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      By Joanne Watson

Moving on to sinks, make sure you give them a proper disinfection. Often, sinks are treated as  rubbish bins. An essential part of pipe maintenance is to always remove the food leftovers from  the plates. You may think that small pieces will not cause a drain blockage but probably they will.  Food and oil stick together and cause blockages. Pay attention and do not wait the worst to  happen. So, put on some cute rubber gloves and start cleaning the sink! As for the drains, you can  easily make a DIY drain cleaner! Just mix some vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice! Pour the  mixture in the drain and enjoy fresh and clean pipes! 

Now, let's focus on the bedroom, shall we? The first step you need to take is to wash the beddings and the curtains. According to recent researches, bedroom's air is the worst in your home. And curtains and bed covers tend to absorb a lot of the polluted air. The dust which sticks to them may cause a bad smell and even respiratory problems.

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