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Tips and Tricks for Using Video to Drive Traffic Straight to Your Website or Blog (Even if you don’t have any videos of your own)

à la mode stuff

lcdemers on YouTube

 Repairs  Crafts  Music

lessons  Cooking  Makeup  Lighting

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Funny Videos WeberFamilyLaw Funny video about #parents talking to their kids about #divorce. I probably would not follow this example: h9k7KE

Greg_Reibman RT @universalhub: RT @BostonWeddingJP: Somerville made this funny video about rats running rampant. wEYzKq9YZQI

Video Transcripts

Jon Buscall: Jontus Media

My podcast has actually made a big difference and I’ve seen this with a client I’ve been producing a show for. Her traffic is up 65% and sales almost double that. So I think it can also be about the content you create and throw into the “pond” you’re fishing in.

ComScore:  Recent Study: 83%

watched Web video in January 2011  The average online video lasted about five minutes  Google’s YouTube led the way: more than 144 million unique viewers  Average Google user spent just over 283 minutes watching video

6 Tips & Tricks: Using Video to Drive Traffic

Don’t leave videos on YouTube… embed them in your website or blog posts and use them! Write a blog post with the video as center stage or an example. Use other people’s videos to get more traffic. Contact the owner of the video and send them a link to your post.

Traffic Tip #1: Embed Video in Blog

Traffic Tip #2: Interview People Your Target Market is Interested In

Nikolas Allen

BamConsulting on YouTube

Bryan Stars BryanStars on YouTube

Many won’t watch a video, but they’ll read the transcript YouTube offers video transcript uploads in the dashboard of your Channel Use a transcription service, or do your own

Traffic Tip #3: Video Transcripts for Convenience and SEO Juice

Traffic Tip #4: Video Reviews          

Products Books Music Video Games Hotels Restaurants Films Indy Films Tools …and whatever your target audience cares about!

Suzanne McDonald and Priscilla Pilon review a book on Social Media by Rahn Shaw

Traffic Tip #5: Video Contests to Reinforce Your Message Captains House Inn

Cape Cod Videos

Use Top 10 lists that appeal to your target audience When you get to the halfway point, direct your viewers to your website for the rest of the tips. Point to a video caption, or to your video’s description, for the web address

Traffic Tip #6: Top 10

Learn and Leverage Video for Your Brand’s Success with Newport Interactive Marketers New England Multimedia’s Scott Quillin and Visual Post’s Patrick Hughes Tue, March 29, 2011 6-9 pm at Christie’s in Newport

Tips and Tricks for Using Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog  

Michelle Quillin of New England MultiMedia shares tips and tricks for driving visitors to your website.

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