulating place to relax in the nature. Some subtle interventions are made to adapt this places into the activities proposed. A pier is buid. There will be some points for fishing, a picnic area with some barbecues, tables and benches, some equipment for an open air gym, an old house is rehabilitated for a restaurant, a campsite is settled, an abandoned flour factory is rehabilitated for summer rock concerts and the ruins of a chapel are proposed to handle classical music or theatre. In a slope between the riverside and the last houses of the city, an old abandoned house is taken as public equipment for a new area of social housing. These new buildings are conceived as little towers with one apartment per floor, diseminated in the next vegetable gardens. These buildings are aligneated with the traces of old paths.


Europan 9. Soria Competitions




Hispalyt Chair Competition 2009 Design of a View Point and Square in Toledo (with Javier Margarit) Competitions Recover a square in Toledo upper part. Explore its potential as a scenic viewpoint. Square and tower constitute an artifact both to observe and to be observed. The square is considered in its whole volume. From its lower level, within the square, the viewpoint tower is erected. The tower is a periscope. An empty channel, dug by the city image that, by means of two mirrors, is taken from its highest point to the wall of a narrow and dark street. The impact from a light beam is sensed. The vision of the pieces of city appears unusual and persuades to stop. At this point one discovers the library, the exhibition room and the staircase. The walls gradually become thicker. Some holes introduce light beams. When going upstairs, one find deep holes in the thickness of the wall from where he can gaze at the city over its roofs. At the top there is the scenic viewpoint, where one can look and be looked, becoming part of the city image downstairs.


Design of a View Point and Square in Toledo Competitions




Rehabilitation of a Cultural Centre in Alfarrás (Spain) First Prize (with Prudenci E., Javier M., Pablo R., Jaime R. and Marta R.) Competitions The proposal grants to the old cultural centre the high profile and the representational nature that it deserves as a public building able to unite the lavish and singular cultural expressions of the village. The space between the church and the main building is cleared. This space will perform as an expansion of the public street and also as a passage that leads to the Cultural Centre’s entrance. The main operation in the rehabilitation of the building is to open a void inside it: a new court opened to the sky that goes through the building welcoming its users with a pleasant volume of light and air. This court introduces light and air to the inner spaces of the building. Children, adults and the elderly will get together in this court, reflecting the diferent activities displayed in the building. The court in the core of the buliding segregates the audirorium from the rest of the building allowing an independent use of it. The volum that appears to the front street acquires a “tower” nature by adding a new floor. Thus, the unpleasant view of the bare dividing wall is avoided and the representative nature is granted.


Rehabilitation of a Cultural Centre in Alfarras Competitions


Previous state Perspective with proposal

Floor plans

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Third floor plan


Rehabilitation of a Cultural Centre in Alfarras Competitions


Longitudinal Section Perspectives of the court and entrance passage

Perspective of the classrooms in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor Transformation of the facades by adding windows over time. The quality of the big wooden window frames must be granted in order to achieve the expected quality of the space. The building could be built with the essential openings and more openings could be added when money would be available.


Rehabilitation of a Cultural Centre in Alfarras Competitions


Section through passae Views of the auditorium Convertible seat system

Extension of the building in further phases. In the future, if needs increase, the current roof of the auditorium could be replaced with a new system of flat trusses that could hold new classrooms, offices or even a sports pitch.

3rd Level. 1st phase

3rd Level. 2nd phase. Option A

3rd Level. 2nd phase. Option B




Rehabilitation and Extension of “Palacio de los Casado” as a Museum Alcalá de Henares


Rehabilitation and Extension of “Palacio de los Casado” as a Museum Collaboration in Vicens+Ramos office


Ground floor plan First floor plan

Views with the proposal


Rehabilitation and Extension of “Palacio de los Casado” as a Museum Collaboration in Vicens+Ramos office




Joan Ramon Cornellana  

Portfolio in architecture by Joan Ramon Cornellana

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