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SOCIAL MEDIA THE NON-PROFIT PERSPECTIVE Engage Marketing University Marketing and PR That Work in 2011 Prepared by Kathie Manchester Rhode Island Blood Center On Twitter @RIBloodCenter

SOCIAL MEDIA THE NON-PROFIT PERSPECTIVE Engage Marketing University Marketing and PR That Work in 2011 Prepared by Kathie Manchester Rhode Island Blood Center On Twitter @RIBloodCenter

Are you still afraid?  If you are worried people may talk

about you…

 Forget it…they already are. You may as

well know what they are saying and be part of the conversation What about the haters? There may be things you need to change about your brand…just because you aren’t hearing it doesn’t mean it’s not out there

Fear #2…  We’ll lose control of the brand…  Message control is an illusion. Give it up.  Your customers are emailing, Tweeting,

Facebooking, and that old standby calling - their friends about their experience with your brand. You don't have control

Fear #3  Social Media Requires a Budget…  While many social media tools are free,

knowing how to use them takes experience and perspective.  BUT…relationships take time to build and trust doesn’t come easily.

 From my perspective, the right personality

is key to social media success

Should I be ‘there’ everyone else is…  Being in the social sphere just because

everyone else is… wrong reason.  Do you even know if social media is

beneficial to your competition?  Research your own audience and base your strategy on that audience  Never

Some Quick Stats  1. 400 million people use Facebook

with nearly 95 million in the United States. Facebook Statistics   2.  More than 50% of the active users logon to Facebook daily and more than 35 million update their status daily. Facebook Statistics   3.  41% of Facebook users promote product fan pages. eMarketer & Morpace 

 4. 50% of Hispanic respondents said

Facebook was a good tool for researching new products, compared with 46% of Asians, 44% of AfricanAmericans and only 31% of whites. eMarketer & Morpace 

 5. Facebook, Twitter and video sharing

sites are the most widely used social media channels by nonprofits, at 73%, 56% and 49% respectively. Idealware, Using Social Media To Meet Nonprofit Goals, February 2010

 6. 84% nonprofits surveyed felt blogs

were effective at enhancing existing relationships, followed very closely by video-sharing sites at 83%, and Twitter and Facebook at 81% each.Idealware, Using Social Media To Meet Nonprofit Goals, February 2010Â

 7. When it comes to reaching new

potential supporters, most respondents (78%) felt Twitter was effective, followed closely by Facebook and blogs at 76% each, and video sharing sites at 72%. Idealware, Using Social Media To Meet Nonprofit Goals, February 2010 

 8. 95% of new media (social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) users expect companies or brands to have a presence on those sites. Cone 2009 New Media Study  Cone defines New Media as dialogue among individuals or groups by way of technology-facilitated channels, such as social networks (e.g., Facebook); blogs; microblogs (e.g., Twitter); online games; mobile devices; photo-, audioand video-sharing sites (e.g., Flickr,

 9. 89% of new media users expect

companies to interact with them in new media.  Cone 2009 New Media Study    10. Four out of five new media users interact with companies or brands via new media sites and tools.  Cone 2009 New Media Study  

Basic Guidelines to Get Started  Research – without this, you don’t

know where to start or how to engage  Strategy – What are you doing, how are you doing it and Who is doing it  Engagement –No lurking! You have to be social!  Measure – Without measurement, how will you know if you are successful?

Facebook…some tips  Build a FAN page…not a group, not a

personal profile.  Add the causes application  Engage your fans.

 Use photos – they don’t need translation

and get the highest engagement  Add video  People love to see themselves (15 minutes of fame)

Facebook  As a page Admin – you need to be

looking at your insights (statistics)  I can tell my demographic by  Age  Gender  Country I can tell what posts get the highest interaction

All help me determine what types of posts to

Twitter… Some Tips Go for Quality NOT Quantity Choose who you follow (like minded people) Be sensitive of your audience Use #Hashtags (they are the SEO of the Twitterverse) This tweet was from a company in the Blood Industry. What is wrong with this tweet? ‘We may not collect #tigerblood but we know our donors and volunteers have fierce passion for doing good…’

#Tigerblood was a Trending Topic The company received 1000 hits on this Tweet‌ Do you think they were quality RT’s or Tweets? Do you think this reached their intended audience? Do you want your brand associated with the audience this probably hit?

Consider Blogging  This gives you another place to reach

out to your customers and get feedback.

 RIBC has a blog page built…waiting for

introductory page to be written. Content prepared once that is done.

Monitor Your Brand  People talk ďƒş You need to know what is being said

Some good monitoring tools Social Mention ( Google Alerts Nutshell Mail

Use QR Codes  Incorporating into materials now  Keep in mind they work well for Mobile


Most of ALL… Be Social  Listen to your customers  Do not do all the talking  Be courteous.. retweet. A retweet is

worth more than a ‘thanks for the RT’  Discuss things other than just your business  Promote your friends!  Let your personality come through a

An Aside‌ People like to get to know the person behind the messaging. This is a social universe. It helps to become active in the social media community‌ Attend events Create events Tweet about other’s events The presence you create in person is very important so there is a connection to the message.

Have Fun…  This video, created by RIBC staff shows

a lighter side to blood donation!



Thank You!  One final message…

EMU Kathie Manchester - Social Media for Non-Profits  

Kathie Manchester of RI Blood Center shows how non-profits can increase awareness and donations using Social Media.

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